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Cannabis de seeder

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Why Seedsman?

For the past twenty years, Seedsman has sat at the forefront of cannabis innovation. As the first seedbank to commercialize autoflowering and CBD genetics, we are leading pioneers within the cannabis industry, continuing passionately to share the best in genetics and variety with millions of people. Seedsman cultivates the spirit of cannabis globally by embracing diversity, sharing knowledge, and championing cannabis benefits.

Key facts

  • 20 years in business
  • 350 strains
  • 27 seedbanks

We’re Different

At Seedsman, we believe that community is everything, because together, we grow stronger. Here’s what our community has to say:

Master Seeds deseeder

Master Seeds is a deseeding machine designed to facilitate the arduous task of separating the seeds from the flowers and leaving them ready for use.

Separating the seeds and keeping them clean can be hard work, you have to remove the flowers from the branches and remove the seeds from the flowers before you can keep and use them. With Master Seeds the task is reduced to place the flowers into the machine and wait for the seeds to come out clean and ready.

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Master Seeds cleans the seeds and classifies them into two grades quickly and efficiently in a first selection. The plant remains can be used to make resin extractions.

The machine is manufactured entirely with high quality stainless steel. It is light, robust and equipped with wheels for easy transport. It has a great capacity to process seeds up to 30kg per hour. It has a vacuum with adjustable pressure to regulate the aspiration power according to the needs.

How to use the Master Seeds deseeder

It is very easy to operate, separate the harvested flowers from the branches and insert the flowers into the machine via the upper inlet hopper. The separator will separate the seeds from the flowers.

It has two power regulators, use the fan power regulator in combination with the suction regulator of the vacuum and by adjusting the two powers, increasing and decreasing one or the other, we can find the optimal point to get the proper cleaning for your seeds.

We can add handfuls of flowers every 20 to 40 seconds to maintain a high pace work. It is important to control the air suction filter from time to time and keep it clean, otherwise it will adversely affect the operation of the machine.

The lower part of the machine has 3 outlets. The first one is for the flower remains from the separation of the seeds, which can be recovered to make extractions. From the second will come out the seeds passed the first selection by their size, and the third the seeds of smaller size.

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In The 90’s I Had A Mechanical Bud Deseeder. Am Looking For One Now,

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