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Broken coast seeds

Broken coast Moresby seeds . I wasn’t lying sorry crappy picture and the bud has been manhandled/ picked apart getting them out

this is soooo common with BC now, immature seeds in a lot of their strains. Stryker and Quadra had it too, I’ve found them in moresby and sonora as well. I’ve been ordering Quadra on OCS, cause now even the prices are same as medical, and since its an older batch, quality is better. Its a shame cause they used to have really good bud

They refunded me a coupon for the same price. Responsive and fast customer service

Unacceptable for the price you pay for their products.

Itll happen from time to time. All cannabis plants will attempt to pollinate themselves if they went too long before being harvested. Either there was a hermie in the crop or they left it too late to harvest. Those seeds arent mature though from the look of it, probably happened recently before harvest and they were able to catch it. Mature seeds tend to be darker than that, I bet most of those wont even germinate.

On the flip side if you enjoy the strain – plant them all. Seeds go for about $15 USD a piece so any viable ones are actually worth more than your bud based on weight 🙂

Oh and planting them leads to $1/g if your sick of getting ripped off through ocs!

Everyone knows the history of B.C. Bud… We lived it.

Broken Coast launched in 2013 and became one of the first medical cannabis producers licensed in British Columbia. Starting as a humble facility, we’ve since moved into a self-designed 44,000 square-foot building on the shores of the Salish Sea. We’re dedicated to breeding and cultivating the highest grade cannabis, and strive to enhance the reputation for quality that BC bud has earned worldwide.

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We seek the ultimate expression of cannabis

Quantity has never been our goal. Only our best-performing genetics are selected for production. Even then only the strongest clones make it to harvest. Our plants are precisely pruned to concentrate energy in only the topmost colas, improving consistency and minimizing ‘popcorn’ buds. When we talk about to ‘popcorn buds’, we’re referring to small flower formations that don’t have the same visual appeal as their larger flower counterparts — but they’re only different in size.From our team of master growers to the trimmers who carefully hand prepare each bud, every point of contact in the Broken Coast production chain is designed to maximize quality and product integrity.

What does premium cannabis really mean?

Do one thing, and do it well. At Broken Coast we’ve always specialized in premium dried flower. This is what we’ve built our reputation on, and we feel that it’s a reputation well earned. Our cannabis is grown in small batches in strain-specific rooms under optimized conditions. We hand-trim with attention to detail and an aesthetic eye, and naturally slow cure every batch. These are the techniques that made BC Bud famous the world over, and they’r built into our DNA.