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Cbd blueberry 1 16 cannabis seeds


The CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 Fem strain seeds are a great option for someone who wants to experience a slough of medicinal benefits without worrying about being knocked off course with the psychoactive edge. These marijuana seeds are indica heavy, sitting at 80% with only 20% sativa. What makes this strain particularly special is its exceptionally high CBD levels. With CBD sitting around 16% and THC at less than 1%, this strain is known for the profound therapeutic effects that can be experienced without the spacey and couch locking qualities of THC. You can use this strain for relief from medical ailments at any time of day without it impacting your ability to function through your regular routine.


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CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 Feminized Cannabis Seeds | CBD Blueberry Strain

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CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Imagine the full flavor of blueberry without the tart. Introducing CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 Feminized Cannabis Seeds, a feminized weed that provides an earthy taste with just enough musky notes to create a calm and tranquil experience. Enjoy this strain on its own, or add it to some evening tea for an added relaxation boost.

It has a very berry and sweet taste that makes for a perfect balance against the earthiness that is also apparent when smoking this plant. I enjoy how it isn’t too acidic and instead offers an overall pleasurable smoking experience with every toke.

Even the aroma of CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 Feminized strain makes for a great smoking experience. It has such an earthy and musky scent that you can’t help but want to light up right away. I think this is one of the reasons why it’s so popular because it starts with such a pleasant taste and then follows up with one of the best aromas you can find in a cannabis strain.

Since CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 Feminized Cannabis Seeds is so popular, you’re probably wondering if it has the same CBD level as other Blueberry strains. I can happily say that it does with 16% of both CBD and THC, making for an overall balanced plant when it comes to psychoactive effects. Also, with 1% THC, you won’t have to worry nearly so much about getting super high while smoking this plant. However, it’s still important to be careful since you never know how your body will react.

It is one of those strains that newbie stoners will have a field day with. When you smoke it, your mind will manage to connect with reality more straightforwardly.

Your medicine offers near-instant relief. In just a few puffs, you will feel the smoke running throughout your entire body. It is not a couch-lock.

Effects of CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 Strain

If arthritis is an issue that you have been having problems with, this cannabis strain might be something to look into. Its high CBD content ensures a common psychoactive effect, and the sedative properties provide a deep sleep so you can wake up feeling fresh in the morning. This weed also helps relieve pain from arthritis, inflammation, and aches, which will help assist with daily life.

This weed brings the best out of you. After smoking this strain, you’ll feel like you can take on the world and anything that stands in your way. This might be a good time to have a challenging conversation, meditate, work out, or do any other activity that requires focus.

CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 Feminized Cannabis Seeds may help if you have been dealing with Insomnia. Its high CBD content ensures that there aren’t too many psychoactive effects and the sedative properties of this strain help lull you into a deep slumber to get a good night’s rest.

This is a definite go-to for when you are feeling under the weather. Whether it’s because of poor diet, stress, or even headaches causing your discomfort, this bud can help. It has such relaxing effects that are physical, making it perfect for cramps, aches, and overall body relaxation.

CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 Feminized Cannabis Seeds have an incredibly high CBD content, which will help with all kinds of pain. Whether you’re experiencing lower back pain, migraines, or cramps, this weed can come in handy. It’ll ease the pain and allow for greater relaxation so you can take a load off your mind.

How Does CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 Strain Grow?

CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 Feminized Cannabis Seeds is a weed that comes with challenges and difficulties, but I believe it’s still an easy bud to grow. It has a short flowering stage of just eight weeks which means you’ll get buds faster than other plants. Of course, it is prone to mildew and mold, making it even more essential to ensure the proper growing environment.

You can expect a slightly taller plant with many branching side buds if grown outdoors, making CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 Feminized Cannabis Seeds perfect for more extensive outdoor cultivations. For indoor growers, the strain’s 35-43 inches is good at hiding itself in narrow spaces, making it ideal for guerrilla-style growing.

This is a hearty plant which makes it perfect for regions that have both warm and cold temperatures. Even in colder climates where the temperature dips low, this bud will handle the conditions if the soil has enough nutrients to keep it alive.

Yield is pretty good for how short flowering times this bud has. 16 oz of yield per square meter indoors isn’t too shabby.

16 oz/plant outdoor Yield: If you’re looking for a plant to get you through the colder months, this is it! You can expect a good 16 oz per plant yield when grown outdoors.

History of CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 Strain

CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 Feminized Cannabis Seeds are a cross of Afghani Indica, Purple Thai Sativa, and Thai Sativa. Yeah, this strain is a pretty unique one that incorporates the best of Indica and Sativa genetics. It was created by crossing Afghani Indica, Thai Sativa, and Purple Thai Sativa to create this fantastic flower.

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22 reviews for CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 Feminized Cannabis Seeds | CBD Blueberry Strain

Laurel S – October 28, 2021

CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 is a righteous strain of marijuana….it helps with headaches and minor aches and pains and never really gets you blazed. It’s good for just chilling out and having a good time, but it’s so helpful for sleep as well.

Maria Louise – October 29, 2021

Yummm CBD Blueberry is such a treat….I am totally in love with this strain and how it feels coursing through my veins, I am seriously excited for the next chapter in my weed growing life, all the excitement of this weed with all the thrills of growing it right here at home. It’s liberating and it’s good money too. I save alot of money shopping with this site, have always had good results with this company.

Zoe Tapia – November 3, 2021

CBD Blueberry is my new fave, it’s all about chilling out and smoking dope all day long, don’t let the feds tell you otherwise. I am pretty excited to have this stuff on my grow list this year. I love managing plants, they all looks and smell amazing, plus they do great things for my stress levels, and even my depression. You really can’t beat that blueberry flavor.

Joaquin Ramirez – November 9, 2021

CBD Blueberry is a WOW strain cause it’ll make you say WOW to your friends, family, pets, and even just random people on the street, cause they are just amazing, strangers! Gotta smoke weed every day, I have to endure a lot of stress for it, but that’s just life right? Used to buy down the road but they closed, gotta take matters into my own hands, make things better for myself, you know? I am very undeserving of this honor, so I just say thank you to the Greek God Zeus.

Murphy Nae – November 11, 2021

I used to work the smoothie stand at the mall and I’d go outside and smoke a lot of weed at break then come back and drink the blueberry smoothie and the two went together really well. Gotta say, this CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 stuff is pretty good, and reminds me a lot of my early 20s. I have been very fortunate to grow this weed at home and have had great results, will never buy weed from the dispensary again!

Karl Ergil – November 16, 2021

This CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 is one interesting weed! I loved the growing process, waaaaay better indoors in my opinion, because when you have control over your environment, you have an advantage! Excellent stuff, very spicy and earthy tasting, gives me a great mild buzz, never overpowering, and has been wonderful for my aches and pains! A good buy for anyone suffering from daily pain!

Charlene Dawson – November 24, 2021


Izard Brain – November 30, 2021

Take a step back from your day to day and just chill with the CBD Blueberry 1 to 16. I am serious, the times are extremely stressful, coronavirus, the election, you name it. Things are looking ROUGH. We all need a little something to love in our lives and this weed is a good candidate. It’s not terribly difficult to grow and it produces some very hearty nugs. Excellent for a late-night smoke when you are ready to kick up your feet and chill!

Graham Daowel – December 3, 2021

CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 is a very exciting strain to have in your life…it invigorates the senses…helps with stress and depression and gives you a nice burst of energy. I smoke it for creative thoughts and for playing music…It always makes me happy and I am very stoked to smoke it all. I share it with my buddies too though, and we sometimes will just jam or have ourselves a good laugh. Definitely recommend!

Arie Lord – December 7, 2021

The CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 strain is kinda crazy…it’s sooo nice to smoke it in the morning cause it just gives you so much energy. I am a HUGE fan of this vibe, gives me all kinds of good tingly sensations in the body, and it helps me be positive all day. I mean, growing it was a challenge, but it was a good challenge cause I tended to get really good at it. Feel very accomplished now!

Corey Donson – December 10, 2021

This CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 was not my first choice actually…but I ended up getting lucky in the end. CBD weed is definitely a solid buy, has all the vibes that you want, and none of them that you don’t need. Plus it tastes and smells like blueberries, which definitely adds to the experience. Ordering online was a nice little convenience. Have all the growing supplies I need right here at home, and I plan to increase my operation next year!!

Timberlanie Dallas – December 14, 2021

It’s always a good time when you roll a joint with CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 weed. This stuff is smooth as silk and makes for a great addition to your daily gardening routine. I ordered my seeds online and got them delivered so fast I could barely blink! Lovely time growing this weed, it’s fast and easy to manage, nice to prune, and makes a great well-shaped flower at the end of its life. Great for smoking in the backyard and watching the sunset!

Kale Williams – December 17, 2021

Fire up that CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 and get ready to blaze…I love this weed, it’s so powerful and indicative of my inner lioness! I smoke this and go for long runs or bike rides and usually go deep into the woods or the desert if I can! I love the smell and taste of mj, but this one takes the cake, it’s suuuper strong, makes for a great aromatherapy session lol. This site has a great online selection and they always come through with fast delivery!

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Connie Ber – December 23, 2021

It’s true, the buds on this plant really are HUGE and dense. I loved growing this weed, it was my very first time! Germinated my CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 seeds using the paper towel method found on THIS SITE. Got 3 very tall and beautiful plants, and the smell is very earthy and piney. I love smoking this weed in the evening to help me with aches and pains but doesn’t get me super zonked! Happy as a clam!

Candice Charleton – December 29, 2021

I worked in the farming industry for a little while so I have some experience growing marijuana. I thought it would be fun to grow my own and CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 has long been my favorite strain. This site had a pretty amazing online system, great shipping and useful customer service help. I smoke it pretty often, get stoned and buy more of this weed. I love the growing process too. To me, it’s nice and relaxing

Esmer Tyson – January 6, 2022

There were green cracks in the sidewalk so I decided to buy some CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 weed cause I thought it was funny. Definitely a good buy, very quick growing time, maybe 4 or 5 months I lost track, but a pretty nice purchase, especially for the price. Definitely enjoying this stuff too, gets me really high and helps with stress, and now I have a huge appetite!

Matthew Heather – January 6, 2022

I honestly like smoking this CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 weed instead of having coffee in the afternoon. It has a nice sativa buzz that gives me a new lease on life and actually helps me stay productive at work, which is pretty great cause things tend to slow down after I eat Chipotle for lunch LOL! Well worth the delicious smell and taste, and I really enjoy the relaxing vibes, it’s just nice that it keeps me awake without the crash of coffee!!

Sahra Torruy – January 15, 2022

Gotta lick my fingers after harvesting CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 , got that sweet skunk smell and a taste that dips into the back of your throat like a hit of acid or ecstasy. Take the bitterness for the pain and drown it in the garden soils, like the worms who digest its filth and grow back to create something more….online ordering is the way of the future, fast delivery and easy grow, a nice change of pace from the mundane.

Graham Barnes – January 18, 2022

Gotta love sour weed! It really wakens up the senses and gives off a great smell. You can walk into your home and breathe in and say “Where’s the CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 weed at?” Such an easy strain, wicked fast grow, great yield and BIG nugs. Nice and fluffy and sticky. It’s truly magic to have your own mj around the house. I smoke before dinner, gives me the munchies and gets me feeling creative in the kitchen. Then it’s time to rip a bong and chill on the couch!

Liam Deaton – February 2, 2022

I had to write a review of the CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 before I keep on smoking it cause this stuff is truly amazing, I smoke it all day long and I get baked as hell. I am sooooo inexperienced at growing that my gf had to help me lol but whatever now we smoke with our cat and that’s totally fine. We are happy and I feel just grand!

Northan Jane – February 10, 2022

CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 is a very soothing strain of mj, perfect for relaxing at home or going on a walk with my dog. Easy to grow, but the time to flower is a bit longer than expected. The yield makes up for it however and the weed is super high quality. A nice creamy smoke, easy to take big rips and feel amazing. This weed has helped me chill out considerably!

Nick Carter – March 23, 2022

If you want some blueberry in your life, but the pie just isn’t cutting it, then go for the CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 for a nice buzz that keeps you feeling relaxed and happy. I love the taste and smell of this weed, it’s definitely a winner in my book, especially cause I looooove indica weeds! It’s a treat to have this around the house

CBD Blueberry (1:16) (CBD: 16% THC: <1%)

Description:Blueberry has been a firm favorite among weed smokers since its creation in the seventies. With its delicious fruity berry flavor, beautifully colored flowers, and potent effects, it’s no surprise Blueberry is a Cannabis Cup winner.CBD co. Read More

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CBD Blueberry (1:16) (CBD: 16% THC:

STRAIN PROFILE CBD Blueberry (1:16) (CBD: 16% THC:

Other Recommended Strains

Blueberry has been a firm favorite among weed smokers since its creation in the seventies. With its delicious fruity berry flavor, beautifully colored flowers, and potent effects, it’s no surprise Blueberry is a Cannabis Cup winner.

CBD connoisseurs were unable to experience the delights of Blueberry owing to its powerful psychoactive effects. By crossing Blueberry with Afghan CBD and OG Kush CBD, breeders created this special variant. With minimal THC levels and packed with 16% CBD, it retains the delights of Blueberry without the overwhelming high.

CBD Blueberry seeds are easy to grow, producing tough, resilient plants. While not the tallest, CBD Blueberry’s beauty surely compensates for its 3.5-foot height. As the plants flower, they display remarkable coloration. Deep blues, purple and indigo blend with emerald greens. Flowers become encrusted with a layer of sparkling trichomes and amber pistils as harvest approaches. The accompanying aroma of sweet berries and fruit makes for a sensory overload.

If you like the sound of this CBD-heavy take on a legend, stick around. We’ve got everything you need to start your growing adventure here at United Strains of America.

Growing CBD Blueberry

Grow our CBD Blueberry seeds indoors or out in any medium. Beginners are welcome here as the plants require little to no specialist care. Outside of basic light, nutrients, and temperature management, these plants appreciate regular pruning to prevent mold.

CBD Blueberry does well outside, even in colder climates. In fact, temperature changes prompt the plant to develop its famous coloring. With the right outdoor conditions, CBD Blueberry produces generous harvests of up to 14oz. from every plant. Gardeners in cooler climates should harvest by mid-October for marginally smaller but still impressive yields.

Indoor growers can also harvest respectable yields with some care and attention. Keep your growing environment between 70–78°F and monitor humidity once flowering begins. Maintain RH levels between 40–50% before dropping to 30 or 40% for the last two weeks. Under optimal conditions, indoor gardens produce around 14oz. per m² after eight or nine weeks of flowering.

Experienced growers can boost productivity by employing a Sea of Green setup to maximize light coverage. Plants grown in soil see their terpene and flavor profiles enhanced with organic nutrients such as guano or worm castings.

Fragrance and Flavor

Now everyone can enjoy this therapeutic twist on a legendary weed strain for its fragrance and flavor. The cured buds emit a rich aroma of sweet, ripe blueberries. The fruity sweetness carries over into the taste, where it’s joined by subtle notes of aromatic woods like sandalwood and pine.


While CBD-focused strains are usually considered medicinal, there’s no reason recreational users can’t enjoy CBD Blueberry. This therapeutic cultivar boasts a range of effects without the couch-locking high of the original. Subtle lifts in mood alongside a boost in focus and clarity make this a delicious way to achieve flow-state.

CBD Blueberry also possesses gently calming physical effects without sapping you of your energy. You can safely experience CBD Blueberry’s effects without sacrificing your mobility, leading to a strain that’s perfect any time of day.

CBD Blueberry has a THC:CBD ratio of 16:1, basically inverting the properties of the original Blueberry. The trace amounts of THC here won’t get you high. However, CBD Blueberry’s high CBD levels open the doors to a range of therapeutic applications too varied to mention. Amongst the beneficial effects are relief from chronic pain, anxiety, appetite loss, and insomnia.

As a result of its negligible THC levels, side effects after consuming CBD Blueberry are minimal. Gone is the restrictive body-high and overbearing sleepiness of the original strain. The only side effects of CBD Blueberry are mildly increased appetite and a slight sedative quality which aids, rather than demands, deep sleep.

CBD Blueberry Seeds

Medicinal users, flavor connoisseurs, or just recreational users who need to stay focused find something to like with CBD Blueberry. Its delicious sweet fruity taste and aroma matched with its mellowing effects create a calming weed that doesn’t impede.

Our CBD Blueberry seeds are carefully selected to produce vigorous, bushy plants that are easy to grow and require little special attention. Their below average flowering time of nine weeks means you won’t have to wait long for harvest time. Add their generous yield of restorative weed, and you’ve got a strain that’s not to be missed.

Ready to plant your own CBD Blueberry seeds? Buy them here at United Strains of America and get on the road to some incredibly tasty relief. We offer secure and discreet shipping, impeccable customer service, and the highest quality cannabis seeds from around the globe.