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Bonza cannabis seeds

Bonza Seeds Review, 2022

Our full review recounts all of the good, bad, and ugly about the now-defunct British seed bank, Bonza Seeds.

Bonza Seeds was a well-known and popular seed bank for many years. However, this seed bank has since been purchased by ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana), and “Bonza Seeds” is now a thing of the past. Though this was probably the best thing that could have happened for the struggling seed bank. Bonza Seeds was rife with customer complaints and in desperate need of overhauls and improvements. Fortunately, ILGM was (and still is) one of the best seed banks out there, and we recommend anyone who once considered ordering from Bonza to place their order with ILGM instead.

We’ve decided to keep our Bonza Seeds review up for anyone curious about what doing business with this now-defunct seed bank was like – and what led its owners to the point where they had no choice but to sell the business.

Bonza Seeds is no longer operating and is now owned by ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana).

About Bonza Seeds

Bonza Seeds, founded in the UK in 2009, was a seed retailer with the intention to create an online one-stop-shop for seeds from a wide variety of breeders. Bonza did gain some popularity and built a large enough following to stay in business for over a decade. As we mentioned at the beginning of this review, Bonza Seeds was purchased by ILGM in 2020, after the company’s reputation and performance had begun to decline severely. Instead of continuing to operate the foundering Bonza seed bank, ILGM made the wise decision to incorporate what was left of Bonza Seeds into its own already successful business.

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Bonza Seeds Quality and Selection

Throughout its decade of operation, Bonza Seeds did maintain a loyal customer base and had a decent number of positive reviews across popular grower’s forums to show for it. Bonza Seeds was a reseller, not a breeder, and they stocked an inventory of seeds from around 100 different breeders. Bonza Seeds offered buyers the popular option to purchase “by the seed” in the form of pick ‘n mix packs.

However, the quality of Bonza Seeds was inconsistent at best. While, of course, some buyers were happy with their seeds and resulting crops, far too many customers had the disappointing experience of receiving small, white, obviously immature seeds, or dry, cracked ones that never sprouted at all.

Super Lemon Diesel

White Widow Max

Super Sour Berry

Shipping Range and Stealth Methods

Bonza Seeds shipped worldwide; however, this company had a particularly bad reputation when it came to shipping. Bonza’s website stated that seed orders would take between 10-14 days to arrive. Some buyers contacted Bonza with inquiries about orders not arriving in that timeframe, only to be told that no shipping investigations could be conducted until the order had gone unreceived for 30 days. Most of the time, even those buyers who paid extra for “stealth shipping,” failed to receive tracking numbers for their orders, making this occurrence even more frustrating.

Toward the end of Bonza’s existence, the company began receiving frequent complaints from buyers who had never received their orders and were upset with how little help they got from Bonza’s customer service team in figuring out what went wrong. It was also common practice for Bonza to tack on new charges for expensive “handling fees” after checkout, without alerting the customer that such charges would apply.

Packaging and Stealth

Bonza Seeds shipped all seed orders in disc-shaped containers designed to keep seeds safe and secure during transit. However, many patrons found this packaging cumbersome, puzzling, and physically difficult to open – especially for those with limited dexterity. Despite the difficult packaging and expensive international handling fees Bonza Seeds often tacked on, it still was not uncommon for orders from this seed bank to be intercepted at customs.

Price and Payment Options

Bonza Seeds accepted payment via credit cards and Bitcoin. Bonza had declared that Bitcoin was its preferred payment method, and offered free seeds to customers who opted to pay with cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, these free seeds weren’t always sent out as promised, causing disappointment for buyers who had paid with Bitcoin specifically so they would get the bonus seeds. Near the end of Bonza’s existence, there were a couple of suspicious incidents where Bonza insisted they hadn’t received customers’ Bitcoin payments.

Some buyers were unpleasantly surprised to find a “currency conversion fee” tacked onto their order, post-checkout. Sometimes these conversions bore strange and unnecessary-sounding billing descriptions, such as Chinese yen conversion – for a United States buyer purchasing directly from the British Bonza Seeds.

Bonza Seeds Prices

As for their prices, Bonza Seeds’ weren’t extravagantly high, but they were still noticeably more expensive than most of their comparable competitors. This seed bank did regularly offer a number of discounts and free seed promos, though, which made those high prices a little more palatable.

Dwarf Low Flyer

Bonza Seeds Customer Service

Bonza Seeds’ customer service unfortunately also grew worse and worse over time. The customer service department was notoriously difficult to get in touch with, with emails going unanswered and the Live Chat website feature frequently offline.

When buyers with problems did receive emails back, it wasn’t uncommon for the answers to be unhelpful (“Just give it more time” in response to excessively delayed shipping) to downright rude (negative one-word responses made to a buyer inquiring whether seeds could be shipped in disability-friendly packaging instead of the complicated disc package). One customer reported receiving only half of their order and being told by Bonza staff that such a thing was impossible due to the company’s “quality control,” when they brought it up.

No Recourse for Germination Problems

When it came to germination and genetic problems, Bonza Seeds’ customer service reps tended to be particularly unhelpful, falling back on the excuse that their seeds were only sold as “souvenirs,” and therefore could not address germination issues of any sort. This meant that even in cases where the totally wrong strains were sent or feminized seeds grew into male plants, Bonza’s response to buyers was essentially that they were out of luck. The standard solution Bonza presented to buyers with germination problems was placing a new order – upon which the seed bank would promise to throw in extra free seeds. Understandably, spending more money in order to achieve a potential solution did not sit well with most buyers.

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Conclusion, Bonza Seeds Review, 2022

Bonza Seeds is no longer in business, which we see as a good thing for new and unsuspecting cannabis growers who might have come across them. Problems with shipping, customer service, seed quality, and more eventually pushed this seed bank’s owners to the necessary point of selling the business. Fortunately, seasoned seed bank ILGM stepped in and incorporated the remains of struggling Bonza Seeds into its own business model. ILGM gets right the very things that Bonza Seeds got wrong, and we do recommend ILGM as a trusted, reliable seed resource.
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Bonza Seeds Review (2022): A Complete Review of the Bonza Seed Bank with FAQs

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Bonza Seeds is the seed bank and name you quite often come across on the internet; however, many must not be knowing much about them. Therefore, for a better understanding of the seed bank, we are reviewing it for you today. The review will offer you an insight into the working and collection of the seed bank and is it a place to invest your money in buying your cannabis seeds. Is the site worth buying seeds from or not? Let’sLet’s find out in the review below, and you can also decide on your own whether you want to give them a try or not.

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MSNL is so popular that it needs no introduction in the community. They have a wide range of products and ship orders worldwide. They accept payment in varied ways including currency transfer and bitcoins.

It is one of the most trusted and well-known names in the cannabis industry. It ships worldwide and has numerous payment options including bitcoins.

This seed bank entered the market in 2005 and has been one of the dominating names since then. It ships in a large number of countries and accepts all sets of standard payment options including cryptocurrencies.

Bonza Seeds Review 2022

About Bonza Seeds

Bonza Seeds has been a seed bank in operations since 2009. They are based in the United Kingdom and provide their service around the world. They are quite known between the frequent buyers, but not very much amongst the rest. They have a collection of seeds and strains from various well-known seedbanks and breeders and offer their collection in one place to customers. Their collection makes them one to shop from, and also the collection and selection of reliable suppliers make their supplies.

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About Bonza Seeds Website

The website of Bonza Seeds is behind the times. It is particularly not interactive and not very user friendly. The site doesn’t offer much information about their foundation, working, services, and more, which is a downside. Otherwise, there is no severe such complaint, which affects the ordering from them.

Although being outdated, they have everything listed for the knowledge of their users and links to find seeds and guides on strains, grows, and products on the site. The site lists down strain information beneath the product, which includes strain type, sex, genetics, height, yield, grow time, and a whole elaborate detail for the user to know the strain before making the purchase.

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Users will find a list of seed banks and breeders on the site of the Bonza Seeds to shop from the particular for preference. They also list them for easy discovery by the users. They also have quick links to various seeds, where looking for specific seeds like regular, feminized, and auto-flowering from different seed banks is easy and fast. Other assistance includes a search bar and sections like current top sellers, new products, our recommendation, and more.

The best thing about the site of the Bonza Seeds is the currency converter and options to browse the site in multiple languages. The whooping number of languages is more than one-hundred and includes languages used around the world and various regions. The currency converter allows you to get the idea of your order value in six different currencies. However, the blog section of the website is not impressive, which is a significant drawback.

Product and Services offered by Bonza Seeds

The products and services provided by Bonza Seeds include seeds from seed banks across the globe. They have more than 2500 strains in their collection. The collection is made up of a high-quality selection of seeds from very famous seed banks and allows users to shop from various from one place, which allows pick and mix shopping.

The collection of seed banks which you can shop from Bonza Seeds are listed down below:-

Barney’sBarney’s Farm, BC Bud Depot, Cali Connection, DNA Genetics, Dutch Passion, Exotic Seed, Paradise Seeds, Royal Queen Seeds, Seedism Seeds, Sensi Seeds, Serious Seeds, Strain Hunters, White Label Seeds, Sin City Seeds, Ministry of Cannabis, Nirvana Seeds, Mr. Nice, Medical Seeds Co, and a lot more reputed seed banks from around the world. Apart from the collection of seeds from other brands, Bonza Seeds also have their collection of seeds by the name Rock’ Rock’ n” Rollups Collection.

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Unlike other seed banks, Bonza Seeds offer nothing apart from seeds. They do not have any collection of merchandise, grow equipment, and more. They also do not have anything else to provide for services. You can only look for seeds from them.

However, the best part about their seed collection is the possibility of mix and match orders. Users can order single as well as multiple seeds from a similar strain and mix and match their order containing various seeds and strains from different seed banks. No need to order a whole pack or minimum order quantity of a single strain, and they are well-known for this.

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Quality and Types of seeds available at Bonza Seeds

The collection of seeds with the Bonza Seeds is significant, along with being quality-assured. They stock up more than 2500 strains from different seedbanks, but not every. They have strains from most-trusted seed banks and breeders, which makes their collection reliable. You will only find best with them, which offers them their image, which is prevailing in the cannabis community without much ado. Their selection of suppliers makes the quality of the supplies trustworthy and which is the reason for their presence in such a competition.

They have a collection of every type of seeds of various strains like regular, feminized, and auto-flowering. The collection also includes their line of strains, Rock’ Rock’ n” Rollups Collection, which is bred by the team of Bonza Seeds and cannabis enthusiasts and expert breeders. The collection is exclusively available to shop on Bonza Seeds website. We have listed down some of the best strains available with Bonza Seeds, including their new collection below.

Some of the best cannabis strains from Bonza Seeds available to shop:-

Royal Medic White Skunk Skunk Durban Poison
White Lemon Northern Lights Jamaican Pearl The Cure

However, the collection of Bonza Seeds is made up of various seed banks, and the user must have knowledge of the strains which they are buying, as they are not of Bonza Seeds. We must advise users to have thorough research regarding the strains they are planning to buy to make most of their money because the product they will receive

Reviews Online

There are fewer reviews online regarding the Bonza Seeds, and the response is mixed. Some have no trouble ordering from them from strain selection, payment, shipping to germination, but some have total negative experiences. They have been applauded for their collection in several reviews and also the germination rate of the seeds, which speaks to the volume of quality. However, the negative reviews throw light on weak management and lack of customer support. Negative feedback includes extra charges on credit card payments, no customer support, no refunds, and no after-sales services.

Apart from the negative feedback regarding their services, there is no complaint regarding the seed and strain quality from their supplies.

Shipping and method

Bonza Seeds ships worldwide; however, they recommend customers to abide by the laws prevailing in their country and the place from which they are ordering. Bonza Seeds takes no responsibility if there is an issue regarding the shipment, where the law of the country prohibits the possession or any use of the seeds, and customers must take that into their responsibility.

The shipment is chargeable, and the postage charge is one time and applicable on the package and not on the number of seeds or weight. The packages are sent out discreetly in neutral packages, which assures quick and undisrupted delivery. The packages also don’t declare the content and only mentions the receiver’s and sender’s address. The shipment is also made in crushproof packaging to keep seeds safe from damages and contamination.

Payment options

Bonza Seeds accepted plenty of payment options for secure payments and ordering. They accept Bitcoin payments, credit cards, Delta payments, cash via Ukash in the United Kingdom, and on local stores, bank transfers, and Neteller ewallet. Payments are secure with them, along with your credit card and other information. The payments are charged in British Pounds, and the charges will be different from currency conversion due to exchange rates prevailing and also bank charges.

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Bonza Seeds offer various free seeds on your orders and also many promotional offers from time to time. You are entitled to receive free seeds when your order value is 40 Euros or more. Also, they offer discounts on seeds and strains.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Bonza Seeds

1. Does Bonza Seeds ship worldwide?

Yes, Bonza Seeds ship worldwide. However, they advise users to abide by the laws of their countries before ordering carefully.

2. What are the payment options accepted at Bonza Seeds?

Bonza Seeds accepts credit cards, Bitcoins, bank transfers, cash, Delta payments, and Neteller ewallet.

3. Is Bonza Seeds a reliable seed bank?

Yes, Bonza Seeds is a reliable seed bank to order strains from various seed banks.

4. Where are Bonza Seeds based in?

Bonza Seeds is based in the United Kingdom.

5. Do the Bonza Seeds ship discreetly?

Yes, Bonza Seeds ship discreetly in neutral packaging. The packaging has no mention of the content and is also crushproof.

Best Seed Banks

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  • Guaranteed delivery & germination
  • Strains: 100 approx
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  • Offers discount and free seeds
  • Ships Worldwide
  • Strains: 120 approx
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  • Ships stealthy & smartly
  • Active customer support
  • Strains: 31 approximately
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  • User-friendly website
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  • Strains: 135 approx
  • One of the largest seed bank
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  • Marijuana merchandises
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  • Finest quality seeds
  • Ships Worldwide
  • Collection of various award-winning seeds
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  • New & innovative medical cannabis seed range
  • Ships Worldwide
  • High-quality seed, strains, and genetics
  • Strains: 50+ approx

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The cumulation

This was little but everything about the seed bank, the Bonza Seeds. They are particularly not very much known but is a good place to buy mix and match seeds, where you can even buy a single seed. The order from them helps you acquire different types of seeds from various seed banks without purchasing a pack or minimum order quantity; this way, great mix order can be ordered from them. The services are not up to the mark with lousy customer service and responses.

The Bonza seed stocks from a lot of well-known seed banks and breeders, which makes ordering from various seed banks in one place possible. So, order your seeds from them and make a great mix pack from their collection.

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Bonza Seeds Review 2022

Everything you need to know about Bonza Seeds: its reputation, strains, seed quality, customer service, shipping, seed promotions, and free seeds.

Update: Bonza Seed Bank was acquired by ILGM and is no longer operational. The old Bonza Seeds website can’t be found on Google as it is now redirected to ILGM Seed Bank. We will update this review as soon as possible, stay tuned!

Bonza Seeds is a seed distributor that has earned many good reviews from 420 community members. They tend to have prices that are a bit below average, and this attracts many buyers. Representatives for the company are also active in several popular weed-growing forums and make themselves available to answer questions or solve problems with orders placed at the Bonza seed bank.

They are a legitimate company that cares about their reputation as well as their customers’ experience. One complaint many buyers have is that the seeds can take a little longer than average to arrive, but they can usually overlook that minor inconvenience.

Bonza Seeds History

This UK seed bank got its start back in 2009. In 2022, it has grown into a mega-mall of cannabis. The mission of Bonza Seeds is to provide a one-stop pick-and mix-shop where customers can buy as many or as few seeds as they like, all different strains and different breeders, without having to place multiple order on multiple sites and pay multiple shipping fees then wait for multiple packages to arrive!

Their idea simplifies the whole system, and they do a good job of delivering on it. It is much easier to go through Bonza when you want to order a wide variety of seeds than to source them all individually and wait for them to trickle in one at a time. If you’re someone who likes to grow a ton of different strains at once, Bonza may be the bank for you.

Bonza Seeds Reputation

Bonza has a solid reputation among cannabis enthusiasts. They are known for having low prices, excellent stealth shipping methods, and being a generally trustworthy company. Their packages may take a while to get to you, but they more than likely will get to you without incident. Their interception rates are low, even in countries where customs are notoriously hard to get through. They have also come to be known as the marijuana mega-mall because of the wide variety of seeds you can choose from on their site. Customers appreciate the ability to buy as little as one single seed of a certain strain if they wish.

Seed Selection

Bonza stocks over 2,500 seeds at last count, which is an insane amount when you think about it. Some of the brands that can be found there are Barney’s Farm, Dutch Passion, Moxie Seeds, BC Bud Depot, Cali Connection, CBD Crew, DNA Genetics, Paradise Seeds, Sensi Seeds, Pyramid Seeds, Nirvana Seeds, G-13 Labs, and others. They sell regular seeds, feminized seeds, and autoflowering seeds, as well as medical strains and seeds specifically bred to give extremely high yields.

You should definitely be able to find something you like at Bonza Seeds, and they probably even stock seeds from your favorite breeder. With their unique pick-and-mix system, it’s easy to stock up on strains you know you like and dip your toe in the water by buying a seed or two of a new strain to experiment with. When you don’t have to commit to buying a full pack each time you want to try something new, there’s really not much to lose!

Orange Bud Feminized

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized

Super Lemon Diesel Feminized

Purple Pineberry Feminized

Super Silver Haze Feminized

Purple Power Feminized

Product Quality

Bonza Seeds is exclusively a seed bank, meaning they don’t breed their own strains or have their own house brand of seeds. Instead, they distribute and resell products from other breeders. Because of this business model, there is bound to be some variations in quality from one brand to another. While Bonza does its best to stock high-quality products, they play no role in the manufacturing or quality-control processes of any of the products they sell, so they’re reliant on the brands to do the hard work of ensuring a high-quality product.

When buying from any seed breeder, you’ll need to be able to trust the brand that makes the product you’re buying as well as the seed bank that’s reselling it. This is because there are a lot more things that can go wrong along the way when you’re buying seeds through a middleman. Some seed banks might hold onto their stock for too long without proper rotation, which would result in orders being fulfilled with seeds that are no longer fresh. On the other hand, if you buy from an unknown breeder, you may end up with seeds that were never viable in the first place. Buying through a seed bank is a riskier way to get your seeds, but if your favorite breeder doesn’t ship to your country, it may be the only way to get the seeds that you want. That’s where reputable seed banks like Bonza come in handy.

Even when buying through the best seed banks, there are a few things you should be aware of. For one, the seeds that you buy through a distributor will never be as fresh as the ones you can buy directly from a breeder. There’s just no way that a seed bank can order product from a breeder, keep it in stock for you to order, and then ship it to you in the same amount of time it takes a breeder to pick and ship it. Expecting your products from a seed bank to be the epitome of fresh is a recipe for disappointment, but any seeds bought from a trusted seed bank will still be well within the realm of viability. After all, it’s not like the seeds are ancient; they’ve just racked up a few extra days along the way. Secondly, buying through a middleman will almost always be more expensive than buying direct from the breeder, just because the process adds a whole new entity that needs to get a cut of the profits. It’s annoying but worthwhile if it’s the only way you can order from a breeder you love.