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Black widow seeds

Black Widow Cannabis Seeds

This strain of cannabis seeds called Black Widow is pretty widely known in the marijuana world. As one of the most popular strains, this plant produces a potent bud and contains a high level of THC at 18%, making it a strong Indica strain as well. It contains a cross of the strains South American Sativa and South-Indian Indica.

Black Widow has also been known to produce its own hybrid child strains, like Clockwork Orange, one of the more potent strains out there.

Black Widow Strain Explained

The plant is also the sibling of the other commonly known cannabis strain White Widow. It was created as the darker-colored version of the White Widow cannabis strain, by crossbreeding it. You can recognize Black Widow marijuana buds by its densely-packed leaves, very dark purple (almost black) specks, and orange frayed pieces throughout. It is quite an attractive looking plant when it flowers!

The term Black Widow comes from the dark colors throughout the buds. It can be recognized by the physical appearance of this cannabis plant as it looks quite interesting – it almost appears as one solid piece. In terms of the aroma, it is said that the Black Widow strain has a fruity scent, with notes of pine, florals, and herbs. The flavor that comes with it is earthy.

There is some interesting history behind the strain that was concocted in the late 90s. It is said that the Black Widow was an alternative to White Widow due to some conflicts with its creators and claimants over the creation of the strain’s genetics. One of the creators split from the original pair and decided to rename it and produce it on his own.

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black widow

Prepare for this venomous hybrid that will bite you and leave you in a world of your deepest thoughts. A superbly resistant hybrid that is a cup winner and world beater when it comes to resin production. The original trichome machine that hash makers and extractors will go wild for. An old school lady that is a great choice for beginner growers, with a high THC level and is well advised for producing hybrid vigour when making seed lines.

Genetics: Black widow was created when backcrossing White Widow courtesy of Mr. Nice Seed Bank. The White Widow was from 1994, as we wanted to capture all of the amazing characteristics of this old school master. A resin producer of the highest order and must have for those who require an easy to grow strain that performs very well indoors and outdoors.

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Strain Characteristics: Black Widow will express her genetic heritage, by growing medium / tall with thin, woody branching. Her appearance when flowering is similar to a lanky Christmas tree, that has a blanket of frost covering her buds and surrounding leaves. She is very easy to grow as well as harvest, and there will be a tremendous amount of sugar trim when trimming so prepare your trim buckets in advance with this frosty lady. Flowering will take between 50-70 days dependant on which phenotype you grow, where she will with an aroma that is earthy sweet, with a pungent, acrid background.

Experiencing this strain: The effects from smoking this girl will be deeply relaxing and euphoric followed by a long lasting dream like state. The more you smoke you will feel her sedative side that can make you want to relax and find the nearest sofa. A well balanced strain that is an excellent choice for smokers who enjoy a pleasant cerebral high and calming body effect.

Her taste is a combination of pungent, earthy, sweet with a sour lemon, old school floral profile. A very profound taste that is a true reflection of old school Dutch genetics, that were so popular in coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Medical patients may find Black Widow good for relaxing, improving sleep and relieving feelings of anxiety.

What makes this strain so good: This lady is the backbone behind many of today’s modern strains , thanks to her hybrid vigour, extreme toughness and resistance to plant disease and of course her excessive resin levels. A must have for hash makers and extractors worldwide who want to experience an old school legend and to produce excellent progeny with breeding projects.

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