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Cannabis lsa seeds clusterbuster

Cannabis lsa seeds clusterbuster

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May 4 th , 2022, 2:35am

Work it out baby!

I have read through a bunch of threads but its pretty cryptic. Just trying to get some info here, if you could help out – it would be much appreciated.

If its a touchy subject, maybe you can point me in the right direction where I can read a comparison or something?

Maybe I’ll feel like it tomorrow.

I would recommend about 5 or 6 but no more than that or you’ll be feeling strange. Whether that is a good thing or bad thing depends on the person’s mindset and emotional stability.

It works a lot like psilocybin in terms of “cycle breaking” and psychological effects, again unlike kudzu. It seems to have a worse side effect profile than psilocybin, including some very serious circulation issues. Its main advantage over psilocybin is that it is legal.

I’m not sure how it first came about to be used for CH. It was a common sense conclusion to try it for CH, since it is an indole ring hallucinogen, very similar to psilocybin and LSD. It’s not really new here. It has been over a year since someone first posted here that LSA worked for CH. I’m not sure why it became popular recently.

It has no medical use (according to the US government) , so it is a recreational drug.

Anything not impossible is compulsory.

Be careful out there! LSA is a powerful hallucinogen, as well as a vaso-contrictor as Jesse notes, and high doses can lead to some serious psychdelic experiences. How high a dose? One report on Erowid recounts a heavy trip on about a dozen seeds. Some people report falling asleep (sometimes with intense visions/dreams) on high doses, others are stimulated. All precautions for indole-ring hallucinogens apply to LSA (avoid if you suffer psychological problems, have a baby sitter, control set and setting). Seed :

For medicinal purposes, Flash is recommending a conservative approach of starting off with a single HBWR seed for the first dose, then increasing that to 2 if there is no anti-cluster effect, then 3, etc.

Remember, there is little info on this stuff. Anyone trying this is considered a “pioneer” or less euphemictially – a guinea pig.

There is some information on LSA and HBRW seeds at

Good luck, plazticsoul, and let us know how things go.

Give me a shovel Ill dig my own grave!

Work it out baby!

There is some information on LSA and HBRW seeds at

Guinea pig – that leaves a sort of uneasiness. can those “unknowns” be compared to other alternative treatment unknowns? Thanks for the input everyone, but I have to ask, would you consider one to be safer than the other? Maybe there’s no answer for that yet either and I probably missed it. Lots of info to wade through and the variables/unknowns I think are somewhat daunting.

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I realize that is not the main factor as being PF is first in your book is my guess (call me stupid!)—- but I am just wondering where this weighs in against other stuff. For example, “prednisone” seems pretty evil in my book from some of the horrendous results I have seen people go through. then again, what is the lesser of the two evils?

I think I can take a good stab at that answer though I think that answer can be as unique as any individual.

Its a lot to think about I think. Appreciate the link Tommy

Remember, this was all just my opinion.

“They had Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds for sale. I told him about HBWR
seeds as a treatment for CH. He said if HBWR seeds work, Rivea
Corymbosa seeds should work even better. He said they have the same
psychoactive effect as HBWR seeds but none of the side effects of HBWR
seeds like nausea and gravity-pull. The Rivea Corymbosa seeds are much
smaller than HBWR seeds. They’re only about 1/4th the size. There are
about 4 times as many of them (looked like more than 200) in a 7g
package as there are HBWR seeds in a 7g package. He said 20 Rivea
Corymbosa seeds is psychoactively equivalent to 5 HBWR seeds. Instead
of opening the seed, scraping out the inside and making tea; you just
crush the entire seeds and make tea. He also said don’t dose more than
45 seeds at a time because 40-45 is like a full LSD dose. Prices are
in Canadian dollars, you can order on-line with major credit cards and
they ship worldwide. Here’s the link to his website.

Here’s the Rivea Corymbosa seeds page.

Could this be another “legal” weapon in our arsenal against the beast?

I didn’t buy them, but I thought one of you experienced psychonauts
might want to do some further research on them. I found that they are
also known as “ololiuqui” and found these links.

Thanks to BikerBob – hope you don’t mind me quoting it again!

The main advantages would appear to be that the seeds are weaker thus making it easier to tailor the dose. They also lack the poisonous outer husk, and ergotamine content of HBW.

So these might be worth careful consideration for anyone considering going down the LSA path.

So, since I have been off meds for a while, I thought I would be in a good position to try this. The seeds should be here tomorrow. I will try the Rivea Corymbosa first, and if they don’t work well, I will go for HBW.

If this works, fantastic. If not, on to somehting else.

I am fully ok with being a Guinea Pig.

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“Bart, don’t make fun of Grad students. They just made a terrible life decision,” Marge Simpson

Eventually He will make us pain free!

“L’Chaim”~Hebre w Toast~”To Life”

I’m all for whatever brings a person pain free time, but this is where I hit a rock, too. Many have read my Kudzu experience, and there have been a lot of varying opinions on it. I actually did really read up on it – discussed it with my neurologist, etc.

No. I couldn’t ‘detox’ off my med list at the time because all of the meds I was taking (including verapamil) were used to treat other medical conditions other than CH. Maybe that was my downfall. I’ll never know.

Although I do believe in trying alternatives for those who have the least likelihood for running into unknown complications, I stand by what I’ve always felt about them – natural/herbal/whatever does not mean “non-drug.” Everything comes with a risk.

I know I probably sound like a prude, but for now. I don’t like walking into the unknown. As bad as some of the side effect lists are on the meds I’ve taken – at least I’ve been able to read all about them, and then take the leap. with a few exceptions where I didn’t have access to all the info prior to the treatment due to certain circumstances.

I’m lying on the couch awake all night cuz of surgery on both knees for AVN – apparently a combination of my own biology but progressed/accelerated by taking prednisone. I never knew steroids could do that until I was diagnosed. In fact, I never even knew what AVN was. But at the same time, not everyone who takes steroids gets AVN. How can we ever know for sure who will wind up with what bad effects from whatever treatment we choose? It’s a scary thing.

I was given info today that potentially links AVN to coagulopathy disorders. this was of particular interest to me as I’ve had 2 blood clots, and also instances of massive hemorrhages, plus one golf-ball sized benign tumor made up of blood vessels. I have a family history of various clotting disorders – ranging the scale from too much to too little. It’s like a sea of info that. if we spent every single day searching everything out there. we’d still never weed through it all.

I just would hope everyone would educate themselves as best as possible about whatever treatment path they choose. There are times when I haven’t made the best ‘choices’ based on the knowledge I had (for example – my bleeding disaster while on kudzu), but these are the risks we take.

Keep living – keep searching – never lose hope.

Rivea Corymbosa seeds (LSA) have been used as a sacrament by the Aztec and Mazatec tribes in the Sierra Mazatec mountains in Mexico for centuries. They’re still a hearty bunch.

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Eventually He will make us pain free!

Hearing is one thing. �Listening is another.

Just now getting into this thread, so please excuse me if it’s been talked about before.

While realizing that anyone trying this is acting as a guinea pig, I would have a serious concern about the dosage. Some say 4 seeds. some say no more than 12. I’m 5′ tall and weigh 105. Wouldn’t that be a factor in how much I should take? A man who is 6’2″ would tolerate a lot more than I would.

Too many variables for me no matter how desperate I was.

Eventually He will make us pain free!

Hearing is one thing. �Listening is another.

Nice to see a short response to a question.

I appreciate it.

I love YaBB 1G – SP1!

“L’Chaim”~Hebre w Toast~”To Life”

LOL as far as I know – the only drugs that I’ve heard of having to watch brand to brand on are in the blood-thinning category – particularly warfarin (coumadin). Even a small change in potency in this type of medication could lead to disasterous consequences to someone who really needs to maintain an accurate PT/INR. It goes to show that there probably are some changes in potency between brands of meds, but it is unlikely that these changes are very significant in the vast majority of cases.

Now I don’t go worrying about most things – usually I do not worry about food! But some people do. I definitely worry about anything that contains: haldol, benadryl, anticholinergics, phenothiazines, reglan, and droperidol. the effects (for me) range from anaphylaxis to severe cardiac effects to mental status changes to severe neurologic effects. So I wear a medic alert bracelet.

I think with this list of “issues” not to mention ones I won’t even begin to describe. I don’t need to add any other things to worry with!

Again..whatever keeps ya goin.

Eventually He will make us pain free!

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Cannabis lsa seeds clusterbuster

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