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Berry chill seeds

Chilli Seed Bank Berry Bomb Chilli Sauce 150ml (Best by 12 January 2022)

You would expect a sauce containing the blueberry, raspberry, strawberry and blackberry to be all sweetness and nice, but don’t be fooled. This hot sauce may have a sweet, delicious, fruity flavour but lurking underneath is a very strong and very direct hit of Carolina Reaper and Bhut Jolokia (Ghost) chillies.

The smell of berries mixed with chilli does get the mouth-watering and there is great burst of berry flavour when the sauce hits your tongue. This is very quickly overtaken by the heat from the chillies that sit at the front of the mouth and happily burn away.

Ingredients: Carolina Reaper, Bhut Jolokia, Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Blackberry, Red Wine Vinegar, Tomato, Salt, Sugar.


Chilli Seed Bank

Chilli Seed Bank is a wholly Australian owned business, operating from the Blue Mountains in NSW. What started as a small hobby business almost 10 years ago, has grown into the largest online supplier of chilli seeds in Australia. Chilli Seed Bank has now expanded into the chilli snack market, introducing our highly popular World’s Hottest Corn Chips in January 2017; our snack range will soon be expanding to include products for those with all heat tolerances. We also sell our own hot sauces, and support other businesses who share our passion for chilli, offering sauces and products from both boutique Australian providers and internationally recognised brands. We also sell chilli powders, purees and offer fresh fruit when available. We endeavour to be a one-stop chilli product, specialising in only the highest quality seed, growing equipment and food products.

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Inca Berry 5 Chilli Seeds

Inca Berry belongs to the original chilli types that were allowed to evolve their heat because humans would not use consume, so nature was able to spread their seed, not all humans love chilli. Inca Berry’s did not evolve past their original shape, worth growing for any lover of chilli, small flavoursome pods that pack a punch of heat

Ideal Growing : Tunnel – Greenhouse – Difficult yes but lower yield due to flower drop off ( see our guide here ) : Outdoors requires the plant to be hardened first – see our chilli hardening page here

Easy to Grow : Yes

Easy to Germinate : Only with a heated propagator

Top Growing Tips – Do not over water, Do not over feed – Chilli Plants love oxygen and sun more than water and food