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Cannabis seeds legal in france

Buy CBD Seeds in France: Is it Legal to Germinate them?

In France, since many years and particularly since 2018 with the arrival of the market of the products to the CBD (cannabidiol), it is not rare to find as well on Internet sites (like

dinafem seeds

) as well as in physical stores, seeds of all kinds of cannabis varieties. While the legality of CBD products is becoming better understood by the general public due to the flood of information on the subject, the sale of cannabis seeds remains a mystery to many consumers and the curious. Indeed, if it seems logical that the destiny of a seed is its cultivation. The very strict prohibition in France concerning cannabis can lead to confusion as to their use after their purchase:

  • What are these hemp seeds used for?
  • Can we buy them legally?
  • Can we grow all types of marijuana seeds offered for sale (such as CBD seeds)?

All these questions seem legitimate and we will try to answer them as simply as possible.

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Designation: Cannabis vs Hemp

France is one of the most repressive countries in the European Union concerning the use of cannabis. But, paradoxically, it is the second largest producer of hemp in the world after China. It is to understand nothing…!

In fact, it is commonly referred to


as an illegal narcotic substance (rich in THC). Hemp appears to be a legal product for industrial use (low in THC and high in fiber). Indeed, in France, industrial hemp (textile, building, bedding) is well known. It is socially accepted as a legal product because it is different from recreational cannabis (drug).

In reality, they are varieties of plants of the same species: Cannabis Sativa L.

If these designations tend to simplify theoretically the understanding of the common man on this thorny subject, in practice, everything is not so obvious! Indeed, the French legislation is strict. Some legal uncertainties remain. Thus, they create gaps in the law of all or nothing:

  • Today in France, the possession, use, exploitation and sale of cannabis are punishable by law unless…
  • The purchase of weed seeds is allowed, yes but…
  • The consumption of CBD hemp products is legal if and only if…

In short, we get completely lost!

The French legislation around cannabis

In France, the law is clear about drug trafficking:

  • According to article 222-35, section 4, of the Penal Code of September 22, 2000: “The illicit production or manufacture of narcotics is punishable by twenty years of criminal imprisonment and a fine of 7,500,000 euros” (1).

It is important to remember that a substance is considered illicit if it is included in the list of narcotics of the decree of February 22, 1990 (2). Based roughly on these bylaws, it seems clear that the cultivation of cannabis appears to be completely illegal. However, on closer inspection, only THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), a psychoactive compound, is included in this list. It is this infamous cannabinoid specific to hemp that discriminates against cannabis and everything that surrounds it (consumption, sale, exploitation, possession, …).

  • THC is an illicit substance
  • the designation of hemp and cannabis as two very distinct plants is false. They are different varieties of the same species (Cannabis Sativa L.).

The French law concerning the culture of cannabis

Based on these rules, it is understood that the cultivation of cannabis is legal if and only if the cultivated variety is devoid of THC. But, a certain tolerance exists:

  • in France, a variety of cannabis is authorized if its THC concentration does not exceed 0.2%.
  • and if it is registered on the article 2 of the decree of August 22, 1990 carrying application of the article R. 5132-86 of the code of the public health for the cannabis (3).

The industrial hemp is part of the authorized varieties. That’s why its production is legal (but very controlled) in France. As for weed, its cultivation is prohibited and subject to penalties of varying severity:

  • the legal background of the farmer
  • of the quantity of cultivated plants
  • and the level of organization (amateur or professional) of the producer

In general, the number of cannabis plants is a good indicator of the type of operation being dismantled. The quantity will affect the penalty. A sentence can go from a simple reminder to the law to prison:

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At this point, we understand that the cultivation of a variety of cannabis :

  • for industrial use: is authorized if the varieties used meet the European legislation
  • for recreational use (drugs): is prohibited
  • for “therapeutic” use (CBD): is tolerated as a food supplement. Be careful, it should not be used to replace a medical treatment!

The special case of CBD seeds

CBD (cannabidiol) is, like THC, a cannabinoid specific to cannabis. However, it does not appear on the list of narcotics defined by the decree of February 22, 1990 (2). This molecule is not legally illegal. Therefore, since 2018 in France, it is found on sale in various forms (

CBD oil

seeds, flowers, liquids, balms, oil capsules …) in online CBD shops or physical stores more or less specialized. To be legal, these products must meet the same requirements as those of industrial hemp (authorized varieties and THC level lower than 0.2%). As a result, the cultivation of cannabis strains for processing into CBD products is legal. However, it must comply with very strict legislation.

CBD seeds, self or feminized

All weed consumers have already come across the sale of cannabis seeds in stores or on the internet. The brand of seeds “dinafem seeds”, for example, will inevitably speak to them!

Since hemp seeds do not contain THC, in Europe, their commercialization is considered legal. On the other hand, in France, as the production of cannabis varieties with a THC level higher than 0.2% is illegal, these seeds found on the market come from other European countries.

There are essentially 3 types of seeds:

  • feminized seeds: a feminized seed guarantees the production of a female plant.
  • auto-flowering seeds: an auto-flowering seed will be independent of the photoperiod. Its growth and flowering are predefined. These seeds are distinguished from others by their name. However, they are also feminized.
  • CBD seeds: a CBD seed will give, as its name indicates, a hemp plant very concentrated in CBD. However, its concentration in THC is weak (see almost null) contrary to the 2 types of seeds seen above. However, they are also feminized and sometimes self-feminized.

In fact, there is a 4th type of seed: regular seeds. They give randomly a male or female foot. This sexed-up lottery makes them much less popular for retail sale. They are rather reserved for researchers (for crosses) and industrial growers (for fibers).

CBD seeds legal in France

If we can’t produce these seeds in France, it’s because we can’t grow them. So what are they for?

Officially, they are sold as collector seeds. That is to say that they are not made to be exploited but to be kept as they are.

The sale of seeds of cannabis varieties with high THC content is legal in France. But exploiting them would be a reprehensible act. Indeed, in this case, one falls under the law concerning the possession and exploitation of substances listed as narcotics.

What about THC-free CBD cannabis seeds?

For the right to grow CBD cannabis seeds:

  • the seeds must come from an approved organization, such as the Cooperative Centrale des Producteurs de Semence de Chanvre (CCPSC).
  • The cultivation must be declared to the National Federation of Hemp Producers. And, in the case of a private individual, in the gendarmerie

To date, there is a diversity of seeds of legal varieties of weed (types

Haze CBD, Skunk CBD, Kush CBD

). Their quality / price ratio is very interesting. Moreover, they are distinguished by their yield, their fast growth, their short bloom, their high levels of CBD and terpenes and their residual content in THC.

Many shops like Dinafem seeds, offer a well-filled catalog of CBD cannabis seeds with a dominant sativa (cerebral high) or indica (relaxing stone) effect. It includes: Amnesia CBD, Hindu Kush CBD, Lemon Haze CBD, Banana Kush CBD, ….

What you should know about CBD seeds and their cultivation

The organoleptic qualities (taste and smell) of a CBD weed variety, the type of flowering (feminized seed or autoflowering), the tendency (indica or sativa dominance) and the price can be determining criteria of purchase. Therefore, it is important to take into account the type of culture envisaged (indoor or outdoor) as well as the announced THC content before launching out in a purchase of seeds in order to make them germinate. These characteristics are sometimes perceived as insignificant details. But, in reality, they will be necessary to optimize the yield of the CBD plant and allow you to not outlaw it.

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FAQ : CBD Seeds

Est-ce légal de faire pousser du CBD en France?

Faire pousser du chanvre CBD en France est légal si et seulement si :

  1. Les graines proviennent d’un organisme agréé, comme la Coopérative Centrale des Producteurs de Semence de Chanvre (CCPSC).
  2. La culture est déclarée auprès de la FNPC dans le cas de producteur professionnel et auprès de la gendarmerie, dans le cas d’un particulier.

Comment avoir des graines de CBD en France?

Adeptes des graines de collection? De nombreux sites internet et de boutiques physiques proposent un large choix de graines CBD en toute légalité. Seul bémol, il est interdit de faire germer ces graines!

Si vous souhaitez cultiver du CBD, vos graines devront être certifiées par un organisme agréé tel que la Coopérative Centrale des Producteurs de Semence de Chanvre (CCPSC).

Est-ce que le CBD est légal en France?

Contrairement au THC, la molécule de CBD est totalement légale en France. Afin d’être eux même légaux, les produits contenant du CBD doivent répondre à la législation française, à savoir :

  • Les variétés de chanvre autorisées sont listées par l’Arrêté du 22 août 1990. Leur caractéristique première est d’avoir un taux en THC inférieur à 0,2%.

En France, comment faire pousser du CBD chez soi?

Une fois les démarches légales faites (graines certifiées, déclaration auprès de le gendarmerie), cultiver du cannabis CBD est très facile :

  • faire germer les graines dans du coton humide à l’abri de la lumière
  • après quelques jours, mettre les germes dans des petits pots rempli de terre aérée et riche en azote. Laissez ces petits plants chez vous ou en serre. Utilisez, si besoin, une lampe de semis.
  • Une fois les risques de gelée écartés, travaillez la terre de votre jardin en l’aérant et en y ajoutant de l’engrais organique afin d’accueillir au mieux les jeunes pousses.
  • Pensez à arroser régulièrement vos plants et a ajouter des apports nutritifs en adéquation avec la phase de culture (croissance, floraison).

Le cannabis n’est pas une plante trop capricieuse, sa culture est donc plutôt facile.

Quels sont les effets du CBD?

Le cannabidiol (CBD) est particulièrement connu pour ses effets relaxants menant au bien être.

La détente que procure le CBD est essentiellement due à son effet :

  • analgésique
  • anxiolytique
  • anti-nauséeux
  • anti-inflammatoire

Est-ce que le CBD est dangereux?

Le CBD ne possède peu ou pas d’effets secondaires. Il n’appartient pas à la liste des substances stupéfiantes toxiques. Cependant, dans de rares cas, des effets temporaires bénins peuvent apparaître après une consommation de CBD. Parmi ceux là, on note le plus souvent une sécheresse buccale, des troubles digestifs et une somnolence.

Afin d’éviter des risques inutiles dus à la détente que le CBD confère et en cas de doutes, il est alors déconseillé de consommer du CBD avant de conduire.

5 countries where marijuana seeds are legal.

Are marijuana seeds legal? In some countries they are, but with special regulations.

Where can you buy cannabis seeds? In any specific retail shops and even online on! Marijuana seeds are legal in the U.K. and almost all of Europe (except Germany). Therefore, there is no risk in buying seeds on the Internet, of course, if the shop is genuine and offers seeds produced by an authorized seed bank.




For example, in our online cannabis seed online site, you can find auto-flowering (also fast flowering) hemp seeds and legal feminized seeds, produced by one of the best seed banks in the world, BSF seeds

Although the sale of cannabis seeds is legal in our country and several other states, there are some information you should know about. These are essential in order to not commit a crime. Continue to read this article to find out the 5 countries where cannabis seeds are legal and under what particular conditions.

1) Italy and cannabis seeds: legal: yes, but …

In Italy, the purchase and sale of cannabis seeds are legal, as they are THC-free products. As a result, they comply with the consolidated drug regulation law (presidential decree of 9 October 1990 n. 309) and do not violate Italian drug regulations.

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Although hemp seeds are not a drug, if germinated, they lead to the growth of a plant that could produce THC-rich and therefore illegal flowers in the country.

Therefore, they are prohibited from sprouting indoors and outdoors and in greenhouses. These are seeds to collect, and using them to start growing cannabis is illegal. If you grow marijuana in Italy, you make a criminal offence – so you risk jail and a very high financial penalty. And even if you produce minimal quantities for personal use only, you would commit an administrative offence.

Therefore, you should pay a fine, and the judge may charge you for participating in a drug program in your area.

2) Spain and legal cannabis seeds.

In Spain, it is possible to sell and buy marijuana seeds.

Given the most permissive approach of this country, those who live in Spain can also plant seeds to start small crops for personal and private use, but it is necessary to be able to prove it to avoid problems with the law.

Of course, to demonstrate that this is not cultivation for drug trafficking purposes, it is strongly advised to limit yourself to small quantities, so very few seedlings.

After all, a person should not need more than one marijuana plant.

3) France and cannabis seeds: a situation similar to the one in Italy.

As for cannabis, France takes almost the same restrictive measures as Italy. As a result, those who live in France can sell (subject to authorization) collectable marijuana seeds, but those who buy these products cannot plant and germinate them.

Growing hemp seeds, and other cannabis-related actions – such as smoking it – are considered crimes. As a result, they result in imprisonment and fines.

4) The United Kingdom and the sale of cannabis seeds.

Even in the U.K., it is possible to sell and buy cannabis seeds, but also, in this case, the use is exclusively for the collection.

If you are in the U.K., you can buy these products (also from other countries like France), but you can’t germinate them. It is also essential to purchase collectable seeds only in authorized stores, physical or online, to avoid problems with the authorities if they carry out checks.

Now let’s move on to the country that you are probably the most curious …

5) Selling cannabis seeds in the Netherlands.

In Holland, you can legally buy cannabis seeds, but – contrary to what you might think – sprouting them is a crime. However, the authorities tend to apply a policy of tolerance for small crops for personal use, as is the case with smoking marijuana (also tolerated, but illegal).

Wondering if you can bring seeds from Amsterdam?

Well, we strongly advise you not to do so because you can arouse suspicion at the airport. Why on earth bring seeds from Amsterdam if you can buy them and have them delivered to your home in the U.K.?

Cannabis use: Is it possible to buy cannabis seeds in various countries?

The sale of cannabis seeds (and the consumption of the weed) is prohibited at federal level, but each country follows its specific legislation. In some U.S. states, it is also possible to use cannabis for recreational purposes, but in other federal states, it is still a crime.

The situation is also very confusing for cannabis seeds, so if you live in the United States, we advise you to thoroughly inquire about the laws of your state before you even buy the seeds.

In conclusion

Currently, the sale of cannabis seeds is allowed throughout Europe, except for Germany. Among all European states, however, it is possible to grow them only in Spain (only in the private sector and for strictly personal use, with a very modest culture).

In other countries, these seeds can only be purchased for collectors. Therefore, they cannot be germinated, as they could develop plants with abundant flowers in THC.

Can’t wait to buy your self-flowering and/or feminized cannabis seeds? Take a look at our collection seed offering on, and you’ll find that you’ll be fascinated to see such cannabis seeds online!