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Cherry pie kush seeds

Cherry Pie Seeds – Feminized

Cherry Pie Seeds, an Indica-dominant hybrid, will grow into plants that will yield marijuana that is famous for their cerebral impacts, combined with a high that makes it phenomenal for these seeds. One puff and your mouth will be watering from the aroma of newly heated cherry pie. You can consume this strain at any time of the day. You will always get a perfect delight irrespective of the time of smoking this strain. Cherry Pie Marijuana Seeds is a go-to for individuals who love potency and aroma.


Indoor 1.5 oz/ft2 (450 g/m2)

Outdoor 14 oz (400 gr) per plant


Indoor 56 – 63 days

Outdoor Late September – October


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The Genotype of Cherry Pie Seeds

We don’t have authentic evidence about the origin of this strain, so far we only know that the Cherry Pie strain is Indica dominant, with approximately 40% Sativa origin. These hybrid Cherry Pie Strain Seeds are the consequence of crossing Durban Poison x Granddaddy Purple that will grow into plants having thick purple buds canvassed in orange hairs.

The Phenotype of Cherry Pie Seeds

Appearance-wise, this Indica dominant strain with a high THC value will grow into plants that will have broad leaves of light green color. The buds which will be streaked with orange and purple tones will be making a beautiful combination for sure. The aroma and taste of this strain are Skunky with a smooth, sweet cherry.

Wonders of Cherry Pie Seeds

Growing this strain isn’t hard either. The Cherry Pie Cannabis Seeds are simple to grow. That has become even easier after the seeds have been feminized. Cherry pie plants have thick buds with an energizing mix of orange and purple. For quite a long time, this strain with potent buds was clone-only and extremely hard to gain, however now, we have developed feminized seeds that will make your life easy if you choose to grow Cherry Pie Strain.

THC Value

THC value of the plants that grow with Cherry Pie strain seeds ranges between 16-18%. You will learn over time that if all the circumstances & conditions are favorable for the plant, you can get as high as 23% THC value, and that can drop to 13% if the plants are prone to stress during the growth period. Cherry Pie strain has Low CBD values, less than 2%.

Effects of Cherry Pie

This strain is known for arousing cheerful sentiments of delight due to its high value of THC & low CBD. The use of this strain will inspire you while additionally reassuring your imagination. You’ll encounter a delicate explosion of energy that will make you fall in love with Cherry Pie strain even during the most amicable social events and circumstances.

Despite their Indica dominance, marijuana with high THC value & low CBD value that you will get by growing Cherry Pie Strain Seeds will have shockingly cerebral effects. Your brain will begin a chain response of relaxation that will leave you in a complete state of euphoria. The individuals who cherish the Cherry Pie strain get themselves forgetting their every problem of life and completely loosening up. The balanced high you will get by this strain is good enough for you to work for the day.

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Like most marijuana strains, Cherry Pie can be the culprit behind dry mouth & eyes. It might likewise make you non-oriented, importantly, if you are not used to the use of strains with high THC value. Those inclined to nervousness may experience some difficulty with this strain, as its strong cerebral impact can cause migraines, headaches, or other psyche changed conditions. If you experience any of these symptoms, we advise you to start with low doses of this strain.

At long last, Cherry Pie is incredible for the stomach. Cherry Pie strain will increase your metabolic rate and you will enjoy every food you eat. With this hybrid, you can sit back, crunch on some sound bites, and float off into a helpful snooze. You will have to consume a lot of water after that.

Growing Cherry Pie Seeds

The plants that grow from Cherry Pie Seeds will require heaps of sunshine and warmth in a low-humidity climate, particularly during the flowering time frame. Cherry Pie Seeds will grow into Plants that will remain short to medium and only gain some height when the flowering period begins.

The plants will start their flowering phase when they get less light every day, for instance, when you reduce the lights in the indoor settings. Their indoor height will remain 30 – 50 inches (80 – 120 cm). If you aim to grow them in an outdoor environment, then your plants will get a little more height of approximately 40 – 60 inches (100 – 150 cm).

You don’t need to worry much about the nutritional requirements for plants that you grow from Cherry Pie Seeds if you pick natural fertilizers. After using natural fertilizers, you need to observe how your plants are responding to them and then adjust as required.

Taste & Aroma of Cherry Pie

With an aroma that smells a lot like a newly prepared cherry pie strain, you’ll love the prepared fragrance that occupies the room. Some of you may appreciate it as smelling like cherries, while some may describe it more like blueberries. Flavour-wise, the impact of this strain is both tart and wonderful. It tastes like smoked cherries & there is additionally a trace of flavored grittiness. In contrast to the aroma, the taste is very gentle.

The berry hints are particular and tasty to the tongue. As a potent conveyor of relaxation, the marijuana that you will get by growing Cherry Pie Seeds will be a top pick among numerous customary marijuana clients. It is astounding at lifting the spirits of even the most negative temperaments. It has the propensity to profoundly relax the brain likewise makes it extraordinary at diminishing pressure. Its elevating, Sativa-like euphoria can light up most temperaments and move pessimism to energy with only a couple of breathes in.

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The Yield of Cherry Pie Seeds

If you grow Cherry pie seeds in indoor conditions, you can expect to have a yield of approximately 1.5 oz/ft 2 (450 g/m 2 ), while in the case of outdoor, the crop remains around 14 oz (400 gr) per plant and you can expect harvest during October.

Cherry Pie Feminised Seeds

Cherry Pie is based on the Female Seeds’ marijuana strain Pure AK, re-working it for the new decade. A Cherry Punch was donated by Symbiotic Genetics in the U.S.A. and Female Seeds subsequently crossed this with their own Skunk Special. Improved yields, extra vigour and higher resistance were the goals which were successfully reached.

This is an easy cannabis strain to grow and one which is not overly fussy about its nutrients. Plants are short to medium in size with only a small amount of stretch once flowering has been initiated. Their height indoors will be between 80 – 120 cm. whilst outdoors plants will grow to be 100 – 150 cm. tall. Indoors flowering will take 8 – 10 weeks with yields expected to be 450 – 650 gr/m 2 . Outdoor plants will produce between 350 – 500 gr. each.

Typically indica leaves are dark green and broad and this colour is also found in the buds which can be streaked with blue and purple tones making a bagful very attractive indeed. Its primary scent and taste is Skunky with smooth, sweet cherry. The effect is very well-balanced between the uplifting effect of the Skunk Special and AK genetics with some nice relaxation courtesy of the Cherry Punch. All in all a very nice, cheery daytime smoke, powerful but smooth.

Cherry Pie Seeds

Cherry Pie cannabis has become an instant classic. An undisclosed cultivator crossed the much-loved Granddaddy Purple strain to the iconic sativa strain Durban Poison. Cherry has become a popular flavor in the cannabis world with Cherry Pie considered to be the most desirable strain exhibiting this characteristic.

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Cherry Pie Strain History

Cherry Pie strain has become an instant classic. An undisclosed cultivator crossed the much-loved Granddaddy Purple strain to the iconic sativa strain Durban Poison. Cherry Pie leans into her indica heritage 70/30 indica/sativa and produces a versatile plant with a balanced mind and body high accommodating a variety of and needs and settings. Cherry has become a popular flavor in the cannabis world with Cherry Pie considered to be the most desirable strain exhibiting this characteristic.

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Cherry Pie features dense and round mossy green, purple-tinted nugs with a heavy coating of trichomes and thin orange hairs. Cherry Pie more closely resembles its parent strain Granddaddy Purple, exhibiting smaller sized but hefty indica style nugs with flashes of purple. The colorful buds are coated in translucent white trichomes, giving them a silver sheen and a very resinous texture.

Cherry Pie Aroma

The cured buds of the Cherry Pie give off sweet and sour cherry notes. A dank, hashy, and skunky aroma lingers underneath and shines when the buds are ground or broken up. Cherry Pie fills the room with a pleasant scent reminiscent of blueberries, cherries, and spiced chocolate. When it’s combusted, Cherry Pie gives off a smooth smoke with a syrupy sweet cherry taste.


The secret to Cherry Pie’s iconic cherry taste comes from its unique combination of terpenes. Its profile is primarily highlighted by the ever-present myrcene, followed by the floral guaiol and the spicy caryophyllene.


Cherry Pie is a treat for recreational consumers, but it’s also one of the best tasting medical cannabis strains on the market. The THC levels average 17-23%. Cherry Pie CBD content is very low at 0.2-0.6%. Medical cannabis users have reported that Cherry Pie features potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that relieve tension and pain in the body. Similar to many other indica-leaning strains, Cherry Pie can deliver a restoring night’s sleep.


Cherry Pie provides a high that relaxes but also awakens the senses and provides the mind with focus and creativity. The onset is clear-headed and positive which complements daytime use especially combined with light exercise or artistic expression. Cherry Pie stimulates appetite and relieves stress. This is one of the few strains recommended for both day and nighttime use.

Growing Cherry Pie Seeds

Cherry Pie cannabis seeds require only basic gardening skills to mature into medium-sized plants with vivid green foliage and fragrant glistening colas. These Cherry Pie seeds will grow wide and branchy plant. They love stretching out in the great outdoors where plenty of sunshine and fresh air help her to achieve stunning results. Cherry Pie does best when temperatures are 70-80° F (21-26° C). CP plants grow fast and can start looking bushy if not pruned. However, it’s best to prune the plants in cycles to avoid shocking them. To fully experience the best taste Cherry Pie should be grown in soil and flushed with pure water 1-2 weeks before harvesting. Cherry Pie flowers in 8-9 weeks indoors with a harvest of 16oz/m2. CP becomes ready for harvest in late October with an average yield of 14oz/plant.