Best Weed Seeds For Cold Climate

It's possible to grow cannabis outdoors in colder regions. To ensure high yields, it's best to opt for strains that are known to handle colder temperatures. Do you live in a cool climate with a short growing season? That doesn't mean you can't grow great weed! These strains will help you secure a hefty harvest. Knowing which autoflowering cultivars are better suited for colder climates, can give you an advantage when it comes to growing outdoors. In this article, you w

The Best Cannabis Seeds To Grow In Colder Climates

Although it may seem impossible, cannabis can be grown outdoors in colder climates. To get the upper-hand in this situation, it is advised to start out with seeds that contain the right genetics for the job.

There are many factors to consider when attempting to grow a strong and healthy crop of cannabis. Temperature, nutrients, air, water and location all come into play. Of course, growing plants within an indoor grow tent assures that the cultivator has almost complete control over the environment. There are rarely pests, temperatures are warm and lights are frequent and bright. However, some growers are fortunate enough to have large areas of outdoor space to utilise. Growing outdoors certainly comes along with challenges, yet plants have far more room to grow; bigger plants with more impressive yields are usually the result.

Where in the world an outdoor crop is being cultivated can dramatically increase the challenges involved with the operation. One of the main considerations here is climate. It may seem hard, if not impossible, to grow weed outside in colder temperatures. Luckily, there are strains that are adapted to such chilly conditions, meaning growers with gardens in colder regions of the world can still use their space to crop successfully. Here are a few strains to check out if you are looking for hardy genetics that can handle the cold.

LSD By Barney’s Farm

LSD is a durable strain that really can take some abuse. It seems to have the ability to grow just about anywhere, even with little care and attention. These traits make LSD a strain that can tackle colder climates head on. LSD has made a name for itself over time, winning a High Time Cannabis Cup in 2008. It is an indica-dominant hybrid, featuring 70 percent indica genetics and 30 percent sativa. This hardcore strain is the result of crossbreeding parent strains Original Skunk 1 and Afghan Indica. LSD has earned its trippy name due to the borderline psychedelic high that it initiates, largely thanks to the high THC content of 24 percent found within the flowers.

The flowering time of LSD is between 65 and 70 days. This means that the plant is likely to be in the ground for some time. However, its resilient nature will ensure that it can indeed cope with a long exposure to the cold. When grown outdoors, LSD is known to reach heights of between 50 and 100cm. This small stature makes it a good choice as a stealthy crop than can be safely cultivated outside the sight of any scouting eyes. This strain will be ready to harvest around the end of September.

LSD offers a relaxing, happy and euphoric high when smoked. It incites creative inspiration and encourages a generally uplifted state. When blazing a bong loaded with this strain – sweet, earthy and delicious citrus tastes can be expected.

SUPER SKUNK By Sensi Seeds

Super Skunk is an award-winning strain that is capable of dealing with harsh and chilly outdoor conditions. It won awards at the High Times Cannabis Cup in both 1990 and 1992, along with prizes at the HighLife Cup in 2015. The strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that features 80 percent indica genetics and 20 percent sativa. It results from crossbreeding parent strains Skunk 1 and Afghani Hashplant.

The task of growing Super Skunk outdoors in a cold climate will be a rewarding procedure. Not only will growers have defied conditions that many strains could not handle, but the yields will be large and the potency, strong. Although this strain remains a stealthy size when grown outside, it sure provides a lot of flowers. Super Skunk has a rather short flowering time of between 45 and 50 days. This means growers won’t have to wait an unnecessarily long time until they can enjoy a well-deserved smoke.


Rainbow Runtz is a highly potent and high-performing strain that can easily handle dipping temperatures, making her ideal for those living in cooler climates. Rainbow Runtz is a 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid that showcases unique and exciting effects, aromas, and flavours, courtesy of a storied heritage. Derived from the perfect blend of Rainbow Candy with Gelato 41, Growers Choice produced a cultivar that’s bound to impress, no matter the circumstances.

Rainbow Runtz has a flowering time of around 9–10 weeks and grows to a modest height of 180cm. She’s also pretty low-maintenance, only needing a little pruning here and there to get the best out of her. However, if her size is an issue, LST can be used to control her stature. Once ready to yield, growers will be rewarded with a huge haul of buds—around 550–600g/m². With a THC level of 28% on average, Rainbow Runtz is extremely potent, providing a high that is uplifting and euphoric but eventually settles into deep relaxation—an ideal end-of-day treat. Whether smoked or vaped, this is a strain that sweet-toothed cannabis fans will undoubtedly enjoy.


Purple Punch Auto is a powerful indica-dominant strain that’s ideal for growing in cooler climates. Whether inside or out, the genetic history of this strain ensures Purple Punch Auto performs well. Thanks to ruderalis genetics, she’s hearty and robust, meaning there’s very little maintenance needed to get her across the finish line.

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As she’s indica-dominant, she’s also quite a dense plant, bursting with gorgeous buds that are simply dripping with resin. A specimen of medium height, she’ll max out at around 120cm. As such, balcony growers and others with spatial limitations can consider this specimen the perfect candidate for their clandestine grow. Not only great looking, speed is also on Purple Punch Auto’s side as she takes just 8–9 weeks from seed to harvest. So growers won’t have to wait long to sample their cold-proof crop. Once ready, expect a harvest of about 60–200g/plant outdoors—a simply massive amount for a plant of her stature. Rewarding users with sweet berry flavours and a full-body stone, Purple Punch Auto is ideal for any setting, and perfect to enjoy at any time of day.


Blue Cheese Automatic is another rugged strain that is capable of battling through cold climates in order to provide impressive yields. This strain is an autoflowering variety, meaning some of its genetics are derived from Cannabis ruderalis. This subspecies of the Cannabis genus evolved in northern regions of the world, which is why it is no surprise that this strain can thrive in colder temperatures. Autoflowering plants are often viewed as easier to grow because cultivators do not need to change the light cycle to force plants into the flowering phase.

Blue Cheese Automatic consists of 40 percent indica genetics, 35 percent sativa genetics and 25 percent ruderalis genetics. The strain is the result of crossbreeding parent strains Blueberry, Cheese and ruderalis. The growth cycle is very short, totalling 10 weeks. This means it offers almost instant gratification compared to other strains. When grown outdoors, Blue Cheese Automatic remains a small and manageable plant between 60 and 110cm in height. The THC content of the flowers are moderate at 16 percent. The strain offers an uplifting and creative high, accompanied by sweet and spicy flavours.

Top 10 Cannabis Strains for Colder Climates in 2022

Bred for short growing seasons, these cultivars thrive in regions further north. Discover the top 10 cannabis strains for cold climates below. They all offer different tastes, effects, and growing traits, but share one thing in common: they make growing weed easy and rewarding.

Cannabinoids, terpenes, phytochemicals, organic cultivation


  1. Legendary og punch
  2. Blue cheese
  3. Bubble kush
  4. Green crack punch
  5. Pineapple kush
  6. Special queen #1
  7. Northern light
  8. Critical
  9. Special kush #1
  10. Royal cheese
  11. Growing in the cold: make cannabis work for you

So, you live in a colder part of the world. Your region experiences late and early frosts and a short growing season. Can you still grow weed outside? Absolutely! Never underestimate this adaptable plant. After originating in Central Asia, cannabis made its way around most of the world (with plenty of help from humans). As well as settling in warmer regions close to the equator, marijuana also ended up further north and even adapted to the short summers in Siberia.

Cannabis can handle the pressure of such a short growing window, but you need the right genetics for the job. Modern breeders, including our skilled team at Royal Queen Seeds, have created hybrids that boast lightning-fast flowering times and excellent growing vigour, making them perfect for cold weather growers. Below, you’ll discover the 10 best strains for a cold climate.

1. Legendary OG Punch

Make no mistake; Legendary OG Punch deserves her title. This is especially true if you live in a cold climate with short summers. This progeny of Legend OG and Purple Punch is quick to put out eye-catching purple buds with a THC content of 19% and medium levels of CBD. Throw in some fruity terpenes, and this phytochemical combination exerts a relaxing and clear-headed high ideal for daytime use.

How’s life in Norway? What’s Finland like this time of year? No matter where you’re located, Legendary OG Punch’s speedy flowering time will ensure she reaches maturity before the first frost arrives. You can expect a rewarding return of 500–550g/plant after 8–9 weeks of bloom, in late September or early October.

Top 10 Autoflowering Cannabis Strains For Cold Climates (2022)

These strains are fast flowering, highly resilient and will give you the upper hand when it comes to harvesting outdoors.

  • 1. Zkittlez auto
  • 2. Purple lemonade auto
  • 3. Wedding glue auto
  • 4. Gelato auto
  • 5. Cream cookies auto
  • 6. Original northern lights auto
  • 7. Stardawg auto
  • 8. Blackberry auto
  • 9. Purple punch auto
  • 10. Kosher cake auto
  • 11. In conclusion

Knowing which autoflowering cultivars are better suited for colder climates, can give you an advantage when it comes to growing outdoors. In this article, you will discover the 10 best autoflowering strains for taking on challenging weather, with the highest resistance to the cold, wet, wind, and pathogens.

1. Zkittlez Auto

A unique Cali strain that got everyone’s attention due to the sugary candy sweet lemon flavors, massive yields, and an excellent performer outdoors in all scenarios. This mainly Indica variety will take between 9-10 weeks before harvesting, making her fast flowering time ideal for those who experience short summers and require fast flowering cultivars that will mature in a short time without affecting the yields and quality.

Just an easy to grow, solid packed buds. A heavy feeder and can be a bit prone to light burn at the end but otherwise perfection!

Zkittlez will stop growing at 100cm in height, giving her a stocky and compact appearance, one she begins to fill out with buds. With 23% THC and an incredible terpene profile, this cultivar is a must-have for commercial growers and flavor chasers living in all types of climates.

Grow Tips
  • She has a strong resistance to cold, wind, pathogens, and insects.
  • Due to her excessive weight, supporting the side branches is advised.
  • A nutrient-hungry strain that can take high amounts of nutrient solution, just be careful to avoid overfeeding.
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2. Purple Lemonade Auto

A purple giant of an autoflower with an extremely citrusy aroma and beautiful purple buds. This is a medium height, fast flowering Indica dominant hybrid with the ultimate bag appeal. Flowering time will take 9-10 weeks where she will produce purple colored plants, glistening in resin. Height wise expect this cultivar to grow between 70-110cm making her ideal for anyone with limited height.

it’s so sweet and a bit zesty and refreshing. I love tasting it and guessing all those subtle notes, especially when I’m already a bit high.

Sweet citrus lemon terpenes, yields of 500 gr/m2, and THC levels of 22% make Purple Lemonade an excellent strain for beginner growers, as well as growers who require a fast flowering strain. She loves to be trained and tied down using L.S.T techniques and will reward first-time growers with dense and chunky nugs.

Grow Tips
  • We recommend tying down the plants during the first 4 weeks.
  • A very versatile strain that can endure long periods without nutrients if needs be.
  • A vigorous and sturdy plant with a very short and squat structure, resistant to strong winds.

3. Wedding Glue Auto

An autoflowering version of a cross between two extremely popular varieties with a unique terp blend; Expect an extremely potent effect with 26% THC, pungent vanilla, kushy, and earthy terps with rock-solid performance, making Wedding Glue Auto a wise choice for growers who experience colder climates. This unique variety will grow between 70-120cm low meaning she is perfect for those looking for heavy yielders, while flowering in 70 days.

Easy grow and she wants to live calmag poisoned her and two others I was on to it quick she is super sticky starting week 9 time of photo

Well recommended for beginner growers in search of a quick flowering crop perfect for a Sea of Green setup. Outdoors, Wedding Glue Auto is very resilient meaning she can take cold temperatures and wet weather, with a strong resistance to mold, mildew, and insects.

Grow Tips
  • Thanks to her extra-tough resistance, this cultivar is ideal for all types of climates.
  • When growing outdoors, be careful of how pungent her aroma can become.
  • She enjoys a higher than a normal nutrient solution and is a big feeder.

4. Gelato Auto

Gelato Auto ticks all the boxes when it comes to yield, potency, and resistance. This Indica-dominant hybrid is amongst the most popular Cali strains due to the strong high and unique flavors; This is a very fast flowering strain taking 9 weeks, perfectly suited for commercial growers who want multiple outdoor harvests each year.

I didn’t think I’d harvest much at first but then I was surprised by the yield. It was 87 grams from one plant. Not bad, not bad at all.

Not only will this lady reward you with abundant harvests of sweet, citrus, vanilla cookie flavored terps, but she can also adapt to challenging colder climates easily, meaning those who experience a short Summers and cold Winter will get excellent results. Thanks to the medium height of 70-100cm, Gelato Auto reacts very well to topping and tying down allowing to enhance production further.

Grow Tips
  • We recommend this cultivar to extract artists and hash makers, thanks to her prolific resin profile. some fan leaves during the early stages of growth will allow sunlight to penetrate further to the lower parts of the plant.
  • Topping and tying down can increase yields further and reduce the final plant height.

5. Cream Cookies Auto

For all the cookie lovers out there, Cream Cookies is an Indica-dominant, highly resistant, easy to grow, and a short cultivar that boasts 23% THC. Expect a pleasant smooth smoke that’s not harsh on the throat thanks to the creamy and earthy terps.

An extremely resistant strain, well adapted to colder climates that grows one main cola making her ideal for the Sea of Green where she produces chunky, sugar-coated buds that have an array of green and purple tints.

Sweet and smooth taste, high comes quick and strong. easy to grow, it was my first grow and I made many mistakes, she still yielded well.

A very large producer who will require 10 weeks before harvesting and thanks to her height of 60-90cm, she is well suited for balcony and terraces. Her effects are upbeat yet deeply relaxing and bordering on couch lock, with mouth-watering flavors that are highly sought after.

Grow Tips
  • Perfect for Sea of Green setups that involve growing many plants close together.
  • Can take the cold weather with no issues from mold or powdery mildew.
  • A very quick flowering strain that can be successfully harvested multiple times a year.

6. Original Northern Lights Auto

An old-school gem that is well known for her ability to thrive in all conditions. Original Northern Lights Auto is a rapid flowering, Indica-dominant cultivar taking only 9 weeks before harvesting, making it a great choice for growers seeking resilient strains that grow fast and yield a lot. Commercial growers will find this strain to be very rewarding producing up to 600 gr/m2, allowing for a perpetual harvest all year.

just finished this grow a week and a half ago, yielded around 160g off one and about 100 on another. dry. 5 out of 5 from me!

Height-wise, she will finish around 90-120cm in height with a stocky and bushy appearance, reacting superbly to basic training such as L.S.T. Original Northern Lights Auto is the ultimate autoflowering cultivar for cold and wet climates.

Grow Tips
  • Planting closely together in a Sea of green will allow for uniform plants and huge yields.
  • Very resistant to insects, pathogens, and mold.
  • Can be harvested up to 4 times per year outdoors with excellent results.

7. Stardawg Auto

Stardawg is a very robust plant that is very resistant to cold climates flowering in 9-10 weeks. Fans of Chemdawg will know that extra loud, pine, diesel, and fuel terps followed by lip-licking flavors. Testing at 22% THC and producing extra-large yields, this cultivars is ideal for beginner growers looking for an easy to grow strain that will grow as tall as 70-120cm while producing good yields fast without affecting the quality and quantity of the harvest.

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She grew quite tall and I got a good yield off her. About 1000g in wet bud, so I think once it’s dried it’s gonna be a good harvest.

When flowering, she will produce one main thick central cola, with short side branches, giving this cultivar a very stocky appearance once harvest time comes around.

Grow Tips
  • Growing Stardawg in a Sea of Green works very well, maximizing yields per grow space.
  • Be careful when planting outdoors of how aromatic she will become late into flowering.
  • Using L.S.T will increase production further and open the structure of the plants as well.

8. Blackberry Auto

This cup winning cultivar is an Indica-dominant, berry, citrus, kush flavored, easy to grow plant that is ready to harvest in only 9 weeks. Beginner growers can expect extra large harvests of bright purple-colored flowers that smell incredible and has through the roof bag appeal meaning Blackberry Auto is a great candidate for commercial growers.

Grew blackberry in my past 3 runs, love the Fruity berry smell and taste. Everything I grew it always comes out purple buds.

Thanks to her Indica dominance, she will grow between 70-110cm and with a bushy appearance making her perfect for Sea of green. Highly resilient to colder weather, this rapid blooming cultivar tests at 23% THC and has a very impressive trichome production, with a delicious sweet berry flavor with exceptional kushy and citrusy hints, making it highly rewarding for hash makers and extractors.

Grow Tips
  • A very easy to grow strain ideal for beginner growers, as she requires little maintenance
  • Due to her bushy canopy, pruning of fan leaves to expose more direct light may be necessary.
  • Blackberry Auto will thrive in cold and wet conditions at the end of Summer.

9. Purple Punch Auto

The perfect ratio of Indica and Sativa makes Purple Punch Auto a very productive, and highly resistant autoflowering hybrid. Her height will range from 90-150cm, however, she can take heavy winds and cold temperatures with ease, allowing a grower to achieve yields of up to 600gr/m2.

nice seeds for a small setup like mine, the smoke makes me mostly lazy and hungry but not without an initial creative rush

The terpene profile can be described as a delicious blend of blueberry muffins and spices with cherry overtones and sweet-tart that every smoker will fall in love with, leaving you feeling like you just ate a delicious dessert with just a couple of tokes. With such a rapid flowering time of 63 days before harvest, it is possible to plant this cultivar outdoors many times per year with no worry about mold, mildew, or pathogens.

Grow Tips
  • Purple Punch Auto can grow as tall as 150cms, so better for those with plenty of grow space.
  • It is advised to tie down your plants if you are concerned about height, to allow plants to stay around 80cm.
  • We advise growing this strain in a SCROG setup to maximize yields.

10. Kosher Cake Auto

A delicious variety that has an insane resin profile, super-resistant, and a very easy to grow strain. Kosher Cake Auto can be harvested in just 9 weeks, where she can yield 550gr/m2. She is a medium/tall-sized cultivar that will grow between 80-120cm making her a great yielder.

It does what it says on the tin ,after slow start this plant just took over ,very nice aroma and perfect smoke just ideal for wake&bake

THC levels will test at 25% and the terpene profile and flavor can be described as a blend of herbs, deliciously sweet lemons and a strong cake background. Highly recommended for SCROG set-ups thanks to her uniform and homogenous traits. An exceptional choice for hash makers looking to take their extractions to the next level due to the quantity and quality of the resin.

Grow Tips
  • Planting Kosher Cake Auto late into the year will also produce great results, even in cold climates.
  • Make sure you make hash and extracts with the high amount of sugar leaf this strain produces.
  • It is possible to grow this cultivar 3-4 times per year outdoors with no problems.

11. In Conclusion

These cultivars will produce amazing results in types of challenging climates. For growers who experience shorter summers, followed by a cold and wet winter will find the above list to be their way of filling up those curing jars all year long. Just remember that plants are living beings and they won’t doubt to show you signs that they’re not happy; The strains mentioned above can be grown in colder climates but they’re not freeze-proof so keep an eye on your babies and if the leaves are droopy or they’re showing other signs of something not being okay, make sure you take appropriate measures. Covering your plants with a plastic sheet or simply building a basic greenhouse structure to protect your plants can make a difference between a normal harvest and a great one, so always keep an eye on your crop to check for mold just to be safe and keep your plants healthy and well-fed so they can grow super strong and tough even in the most challenging climates outdoors.

If you’ve grown any of the strains mentioned in this article before and have some tips for fellow growers that also grow (or are planning on growing) in colder climates, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below!