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Cannabis seeds store co uk review

Cannabis Seeds Store UK review (

First of all, by striking out twice in a row with Good Supply and Seedworld USA, we are happy to report that Cannabis Seeds Store UK has the seeds you want. In fact, they carry hundreds of the best weed strain of all time.

While their website is not as easy to navigate as Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, it’s still jams packed with information.

Let’s start with shipping. Most definitely Cannabis Seeds Store UK ships to the USA, along with most countries, and shipping is fast. While Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds says to expect 31 days for your shipment, Cannabis Seeds Store UK expects your shipment to arrive within 10 days.

Next, is payment. Cannabis Seed Companies accepts payment from all major credit card companies along with payments via wire transfer, bit coin, and cash.

(Again, we caution against cash payments to any company, it’s just too risky.)

Like all worthy companies that accept payments via credit card, Cannabis Seeds Store UK uses the latest SSL encryption data to keep all of your order and credit card information free from the eyes of hackers on the internet.

One thing that distinguishes Cannabis Seeds Store UK from other seed banks is within their FAQ’s. Going by the unofficial name, “The Vault,” here are the reasons they give as to why you should consider buying through them:

  • 1. They offer free seeds with every order, something you won’t see every day.It seems that some seedbanks are very stingy about their seeds.
  • 2. They consider themselves fanatical about their customer service
  • 3. They offer guaranteed shipment of your seeds.If they fail to appear, they will send another package out promptly.
  • 4. Prices compared to other UK seedbanksThe Cannabis Seeds Store UK guarantees to have the best prices in the UK with the exception of discount items or special offers. If you find a better deal elsewhere in the UK, they will refund the difference to you and send you some White Widow seeds for free to make it up to you.
  • 5. No hidden chargesThere are no hidden charges, including shipping with Cannabis Seeds Store UK. What you see listed on the site is what you pay.
  • 6. USA customers qualify for the Cannabis Seeds Store UK GuaranteeIf you elect to choose stealth packaging in your checkout, when the package is sent by Royal Mail, whether it is lost by them, your local postal service, or even in the rare event that it is confiscated by customs, they will ship another package to you.

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The Vault Seed Bank Review 2022

This is one of the most trusted online marijuana seed banks in the world. It is evident by the Trustpilot reviews that people just love the vault cannabis seed store seed bank.

It is also known as cannabis seeds store UK. The vault cannabis seed store based in the united kingdom.

More than 1300 people gave this best online seed bank a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 stars .


History & Experience

This best seed bank in Europe is one of the best places to buy high-quality marijuana seeds.

The vault cannabis seed store seed bank started its journey in the year 2012. Since then, they have been on a spree of growth and gaining loyal cannabis fans.

The vault cannabis seed store seed bank was founded by George and Jack . Both of these geniuses made the company a household name amongst marijuana lovers.

The customer experience of this seed bank is really good, and you can check reviews on Facebook, roll it up, or Grasscity . Everyone who got their weed seeds from them is very happy with the way they handle their customers.

The vault cannabis seed store seed bank is also at the forefront of the cannabis legalization fight . They do a lot of pro-cannabis activism.

Seed bank Stats

We love how they have made their website. It’s easy to use and navigate . They have links to Top regular seeds, Top medical seeds, Top THC seeds, Top Autoflowering seeds, and Top feminized seeds right on the homepage.


They have thousands of marijuana strains available in their store. All of these strains are sourced from some of the best breeders in the world.

You can find a lot of cannabis cup-winner strains in their shop.

They even have extreme THC strains along with high CBD-loaded strains as well. Even if you are searching for some of the rarest strains in the world, we are sure you will find it here.

You can buy marijuana-related merchandise in their shop as well.

There are more than 100 breeders connected with the vault cannabis seed store; all of them are selected after checking them and their seeds for high quality.

In their shop, you will see excellent breeders like Barney’s farm, Phoenix cannabis seeds, Sensei seeds, 420 Fast buds, and Sweet seeds.

Some of their most selling cannabis strains are Girl scout cookies, White Widow X Big bud, CBD critical mass, UK Cheese, Blueberry, and Strong puff cannabis strains.

Germination Success

As marijuana seeds germination is not legal in the UK, they will not offer germination information at all.


They have free guaranteed delivery!

Depending upon the place of delivery, they will choose the best shipping option for you. They even give out a free package guarantee within the UK . So, if your package gets lost by the mail guys, then you will get a new package for free.

If you are ordering from outside the UK, then you will get free guaranteed delivery if you choose the stealth option.


The people at the vault cannabis seed store seed bank are hell-bent on customer privacy . They send out their seeds as discreetly as possible.

Security of the seeds and privacy of the buyer are two important pillars of their online marijuana seed bank business.

The method with which they pack all of their marijuana seeds keeps changing to keep things stealthy.

The maximum time for delivery is 35 days for international parcels. Orders with the UK will take between 2 to 5 days.

Payment options

They have a wide variety of options when it comes to payment. None of the options they provide will use marijuana-related information in transactions.

The vault cannabis seed store seed bank accepts all types of credit cards and debit cards for payment. You can even pay them with a bank transfer if you like.

They also accept all major currencies via money order or just cash envelope . We would recommend everyone to use Bitcoin to pay seed bank as it is the safest and most anonymous way to pay for marijuana.

Discounts and Promotions

The reason people love the vault cannabis seed store seed bank is that they offer free cannabis seeds with each and every order. These free seeds are not some throw-away seeds; instead, they are premium quality marijuana seeds.

Customer Support

The vault cannabis seeds store seed bank have their offices in both Scotland and Spain . You can contact them on their email or their phone numbers for the UK and the USA . Alternatively, they even have a support forum on their website, which can be used to contact them.

They are very famous for their exceptional customer support services. They take care of the customers very well, even after selling the seeds.

Make sure you don’t mention germination or seeds or growing cannabis, then they will not be able to help you out.

The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store Seedbank Review

On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 116 user reviews.

SeedFinder Info

The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store is listed as “green” at the SeedFinder. This means we absolutely can recommend this seedbank.

User Reviews

PoTato No info, March 2022

Prices you see don’t include VAT.

guest United Kingdom, February 2022

I am absolutely blown away by the customer service of The vault!

Had a lovely email about my order which didn’t need to be sent (and wouldn’t of been by others) explaining that they had to change my order ever so slightly, i mean slightly. They apologised and sent me a couple freebies for my trouble, 100% the best customer service out there

Delivery was fast considering it came from Spain. It was also really well packaged.

The website has an excellent selection of everything you could possibly need at a very reasonable price.

I’ll definitely be sticking with The Vault ❤️❤️

guest United Kingdom, October 2021

DO NOT USE THIS SEEDBANK , they use every excuse available and customer service is trash, ive been waiting 14 days and no order ,they blame brexit and the corona for delays keep hold of ya money and I won’t get a refund for at least 4 weeks that are jokers

guest New Zealand, September 2020

The Vault is in a league of its own.
I purchased via three different seed banks when covid locked down NZ in March ’20, first one to arrive – the Vault. Reorder in September and in less than 10 days of ordering the package is stealthy delivered. Not only provide the best range, with the best prices and the best specials but have the best stealth packing system. awesome team, legends!

guest United States, September 2020

Numerous orders over several years. Absolutely zero problems. Great selection, price, promotions, discreet/reliable shipping. There are no customer service personnel better than The Vault.

guest United States, August 2020

I love The Vault! They have always sent what I ordered & it was always a great delivery time! The seeds I have gotten have always been great genetics and The seeds have always been labeled correctly for strains/breeders! Overall I have always been happy with my results!

guest United Kingdom, August 2020

Everything fine except the most important part-seeds. Out of 9 seeds only 1 germinated.Im not new in this business so be careful what company You chose.

guest No info, April 2020

There was a problem using credit cards on their end but they worked it out and sent me extra freebies for my time. very impressed. have ordered a second time because of that.

guest United Kingdom, January 2020

Had issue with royal mail,
Long story short the guys after contacting them were excellent and professionally

Im now a customer for life

guest No info, October 2019

Great service with quick delivery

guest United Kingdom, October 2019

Excellent service and viable seeds quick delivery

guest United States, October 2019

great people my favorite seed bank

guest Australia, September 2019

Very satisfied,seeds come in original breeder packs so you can have 100% good quality seeds..highly recommended

guest United Kingdom, June 2019

Amazing fast service, would recommend to everyone and will definitely be buying from these guys again.

guest United Kingdom, June 2019

Great company! Very fast! Awesome customer service! Will order again! This is one of the companies that actually return emails. Also, they had a very good memorial day sale and I was given multiple free seeds with my order and not just any free seeds either, they were really good strains from really good breeders. The Vault is my new go to #1 seed bank

guest Australia, May 2019

Absolutely would reccomend the vault. They?re 100% legit and ship fast, my order swept through customs with ease and came discretely packaged. They have a good range and sweet prices, the freebies are a nice touch. Customer service is stellar. You get exactly what you order with this seedbank and I wouldn?t reccomend anyone else.

guest Australia, May 2019

Contacted customer service with some questions, told I was in good hands and less than 2 weeks had my seeds.Further day and looking at sprouting seeds, very happy and will continue to shop there.

guest Canada, April 2019

Best seeds store Ive tried so far they have by far the biggest selection from amazing breeders Ive ever seen. They got the cheapest prices around and customer services is lovely and quick to answer. International shipping is fast and free if your orders is over 100£ ! Always receive my orders in Canada in 10 days or less.

guest Canada, April 2019

Everything arrived in just a couple weeks. I?ll use this seed bank again

guest United States, January 2019

The Vault Seeds will always be STIGGYs Choice
Excellent service and speed of delivering
and Great friendly service.

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