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Cannabis seed bank uk review

Cannabis Seed Bank UK Review (aka, Attitude Seed bank): Best Seed Banks That Ship To USA

The first thing we want to do in our Cannabis Seed Bank UK review is shout hallelujah for the price. Why pay $10 or more per seed when you can buy them from best seed banks that ship to usa for as little as $5 or $6?

We also like that Cannabis Seed Bank encourages experimentation. There are nearly 100 varieties of seeds that you can buy for just a little more money 1 at a time. Always be trying new strains our mantra, and probably most cannabis cultivators as well.

Being a UK seed bank and best european seed banks, you’re probably wondering about shipping to the U.S. as well as payment. They do ship to the U.S. by Royal Post, and US customers normally receive their packages within 7-15 days.

They accept payments via credit card except for Mastercard as well as wire transfer, cash, and bitcoin.

Obviously, the biggest concern for U.S. customers is the shipping time since these are international orders that come from the UK. They need to weigh whether the better prices and wide selection are worth the possible wait for an order to arrive.

To make things more lively, Cannabis Seed Bank offers more than 35 different promotions each month. About 90 percent of these is an offer of one to 6 seeds for buying a particular brand and the free seeds are normally of a different strain.

In addition, they offer free seeds for paying by wire transfer and getting 4 free seeds of a different variety.

Unfortunately, British Law does not allow The Cannabis Seed Bank to discuss THC, Germination, and yields. An unfortunate side effect of this British policy is that the descriptions of the plant variety are somewhat sketch and less than desirable.

There are no reviews by customers either about how their plants did or how much they liked or disliked a particular strain when smoking them for the same reason.

What are the customer’s saying about Cannabis Seed Bank? We visited four forums for reviews and generally, everyone gave them great marks for customer service in particular. One customer rated Cannabis Seed Bank 10 stars for their customer service.

A U.S. Customer noted that he received his package only 10 days after ordering.

Cannabis Seed Bank seems like a good bet if you can’t find a U.S. based company to ship even faster.

10 places to buy the best cannabis seeds that ship to the UK

Just because seed banks online are popping up everywhere doesn’t mean every resource is trustworthy. How can you know who to trust when growing weed is illegal in the UK?

Not to worry – we’ve compiled a list of the best cannabis seeds that ship to UK, as well as a guide to ordering seeds for the new British buyer.

Before we discuss our top picks, let’s first mention our criteria for making such a definitive list and how surprisingly sober we were when putting the facts together.

We decided to evaluate all weed companies for:

– Quality of weed seeds
– Germination guarantee
– Live customer service
– UK Stealth packaging
– Popular & rare marijuana strains
– Affordable pricing
– Fast and/or free shipping

First Look

1. Top weed seeds in the UK – Crop King Seeds
2. Collection of various seed banks – Seedsman
3. UK bulk sales – Quebec Cannabis Seeds
4. Free weed seed deals – Marijuana Seeds NL
5. Best UK stealth packaging – MJ Seeds Canada
6. Safest way to buy cannabis seeds online – Sonoma Seeds
7. Most innovative cultivators – SunWest Genetics
8. Best for hard to find seeds – Rocket Seeds
9. Fastest UK shipping – Mary Jane’s Garden
10. Best customer support – Beaver Seeds

Is Buying Cannabis Seeds Legal In The UK?

As you might have heard by now, cannabis is illegal to possess, sell or grow in the UK, even though almost every decent human being does it.

Nevertheless, getting charged with unlicensed production or trafficking is a headache, as cannabis is still considered a Class B drug, carrying a maximum penalty of 5 years in her majesty’s slammer.

Oddly enough, it’s not necessarily illegal to order marijuana seeds from a legally established overseas seed bank, like the ones reviewed on our list.

Legally speaking, no one can prove what you’re planning to do with those seeds, and whether or not they’re purely for collectible, personal use, or research purposes only.

You need to spark up a J and do some… “research”, yeah?

– You can buy marijuana seeds as a “novelty item”
– Customs still might confiscate the weed seeds
– The best cannabis seeds companies offer delivery guarantees
– You can also get “discreet packaging” or “stealth shipping” to the UK where the seeds are hidden in everyday items

Top 10 Best Seed Banks That Ship to the UK

1. Crop King Seeds – Best Overall Cannabis Seeds


– Wide selection of seeds
– Guaranteed germination & delivery
– Founded in 2005


– Not much in the way of discounts

Crop King Seeds is one of the longest-standing and most successful marijuana seed banks in the world and still offering the best-selling strains and new hybrids.

From top sellers like Dwarf Low Flyer Autoflower seeds to feminized seeds like Black Indica and Durban Poison, the site has a huge selection to choose from.

You can also expect “growing marijuana seed” guides, 24-7 chat support, a charge-free telephone number, and discreet packaging to the UK.

We liked CKS because of its wide range of strains and new seeds, with 500 new seeds released for the year.

The company offers two guarantees, one for germination, and the other for delivery, once you pay for Express Registered with Tracking.

2. Seedsman – Best Variety for Cannabis Seeds in UK


– Founded in 2003
– 40 promotions throughout the year
– Bitcoin discounts


– Loyalty program currently on hiatus due to “social sharing abuse”
– Difficult process for any lost orders

Seedsman drives a hard bargain with discount deals like 3 for 2, and up to 25% off Bitcoin purchases. There are roughly 40 different promotions every year, all averaging about 20 percent off the listed price.

But what makes Seedsman’s seed bank remarkable is its large selection. The company gets its catalog from over 80 trusted breeders all over the world and can offer as many as 1,500 strains to UK weed growers like yourself.

Customer service is well-reviewed, though it’s only email-based, and they are forbidden to provide any growing advice. Fortunately, you can also purchase some guides on how to grow your own “collectible seeds”, if that’s something you might fancy at some point.

3. Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Best Bulk Sales for UK Customers


-Better for bulk & mix pack deals
-Germination guarantee
-Founded 2013


– Not clear whether they offer a delivery guarantee

Quebec Cannabis Seeds promises consistent quality on cannabis strains, with “optimum THC and high CBD levels.” While they do feature top-sellers like Auto Bruce Banner Feminised Seeds and Amnesia Haze XL auto-flowering seeds, their most exciting deals come in the way of mix packs and bulk seeds.

You can buy cannabis seeds mixes of feminised, auto-flowering, fast version, and Quebec Gold quality, in packs of 100. All packaging is handled discreetly and seeds are shipped inside inconspicuous items.

That’s just a DVD in the post… wink wink.

Seeds are guaranteed, and the company has confidence in its 80% germination rate. While confiscated packages won’t get you a refund, QCS is pretty good at making sure their seeds don’t get caught at customs.

4. Marijuana Seeds NL – Best Deal for Free Seeds


– Rewards program with money back the more cash you spend
– Accepts multiple forms of payment
– Free seeds with most purchases


– Not much in the way of guarantees

While much of the world was still debating the magic of cannabis, Amsterdam was busy producing it – and since 1999, providing individuals and companies with cannabis seeds.

We love you, Holland.

The most original of UK seed banks is Marijuana Seeds NL, offering a wide range of seeds, from feminised to autoflowering seeds and regular seeds, to special value packs for potency, taste, and environment.

The company is proud of its quality genetics and its founders traveled the world to find the best marijuana strains and develop testing procedures that would ensure stability. You can also expect “double free” seed deals, depending on the season.

Regular shipping is free after £55 and stealth shipping is free after £100.

5. MJ Seeds Canada – Best for Discreet Packaging


– Founded 2009
– Accept Paypal, bank transfer, & other payment methods
– Very discreet packaging


Questionable germination guarantee

While MJ Seeds Canada does have a high germination rate, their priority appears to be affordability in shipping and cannabis seed prices.

The germination guarantee is not as highly touted as the delivery guarantee, but the delivery is guaranteed when you pay for tracking and insurance.

However, they take their discreet seed billing and packaging seriously and alternate shipping methods regularly, so as not to build a pattern and arouse suspicion around your weed seeds.

The store’s 24-hour shipping policy is also unique, because of the fact that MJSC has multiple stores, offices, and warehouses to ship from.

6. Sonoma Seeds – Safest Way to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online


– Many payments supported, including cash
– High germination rate & guarantee
– Telephone customer support


– Not as much in the way of discounts

Sonoma Seeds is based in Canada and offers 300 Canadian dollars (around 175 GBP) for international shipping, which is all well and good. However, compared to $200 in free shipping offered by the likes of Crop King Seeds and the like, it’s a bit pricier.

Still, one of Sonoma’s advantages lies in the variety of supported payment methods, including bank transfers, Bitcoin, credit cards, and even carefully hidden cash, which is untraceable.

Other positives include an 80% germination rate, 500 strains to choose from, and premium customer support, including a telephone line with business hours.

What makes Sonoma Seeds unique is the flexibility of payment options, guaranteeing your privacy and giving you options.

7. SunWest Genetics – Most Innovative Cultivation Methods


– 500 strains to choose from
– Phone & internet support
– Free cannabis seeds included with larger purchases


– Not a lot of information on the company or its practices

SunWest Genetics focuses on improving the genetics of cannabis, including diversifying the gene pool of strains. Specifically, the company tries to improve strains for medicinal purposes and breed new varieties with additional benefits.

The company is outspoken about its quality control process but did not provide much information in the way of growing fundamentals for newcomers.

So you’d better know how to grow weed in the UK!

In terms of presentation, they have a lot to offer, with a variety of strains (over 500), fast and reliable phone and email support. The company is quick to stand by its products, offering a guarantee for quality and germination, which stands at 80%.

8. Rocket Seeds – Best for Hard to Find and Popular Seed Strains


– Works with other UK seed banks to find certain seed strains
– Germination guarantee
– Free seeds with higher purchases


– More like a convenience store than a unique brand

Not only does Rocket Seeds work with the world’s most successful breeders, but the company also goes out of its way to search for multinational sources of new strains.

The good news is you can find almost everything from here, from feminized seeds like 3 Kings and Acapulco Gold, or AK-47 auto-flowering, or even fast version seeds like Baklava MJ which can deliver a fast yield with little maintenance.

Rocket Seeds is such a team effort that you might find yourself working with the likes of Beaver, Crop King, Sunwest, and Mary Jane’s Garden – other seed banks that can find those hard-to-get strains.

It’s basically GoCompare for weed seeds.

9. Mary Jane’s Garden – Best Shipping Deals on Weed Seeds


– Reputation for high-quality seeds, no deformities
– Established 2003
– 90% delivery rate to UK
– Same-day shipping


– No telephone support

Mary Jane’s Garden has had almost 20 years in the business and has developed a reputation for a wide selection of strains and high-quality seeds.

What Mary Jane highlights is a more exacting selection process, weeding out the weed seeds (get it?) that might be damaged or unnaturally formed.

You’re left with the crème de la crème!

The delivery rate is 90% to the UK, above average, meaning the company knows how to secretly package your seeds!

Surprisingly, Mary Jane has one more distinct advantage over its competitors – a same-day shipping policy that beats even our top selection.

10. Beaver Seeds – Best UK Seed Banks Customer Support


– Established 2009
– Same-day shipping to UK
– Guaranteed delivery with extra insurance & tracking options

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– Not a strong assurance of a germination guarantee
– Not as many discounts as competitors

Beavers Seeds cuts out the low-quality affordable stuff and stocks only the highest grade of cannabis seeds. You’ll find popular brands like Gorilla Glue and Banana Punch to bulk Indica and Sativa regulars.

The company offers same-day UK shipping, a rarity, not to mention a tracking system to practically every country on the globe.

Besides accepting multiple forms of payment, including cash, and guaranteeing a germination rate, what truly impressed us about Beaver Seeds is its 24/7 seed bank telephone support.

Cannabis Seeds UK FAQs

How do seed banks ship to the UK?

While there are many seed banks that ship to the USA and countries where weed is (somewhat) legal, it can be a bit trickier to buy weed seeds in the UK.

Because growing cannabis seeds in the UK remains illegal, practically all reviewed seed banks offer discreet and stealth packaging.

Not only does this involve carefully selected phrases on billing and address labels, but even within the package itself, the seeds are often hidden.

Marijuana weed strains can be clandestinely stored in:

– Greeting cards
– Christmas gifts
– Books
– Catalogs
– Toys for children
– DVD cases
– Video game cases
– And more!

Some companies, such as Crop King or Seedsman, will often change up their shipping methods so that local laws or UK customs don’t become suspicious.

What’s the safest way to buy UK cannabis seeds online?

Many online seed banks in the UK now offer Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency purchases, which are much more difficult for customs to catch and trace.

Some companies like Sonoma Seeds or Beaver Seeds even allow you the option of paying in cash, which is completely untraceable.

You simply send the money wrapped and hidden with your order, and if it’s not confiscated, (which is fairly rare) you get your order back.

You can even track your package if you order the higher-end shipping option.

What different strains of marijuana can you grow in the UK?

Remember, that some marijuana seeds will only excel in special climates and environments. When planning to grow any plant in the UK, you must consider the UK weather, which is typically rainy, cold in the winter, and even slightly cool in the summer.

Basically, our weather is crap.

Marijuana flowering is seasonal, and germination peaks around late spring while harvesting begins around autumn. Many avoid outdoor growing in the U.K., naturally because of anti-marijuana laws, but also because of the rainy climate.

Autoflower seeds will grow easier in most environments and might be the wiser choice for the newcomer, not to mention the “fast-growing” packages, which are made to thrive in most environments.

Easy to Grow Marijuana Seeds for the UK

Some easy-to-work-with strains that are quite popular among newcomers in the UK include:

– Skunk Fast Version
– White Russian Fast Version
– Northern Lights Autoflower
– Critical Autoflower

Skunk and White Russian are set apart from the others because they are called fast-version cannabis plants, made for territories with short seasons, and with expectations of a fast harvest.

Fast version cannabis strains yield results faster than normal flowering times, because of feminised and crossed genetics, mixing photoperiod and automatic female clone genes.

They are also not the same as auto-flowering strains, even though they are also made to grow unusually fast. However, fast version cannabis strains are not autoflower, like Northern Lights or Critical. These are “photoperiod” strains, which are light-dependent and tend to harvest early.

Autoflowering strains like Northern Lights are known to be compact, relatively fast, and with a distinct honey-aroma. It’s considered an easy plant to grow and yet with high THC levels.

Critical is also a well-known strain for both indoor and outdoor growers and is a nice compromise between high yield and reduced flowering time. Critical is appreciated because it can grow in even colder climates.

All of these popular strains are available at sites like our top pick, Crop King Seeds.

Fun but Challenging Marijuana Seeds to Grow in the UK

– Bruce Banner
– Gorilla Glue
– Dos Si Dos Girl Scout Cookies

Bruce Banner, named for obvious reasons, packs a hulk of THC, up to 30 percent! No wonder it’s a hobbyist’s favorite, and known for not only cerebral highs but also more calming sensations.

Gorilla Glue is a common strain name you will find among UK growers, because of its high THC content, as well as its medicinal use for pain relief. It’s more about relaxation and euphoria and is one of the top sellers of most seed sites, including Seedsman.

Finally, how can we not brag about Dos Si Dos, a Girl Scout Cookies / Face-Off hybrid that accentuates the already-celebrated taste with an even stronger high? 70% Indica and flexible for indoor or outdoor growing, fans love the strain for its medicinal power, and ability to relieve depression and insomnia.

Best Marijuana Seed Banks That Ship to the UK: The Takeaway

We particularly admire Crop King Seeds with its 24/7 customer support, its double guarantee, (for germination and delivery), and the wide variety of strains.

However, we are obliged to admit Seedsman had the better reputation on Reddit and other social media sites, so it was a very tight race to the top spot.

If you’re ready to take the next step and start becoming the cannabis hobbyist you always dreamed of, start your journey by working with reliable marijuana seed banks that ship to the UK.

Look for reputation, quality, discounts, and a company that’s ready to help you find your way. Good luck!

Best UK Seed Banks Reviews in 2022 – Ships to UK Very Fast

Are you looking for a UK seed bank to buy marijuana seeds?

You are at the right post because here you will get UK seed bank reviews. We have come up with the best place to buy cannabis seeds in the UK.

In these best seed banks UK , y ou will find a choice of strains, delivery, payment options, customer service, and many other essential factors .

If you are in hurry, then you should go with our expert opinion.

Our experts have spent too many days on many UK seeds bank and they found Marijuana Seeds Netherlands (MSNL) is the best seed bank in the UK.

You can also deep dive into our reviews of UK seed banks.

UK Seed Bank: Overview

3. Attitude Seed bank

6. Gorilla Seed Bank

7. Seed Madness Seed Bank

9. London Seed Centre Seed Bank

10. Skunk24 Seed Bank

Whether you are purchasing cannabis seeds from an online store or shop visit , various factors will influence your marijuana seed buying experience. It ranges from the quality to the choice of seeds. It also depends on shipping, payment options, and customer service.

It’s essential to make sure that the seed banks are trusted that care about their customers. Here are the top 10 best seed banks in the UK review that will help you make the right purchase decision.

1 – Marijuana Seeds Netherlands (MSNL)

Established in 1999 , the company has set up its location in the UK. The company was a passionate geneticist who supplies your needs with all its experience. Concerning fame and open acknowledgment, most seed lovers are entirely mindful of this seed bank.

If you have a query about whether you want to purchase seeds from MNSL, read this review so you can concoct purchasing choices.

MSNL is home to a big stock of strains. You will get the Girl Scout Cookies, White Widow, Northern Lights, and a few other best strains. The company has some top strains available in the cannabis business. A portion of these seeds are for both indoor and outside growing. The company also has Indica and Sativa strains.

Take some time in perusing this MSNL review to see the advantages that you can expect by exploiting the ideas of this all-around presumed firm. See the highlights of the website and the company, and settle on a very much educated choice later on.

The quality of client support gave by MSNL is sublime. The site has a far-reaching page featuring FAQs where they solved many queries of buyers. The company is effortless to reach through its Contact Us page. The website likewise asserts that clients will get a reply within 24 hours. However, other MSNL seed review reactions state that it takes more than that for them to get their answers.

The website is easy to search and navigate. You should simply choose the class of strains accessible, regardless of whether standard, clinical, feminized, auto-flowering or a rundown all things considered. These are open from the upper menu. There are likewise some intriguing highlights, including top strains, value packs, just as a discount.


MSNL seed bank organizes many shipping methods. You will have three shipping options depends upon the discreetness. These options are Standard, Stealth, and Guaranteed Stealth. It implies if you need to have a progressively secure, more ‘stealth,’ kind of shipping, the more you need to pay.

Modes of Payment

With regards to payment methods, there are a few that are available. It incorporates credit and debit cards, which are the quickest and most straightforward payment methods. The website additionally offers cash payments and bank transfers. The seed bank provides 100% secure payment methods.

The prices provided by Marijuana Seeds NL are reasonable. The explanation for this degree of reasonableness is that the company legitimately buys its seeds from Dutch makers. If you need to profit more from the reserve funds, buy in mass.

The company offers deals and exceptional offers. For instance, a few strains have low rates to assist the clients. As an extra option, there is a program and prizes where clients can get credit in their records each time they buy. The best part is that the company never fails to do so.

2 – Seedsman Seed Bank

Finding the best marijuana seed company is an intense activity. So, we did our examination to find the best seed bank that sells top-notch marijuana seeds. Peruse our Seedsman review to see if this seed bank is the correct firm to spend your money on cannabis seeds.

Seedsman Seeds is a company that has arrived at fame as a vendor of high cannabis seeds. The company has been selling seeds since 2003. Because of the quality the company offers, it’s the most dependable and sound seed bank in the world.

During the most recent two decades, the company experienced a few changes, presently offering decent variety and assortment with the seeds that they offer. Currently, they have also expanded their product options to selling different cannabis-related decisions. How about we investigate this Seedsman review and see different parts of the firm which won the hearts of a few cannabis connoisseurs from different places of the globe.

Seed Selection

Dissimilar to other seed shops online, Seedsman offers one of a kind methodology. As opposed to lodging all the seeds, they sell the seeds originating from different breeders. Although they have a predetermined number of strains, their essential objective is to offer a broad scope of seed decisions that every other person will appreciate. In many reviews from Seedsman seeds, clients state that after accepting and checking the seeds, they are perfect.

When buying seeds from an online source, phenomenal client care is a part of this bank that everyone needs to experience. Some seed shops guarantee only the best customer support. But at long last, in any case, their clients feel frustrated. Seedsman seeds, nonetheless, offer better client care than all current and potential clients.

Consumers are happy that they are in good hands as they shop. For any order-related issues, the client support group will reach you through telephone or email. You will get a genuine response to any of your questions within 48 hours . This time is practical contrasted with different dispensaries that guarantee a 24-hour response .

Website Quality

The navigation and plan of the website may not strike as something imperative to you. It would be better if you can approach a website that gives you easy navigation with all the details. The Seedsman review expresses that the site is simple and genuinely attractive.

These classifications make it simpler to locate the specific seed that you are looking for, without perusing capriciously. If you are as of now mindful of the particular strain that you need, this is extremely useful. Then again, if you are not yet acquainted with the choices, you can likewise utilize the search option to spare a ton of time scanning for your needs.


Seedsman Seeds offer international shipping. If you buy from outside Europe, the reasonable time frame for the delivery is somewhere in the range of 5 to 25 working days. Then again, if you are ordering from inside the UK, you can get your seeds quicker, with a 1 to 3 days turnaround time.

Seedsman Seeds guarantee stealth shipment. For this, the experts expel the seeds ordered from the first package, finding a way to package them such that they remain hidden. You will feel protected when you get your seeds from this bank.

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Modes of Payment

Seedsman Seed bank offers a lot of payment modes. The company has options for bank transfer, Visa credit/debit, just as digital forms of money, including bitcoin. They likewise acknowledge cash payments in the accompanying currency: EUR, GBP, and USD .

There are a few limited-time offers and limits offered by the company that you can unveil. They usually are contrasted with different websites, but you can be guaranteed adequate investment funds if you buy more. This total rebate that you can hope to get relies upon the measure of money that you spend on your order. The limits for the most part bar shipping and VAT, so you may need to spend more before benefiting from these offers.

3 – Attitude Seed bank

Attitude Seed Bank is perhaps the biggest provider of marijuana seeds from different seed banks, breeders, and brands. They have roughly 2000 types of strains, including different cup-winning strains like Kosher Kush, Amnesia Hash, Sour Amnesia, and much more from the winning brands.

Seed Selection

They have a gigantic rundown of seed brands, and seed types leaned to assist you with picking your inclination, including feminized, auto-flowering, and regular seeds. You can pick and blend singles from their website and shop as you need.

They transport worldwide and acknowledge plenty of payment options, including Debit cards, Credit Cards, International gift cards, bank transfers, cash, and many Cryptocurrencies. They additionally engage orders via telephone.


They transport discreetly worldwide in different products and before long. Their shipment sets aside standard mail effort for household and international shipping. The seed bank also sends free seeds with your order. You can likewise settle on the too-safe and guaranteed shipping option for guaranteed and safe delivery of your seeds. They re-transport undelivered orders, which return to them. Besides, they have some marijuana merchandise from different brands for you to shop along.

Modes of Payment

The company accepts Credit/Debit Cards, International Gift Cards, Bank transfers, Cash, and Cryptocurrencies as payment for your orders. Many payment options give users a choice that can convenient to them, which is a useful attribute for the seed bank.

4 – The Vault Seed Bank

Jack and George established the Vault Seed Bank. They are the individuals who continue for an additional mile to fulfill their clients.

Individuals at The Vault Seed Bank accept that not they are incredible marijuana merchants. Still, they are also a genuine seed bank. They have faith in the utilization of clinical marijuana.

The Vault is another seed bank that has been around for quite a while. Situated in Scotland, they were established in 2012 when Jack and George started with a crucial be the most liberal bank in the game. They presently furnish a decision of free seeds with each order and standard liberal giveaways.

Seed Selection

There are 1906 Feminized strains, 1130 Regular Strains, and 780 Auto-flowering strains on special in their store. All these marijuana strains are sourced from almost 140 different seed banks and breeders everywhere throughout the world.

A portion of the acclaimed breeders from where The Vault Seed Bank sources its cannabis seeds are as follows:
Nirvana Seeds, Royal Queen Seeds, Seedsman, Exotic Seeds, Sensi Seeds, Bomb Seeds, Ace Seed.

Individuals at The Vault Seed Bank accept that not they are an incredible marijuana dealer, but they are additionally a development. They trust in the utilization of clinical marijuana and promote it for this reason.

The company also doing its research on therapeutic marijuana. They even help different associations in spreading mindfulness about this reason. The website of The Vault Seed Bank is straightforward to navigate. You will see the menu bar with options like Feminized Seeds, Regular Seeds, and Auto-flowering Seeds.

You will get a classification of strains on the board on their website, which makes it easy to utilize the site. There is a top cannabis seeds bar on the left, which shows all the best-selling marijuana strains. There are such a significant number of strains accessible in their online store.

It doesn’t mean you will get terrible seeds in your order. The Vault Seed Bank have their quality standard, and they just source marijuana seeds from breeders who qualify this quality standard.

Whatever sort of seeds you order, they make sure to be of exceptional quality if they originate from The Vault Seed Bank. You will discover a wide range of Feminized seeds, Regular seeds, and Auto-flowering seeds on The Vault Seed Bank. They have thousands of strains available in this online store.


Inside the UK, you will find bundles with the mark of royal mail and DHL express delivery. For the most part, individuals get their bundles within three working days, be that as it may, you can expect up to five working days to get your package.

You can even select express delivery if you are in a rush. You will get your seeds within two working days. Ensure your order before 12 early afternoons to allow them to send it that day. The package will be sent through DHL express delivery if the order is from inside the EU. If you live outside Europe, you may get your seeds from the royal mail international delivery.

The company provides stealth conveyances for the USA and EU nations only. However, they would send seeds as typical delivery everywhere throughout the world. Their guaranteed delivery guarantee secures all the orders in the UK. If your package gets lost in transit, at that point, they will send you another one for free.

Modes of Payment

Payment options remember a wide assortment of options for The Vault Seed Bank. You can pay with a Credit and Debit card on The Vault Seed Bank. These payments with the card are 100% safe, and the seed bank consistently keeps your security as their primary goal.

You can even compensation with a Bank transfer if you like. Look at their official payments page to know more. Other payment methods remember Pay for the telephone, Cash, UK postal order, Bitcoin, and UK check.

5 – Grizzly Seed Bank

Grizzly Seed Bank immediately positively influenced the UK with its user-accommodating site and premium strains. Their seeds originate from a portion of the world’s best breeders. The Grizzly group brings about particular requirements and a 90% ratio of germination.

They stock seeds that have been sharpened and idealized to give genetic soundness. From High Times cup champs to high-quality, moderate strains, they have made it their primary goal to have something for everybody.

In the UK, seed banks can just sell cannabis seeds as keepsakes. Grizzly Seeds must not offer seeds to individuals they accept will germinate them. Consequently, they don’t provide a germination guarantee. Still, if you aren’t content with any seeds, they will provide you with a replacement.

The impressive thing is that you will get some free seeds with each order. For small orders, you get 1 x Sour Orange Auto seed. If you spend over £150, you will get 1 x Sour Orange Auto Seed, 2 x Girl Scout Cookie, and 2 x Creme Brûlée. Orders over £25 get an additional gift of a packet of RAW moving papers.

Seed Selection

Grizzly Seed Bank won’t break any records for the number of strains they stock, but they’ve made the most of each decision. Theirs is an incredible range that speaks to probably the most different cannabis genetics accessible on the planet. They are authentic retailers for a long time, and their Cup Winner segment is a transcending heritage of the absolute best strains ever to be reproduced.

The magnificence of the Grizzly site is its effortlessness. You have bunches of options, but the seed bank has never introduced it. Your first decision is between cup victors, auto-bloom, or fems. From that point forward, you can either utilize the inquiry capacity or restricted your choice further with some very much-picked channels. It incorporates high THC, auto-flowering, CBD strains, purple strains, indoor, open-air, Indica, and Sativa.


You will get your orders in discreet, plain packaging. If you are ordering from the UK, you get free delivery for all orders over £100. UK orders are additionally qualified for super-speed delivery. If you place your order of seeds before 11 in the morning, you may get it within 24 – 48 hours.

International conveyances take between 5-15 days, and you will get a tracking code when the Grizzly group sends the order. With stealth delivery, you can have your seeds inside a DVD or a shirt.

If you aren’t content with the state of your order, you can contact Grizzly Seed Bank to mastermind an arrival. You should restore your seeds within 14 days of their appearance, and they should be unused and in their unique packing. You are answerable for the shipping expenses of any profits.

Modes of Payment

Grizzly Seed Bank acknowledges payment by credit/debit card, online bank transfer, in-branch bank transfer, Bitcoin, different digital currencies, or cash. Transactions will show up as ‘Grizzly Souvenirs’ on your bank proclamation. If you need to pay via card, you can just utilize Visa or Mastercard due to the additional safety efforts gave by ‘3D Secure Payments‘.

With more than 50 sorts acknowledged, paying by Cryptocurrency has never been simpler. The cryptocurrencies incorporate are Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

6 – Gorilla Seed Bank

Gorilla Seed Bank has grown from a little seed bank to a standout among other online marijuana seeds banks. They are professionals at pleasantly handling their clients. The seeds they sell are of high quality and packed in suitable, safe packaging. The gorilla seed bank is a new company in this products. Still, it has made its name in the marijuana segment.

The UK-based seed bank has clients purchasing high-quality cannabis seeds from everywhere throughout the world. Let us enlighten you regarding these fabulous individuals in detail in the Gorilla seed bank review underneath.

Gorilla Seeds is a notable brand for purchasing marijuana seeds. Users love them, and the confirmation is the high appraisals that clients give them. Gorilla seed bank group is dynamic on gatherings and other marijuana-related websites; they usually post and unravel individuals’ inquiries and questions. If you need a customized experience of purchasing marijuana seeds and after-deals support, at that point, you should attempt them once.

You go to their landing page and blast! You get the opportunity to see all the cannabis seeds directly on the landing page. From the menu, which diverts you to their best marijuana strains, you will find feminized strains, auto-flowering seeds, and many others. It’s effortless to follow this website and explore all the pages. We don’t perceive any confused and messy layout anywhere on the website.

Seed Selection

You can even peruse cannabis strains by their sorts, similar to High Yield, High THC, Regular Strains, CBD Strains, and so on. Gorilla seed bank group is continuously watching out for the best strains available. They test their seed to keep up top-notch quality products.

All the seeds in Gorilla seed banks come from different seed banks and seed breeders. The list includes Dutch Passion, Sweet Seeds, Big Buddha, Dinafem, and so forth. Since these seeds originate from various sorts of breeders and Seed Banks, every one of them will have different degrees of quality.

Gorilla Seeds have their own chosen seed bank from where they order seeds. Therefore, they do have an understanding of the seed quality of the seed banks. All the strains they have chosen to sell are prevalent and are of high quality.

The entire supply of Gorilla seed bank is well-curated and comprised of top seeds as it were. Gorilla Seed Bank has grown from an exceptionally little company to a standout among other online marijuana seeds banks. They are professionals at handling their clients in an extremely decent way.

Seed Quality

The seeds they sell are of high quality and packed in attractive, safe packaging. The gorilla seed bank is certainly not an exceptionally old seed bank. In any case, they have made their name in the marijuana area. The UK-based company has clients purchasing their top cannabis seeds from everywhere throughout the world. Let us inform you regarding these fabulous individuals in detail in the Gorilla seed bank review underneath.

All the seeds in the Gorilla seed bank are available to sell for collection purposes. And so, they won’t examine the germination of the seeds. By seeing all the positive reviews, we are genuinely satisfied that you won’t face any issues in growing the seeds bought from them. If you purchased seeds that don’t germinate, you can return them and get a discount.


Gorilla handles and delivers all the orders within three days. In any case, if the seeds that you ordered air not accessible, at that point, the breeders can take around one to three days to send Gorilla seeds with new seeds. But this once in a while occurs.

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If you are ordering from the UK, at that point, you will get the package in 1 day. If the goal is outside the UK, at that point, it may take as long as three weeks.

Modes of Payment

You can buy your marijuana seeds from this seed bank by making a call or writing an email. Ordering from the Gorilla seed bank is hugely protected and safe. You have various options to pay, such as credit card, debit card, and Bitcoin. You can also pay them via Bank transfer and Cash orders.

7 – Seed Madness Seed Bank

It is a UK-based seed bank that likewise has a prize-winning strain, including Haze, Blue Cheese, Pineapple Chunk, and Lemon Skunk. Anticipate gifts, limits, and the best rates, particularly for volume orders. It is a Seed Madness review that will help see whether this is the correct firm for your observing cannabis growing needs.

Seed Madness is a seed bank that conveys cannabis seeds created by well-known breeders like Big Buddha Seeds, Black Label Seeds, and AutoFem Seeds. It has over 1500 weed strains available in the store. The website is incredible assistance for users who might want to become acquainted with their items well. It has data about its guidelines for ordering, shipment, and payment.

Seed Selection

You can buy auto-flowering seeds, feminized seeds, and standard seeds. Maybe you need to see the gigantic scope of new cannabis seeds with more than 900 strains from 40 overall well-known cannabis seed banks held at Seed Madness. Perhaps you need to realize how discrete and safe we are at seed madness. You can check its FAQs, Security, and Privacy.

You have the option to look over an assortment of seeds. This company has over 1500 seed strains. You additionally have cannabis seeds from their different classes.


This company offers overall delivery and an expected delivery appearance time of only 7 to 14 days for international conveyances and 1 to 3 days for neighborhood conveyances. Rates change contingent upon your area and the kind of delivery you picked. You may call Seed Madness or send it an email if you need assistance with your orders and ask about their items.

Modes of Payment

Seed Madness acknowledges credit cards, debit cards, and checks in British pounds. Expect promotions and limits to give you great value over your buys when you purchase from this firm.

Seed Madness has an exceptional number of breeders and growers that sell quality seeds. You have different seed assortments too. It has a decent website that offers precious data. Seed Madness needs more client assistance methods for clients to contact, and this is a test if you need to catch up on your order or ask about an item. Seed Madness is a conventional seed bank to buy top-quality seeds from despite a couple of blemishes.

8 – Seed Supreme Seed Bank

Seed Supreme Seed Bank is the best online shop to go for high THC strains, auto-flowering, or feminized seeds. They have clingy buds and have practical experience, precisely in strains. Regardless of whether you are searching for THC levels, CBD substance, or specific strains, seed supreme is your website.

They are well known for their breeder determination procedure and take extraordinary consideration in creating stable strains. They likewise give streak bargains, which have high prices.

Seed supreme bank even has a clinical corner on the website with breeds, particularly for your condition. Do you have a headache, PTSD, or asthma? Seed supreme has a variety for each situation.

The client support of seed supreme seed bank has been extraordinarily great. A few users had a few issues with an order, and the company sorted it out within two days, even without the guaranteed delivery option. Since they had paid with bitcoin. We would enthusiastically suggest any individual who purchases seeds from the Seed Supreme bank, pay with Cryptocurrency to get 25% off with each order.

To have a deep understanding of Seed Banks is necessary before buying the seeds. We gave this seed bank a high rating. It’s the reason we just permit the best seed providers on our website. Seed Supreme is one of them.

Quality Service

What makes Seed Supreme such a popular option? The strategic seed supreme is extraordinary, and they guarantee the accompanying: “Purchase high-quality cannabis seeds. 100% legal, stealth shipping, and secure purchasing.” Seed Supreme offers free seeds with each order that you buy, and they turned out to be mainstream with this arrangement. Some other seed banks even duplicated this arrangement from seed supreme.

Seed supreme has some extraordinary advancement bargains but additionally a decent blog. A couple of times each month, Seed Supreme posts another blog post on their page. The data is incredible, and it is helpful for tenderfoots and experienced growers. They give tips to not destroying new buds or how to get the most CBD out of your plant.


They likewise give stealth shipping and discount things when it is an inappropriate thing, size, or quality. They do offer discounts when you can show the original packaging and give clarification on fail delivery.

Seed supreme is additionally mainstream as a result of the 25% rebate each time you pay with Bitcoin. With Kush Money, another excellent option from supreme, you can work of kush money to get a markdown on future orders. If you have enough Kush money set aside, you can even get a few seeds for free.

Once every month, seed supreme sells a piece of their stock online for a deal. You just need to enter your email and get the brochure from the seed supreme. They will refresh you with another bargain deal. Seed Supreme is a mainstream option with novices and experienced breeders that grow in and outside.


Since seed supreme is a seed bank from the United Kingdom, the quickest shipping will be inside the UK. They have an excellent option which we never found with another seed bank; guaranteed delivery. This option is fantastic because you will be sure to receive your order. When there are any issues with your shipment, the seed supreme will, at that point, send you another request immediately.

Since Seed Supreme ships internationally, they have different delivery times. For orders inside the UK, you will get your package within two to four days. Some of the time, in more extended periods, it can take somewhat more. For European orders they guarantee a delivery time of 5 to 20 business days and international orders can take as long as 35 days of delivery.

Modes of Payment

The payment options of seed supreme are not as extensive and considerable as other seed banks. It is why we needed to minimize their star rating. They genuinely need clients to pay with bitcoin, and this is additionally the most generally utilized payment option on their web store. You can anyway still compensate with cash and debit cards. Since they exceptionally advance in paying with bitcoin, they even suggest a few websites where you can pay with bitcoin.

An incredible seed bank with some extraordinary data in its blog, and advanced materials that can be gainful, particularly when purchasing in mass. The payment and shipment are underneath the standard but not terrible. We would suggest buying at seed supreme when you are a continuous bitcoin payer. You can look out for your order for probably the best price out there.

9 – London Seed Centre Seed Bank

This seed bank is one of the biggest seed banks where the individuals who need to purchase marijuana seeds can discover what they need under one rooftop. They convey the weed seeds of the most renowned breeders on the planet like Ace Seeds, G13 Labs, Sativa Seed bank, Flying Dutchmen, and over 60 different breeders.

Seed Selection

They have a large portion of the assortments of pot seeds from feminized seeds, standard seeds, Cheese, and Auto-Strains. London Seed Center reviews are numerous, and they are, for the most part, fulfilled clients and those searching for a trustworthy UK cannabis seed bank. It is because they additionally convey the absolute best pot seeds like cannabis cup victors Acapulco gold, AK47, Arjana’s Haze, and Black Widow, among others.

London Seed Center lures the buyers into purchasing from them by providing them various offers. They offer free rolling papers for each pack of Bulldog seeds. They also give five free seeds for each package of Dinafem seeds.


The seed bank provides globally, and they follow a discreet method of delivery. You can relax as you will receive your seeds in a proper package. Delivery lead-time shifts on a for every nation basis, and it could come in as short as one day to seven days in the case of international marijuana seeds shipments.

They offer an online tracking system where the client can, and the company can monitor the delivery just as who got the seeds and when.

Modes of Payment

Payment methods are not promptly accessible online, and the prospective purchaser must call the seed bank. You can settle the payment method with the support team and then fulfill your order.

10 – Skunk24 Seed Bank

The seed bank has been selling marijuana seeds since 2009. The Skunk24 sells dutch cannabis seeds. Purchasing its weed seeds, you have the guarantee that you will get new, reliable, and sound seeds of the best assortment of marijuana.

Official Website:

Customer Service

When in 2009 , they set up their shop and knew from the earliest starting point that the customer’s fulfillment is the most significant in this business. They unequivocally accept that a fulfilled customer will return to them, and his/her prosperity will make them useful. They take care to furnish you with new, reliable, and modest Cannabis seeds.

The seed bank serves to express the shipment of orders. It generally aids and adapts to all the issues with no issues. By purchasing their weed seeds, you can be confident that you will get ordered Cannabis seeds of the highest quality. If you are not satisfied, the seed bank will send you one more pack of seeds for free.

Quality Control

With skunk24, there isn’t a place for any defects. After an itemized showcase investigation in 2012, the seed bank presented a modern arrangement of the storage facility to store new products from different merchandise. In addition to the fact that they store the marijuana seeds in the ice sheets into appropriately received conditions but additionally they presented the arrangement of expiry date controls.


As per current law, the seed bank sells the seeds for the gatherer’s objectives, and it implies saving genetics to think about its endurance. The cannabis seeds are likewise the wellspring of various nutrients and supplements, which make them ideal components of a consistent eating routine. To purchase weed seeds, you must be 18 years of age, and you can’t grow them in a nation where it is taboo.

Have you at any point purchased from a legitimate shop that didn’t live up to your desires? Did you wonder why it occurred? It happened that way because nobody deals with expiry dates. The makers don’t print it on their packing, and the merchants feel that they can disregard it with no consequences.

Modes of Payment

You can pay this seed bank via Bank transfer to a UK bank account, card payment to a bank account via, or cash on delivery. However, the company prefers that you pay via On its website, it also gives an explanatory video on how to pay them effectively through TransferWise.

The seed bank is the professionals, and they love their work. They care about having just new marijuana seeds and conveying them to the customer right away. On account of such attitudes, they made such progress. The seed bank has a huge number of fulfilled customers, who return to them without fail, and their sum is more prominent with each progression.

Expert’s Opinion

We have presented the top 10 best seed banks in the UK review to assist you in choosing the best alternative. The above list consists of online stores in the UK for the best options to buy marijuana seeds in 2022 .

All things considered, we highly recommend Marijuana Seeds Netherlands (MSNL) to buy your marijuana seeds online. The web surfing experience, quality of seeds, shipment, payment, and customer service from MSNL are impeccable.

Germination is the way toward acquainting a seed with warmth, light, and humidity to start the growing procedure.

The law encompassing cannabis seeds in the UK is distinct. It is lawful to purchase and sell them, but they are unlawful to germinate.

A decent seed bank ought to give you secure transactions, quick delivery, and a scope of different advantages, for example, an extraordinary assortment of choices and free seeds.

The above list only includes online cannabis stores that are selling high-quality marijuana seeds. I

f you know any other genuine seed bank in the UK that is missing here, feel free to mention your choice in the comment box at the end of this post.