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The Best Start For Your Cannabis Outdoor Grow Season

Topping Cannabis Plants: Easily Increase Weed Yields

Thursday 3 March

Your Cannabis Horoscope

Thursday 17 February

Best Cannabis Weather

Friday 11 February

Kief Cannabis

Tuesday 8 February

Cannabis For Cramps And Muscle Spasms

Monday 7 February

The Best Start Of The Outdoor Cannabis Grow Season

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The germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in most countries. Amsterdam Genetics cannabis seeds are exclusively sold as collectable souvenirs to customers living in countries where the cultivation of cannabis is illegal. All information on this website is intended for educational purposes only and is not meant to incentivize people to engage in illegal activities.

Sensi Seeds Blog

Begun in 2013 as a collection of reports on new strains and cannabis events, it rapidly expanded into a massive archive of information. In 2019 we overhauled it completely, streamlining the categories and updating articles to be as clear and accurate as possible. We hope you enjoy it.


Recent Posts

Sensi Seeds Presents Sensi Weeds; Premium Quality CBD Flower

Have the benefits of CBD have caught your eye, but the potential psychotropic effects put you off? Sensi Weeds has you covered. Sensi Seeds is proud to introduce its latest project: Sensi Weeds, a range of non-psychotropic premium CBD flower with less than 0.2% THC.

11 Best Indica Strains

Cannabis is classified into three main sub-categories: Indica, sativa and hybrids.
Traditionally, Indica dominant hybrids are associated with a physical body high and” stoned sensation. Sativas are associated with a more cerebral high. However, some Indicas don’t make you feel sleepy, or sativas that don’t help with creativity.

11 Best Sativa Strains

Cannabis genetics are generally classified into three different types; indicas, sativas, and hybrids. In general, the term sativa is used to describe strains that provide uplifting cerebral highs. They are large slender plants, with large internodal spacing with the potential to produce some sweet and sticky buds.

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Cannabis in Russia – Laws, Use, and History

It’s illegal to possess, sell or grow cannabis in Russia. The country has the highest number of people incarcerated for drug offences in Europe (per capita), and most were imprisoned under the notorious Article 228. However, there are hints that the law may change – with the country exploring the option of importing cannabis for medical research.

Cannabis in Namibia – Laws, Use, and History

In 2006, Namibia’s government made changes to their cannabis laws. Now, prison sentences of up to 40 years are in place for offences, though in practice, these are seldom used for cannabis-related crimes. Despite the risk of imprisonment, the drug is still commonly used across the country, and trafficking along the borders is a serious issue.


The Tale of Hempstory: Amsterdam’s Hemp-Dedicated Café

Founded in 2015, Hempstory is a light, modern, welcoming café and concept store in Amsterdam’s historic heart. It showcases the most innovative hemp lifestyle items together with updated versions of traditional hemp products such as soap, textiles, and paper goods. Browse artisanal must-haves, learn more about hemp, or simply enjoy delicious teas and coffees.

Cannabis Has Been to Space More Often Than You Think

Space has fascinated humanity since we could first look upwards. It’s only natural that we would want to get up there and see what was going on. Add cannabis to this fascination, and the questions that arise are potentially endless. Let’s explore space, cannabis, and space cannabis!

Grow Reports

Banana Frosting Feminized Grow Report (Indoor)

In our detailed grow report, we bring you along as we grow Sensi Seeds’ Banana Frosting Feminized. An indica-dominant hybrid, this beauty flowers fast but stays compact. Following a simple regimen, we produce a beautiful Banana Frosting Feminized plant that offers a bountiful harvest of spectacular and delicious buds.

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N13 Kush Feminized Grow Report

N13 Kush Feminized is a compact and hardy indica that produces significant harvests. Hailing from an impressive heritage of Mr Nice G13 x Hash Plant x Nicole Kush, this 90% indica combines the best attributes of all of its parents.


Super Skunk Grow Report and Strain Story

Super Skunk is the offspring of Skunk #1 and a powerful Afghani parent. It has genetics to boast about, and has claimed its place as one of the most celebrated strains of all time. Its potency, yield, and being a sheer pleasure to grow have won it multiple awards. Sensi Seeds is proud to present Super Skunk in regular, feminized, and autoflowering seeds.

Mineral nutrition for cannabis – Macroelements


Sativex, the Pioneer of Cannabis Medicines

Sativex by GW Pharmaceuticals is the first fully approved cannabis-based medicine. It is an oral spray containing THC and CBD, used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. Today, Sativex is available in at least 25 countries, including Canada and many EU countries.

Can Cannabis Be a Substitute for Alcohol?

Cannabis is less harmful than alcohol and it is helping more and more people to quit drinking. This is supported not only by anecdotal reports, but also by interesting research results. CBD, which has become increasingly popular in recent years, seems to have a favourable effect on the treatment of alcoholism.

Legal & Politics

A World Post Legalisation — The Pros & Cons of Legal Cannabis

In the USA, we saw the simultaneous conflict between state and federal law, and the benefit of legalisation for different state economies. In the Netherlands and Spain, there was a half-hearted attitude towards legalisation. As for Uruguay? Full legalisation without proper preparation. Everybody did it a little differently — so is there a best way to do it?

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Cannabis in Russia – Laws, Use, and History

It’s illegal to possess, sell or grow cannabis in Russia. The country has the highest number of people incarcerated for drug offences in Europe (per capita), and most were imprisoned under the notorious Article 228. However, there are hints that the law may change – with the country exploring the option of importing cannabis for medical research.


Henri Michaux, Cannabis, And The Flying Carpet

The famous poet, painter, and writer Henri Michaux self-experimented with substances like mescaline and cannabis to create art and wrote about his experiences. His brilliant observations about many effects of cannabis are a treasure trove for modern psychologists and cognitive scientists who are curious to better understand the psychoactive effects of cannabis on the human mind.


For forty-five years now, Michka has witnessed with her own eyes the evolution of the cannabis world. Here, she shares with us her unique insights into the major transformations that shape it today.

Green Nexus Blog

Green Nexus sources hardy European seed cultivars for commercial growing or small-scale farming, for onward supply to end-users, or pharmacists to dispense medicinally. Never before have these unique European brands been available to users in the United States.

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