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Chocolate malawi seeds

Malawi x Panama Feminised Seeds

Ace Seeds’ Malawi and Panama are two of the most used and valued strains in the whole Ace Seeds’ range. This new feminised strain is a 100% F1 sativa hybrid strain with Malawi dominance. The best of Central African and Central American landrace sativa strains meet with a sensational result.

Malawi x Panama is a highly vigorous and potent sativa with tremendous yield potential. Resin production is out of this world and the buds very dense. It does not like high levels of nitrogen during the vegettive stage and unlike many sativa strains the stretch during flowering is not overwhelming despite the recommendation to increase the supply of nutrients from low-moderate to high. It will grow very well indoors preferring a system such as SCROG to maximise light penetration and it has a good response to pruning. Flowering will take between 11 – 12 weeks with high yields.

Outdoors cultivation to maturity is possible as high as 43 ° of latitude. Harvests will be at the end of October or early November in the northern hemisphere. It shows great resistance to both heat and cold as well as a wide range of pests and powdery mildew.

In terms of this strains organoleptic proerties the resinous, oily, spicy and woody aromas of the Malawi dominate supplemented with notes of lemon and incense from the Panamanian genetics. THC levels range from 21 – 26% with very low CBD of 0.2%. The effect is extremely powerful and not for everyone, especially novice sativa smokers/vapers. It is highly cerebral, trippy and cause for considerable introversion and reflection. It is powerful and very long-lasting both physically and mentally.

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Chocolate Malawi

These are F1 hybrids of an heirloom sativa ♂ from the Santa Cruz Mountains. This Malawi has been stabilized for a number of traits including tall height, hollow stems, light green leaves, chunky and medium dense buds, sweet aroma, high THC, and mold resistance.

Photo: Lonestar Farms

About this strain

Chocolate Hashberry is an aromatic strain with quality effects and beautiful foliage. With a smell indicative of its name, Chocolate Hashberry reeks of chocolate, hashy spice, and sweet berries. This delicious scent comes from combining two fantastic Kush cuts, Chocolate Kush and Blackberry Kush. On top of its excellent flavor and aroma, Chocolate Hashberry’s Kush lineage offers a delightful mid-level sedation and a relaxed mental state that helps curb anxiety and minor pain while enhancing mood and focus.

Chocolate Hashberry effects

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Malawi Gold Feminized Cannabis Seeds | Malawi Strain

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Malawi Gold Strain

Our Malawi Gold Strain is an exclusive Cannabis Seed that is not easy to find. Many seed collectors have a hard time finding this product. Malawi Gold is only harvested from the Northern Region of Malawi Africa. Locals have named this strain as “Chamba” for its unique characteristics. As well as, this special subtropical Malawi Gold Strain is known for its sweet and earthy aroma with a touch of lemon. The flavor of this strain comes from its very dense buds that grow in exceptional nature. The plant grows with dark green accents and is very similar to a Christmas Tree. On the other hand, the Malawi Gold is a pure sativa strain and is one of the finest of its kind. The Seed Fair is proud to have found these amazing Cannabis Seeds as it is a very rare product on our planet.

Effects of Malawi Gold

Malawi Gold is renowned for being one of the most potent psychoactive pure Sativa Africa strains. The effects of a euphoric high will leave you very stimulated and the high is long lasting. Many of our customers have noticed that they receive mental clarity with warm feelings that fill the body. The uplifting nature is also felt as the taste of tangy lemon and a hint of spice touches your pallet.

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How Does Malawi Gold Grow?

Malawi Gold is a fast flowering potent Sativa with 17% THC. The plant at final product is tall and slender with tight resin buds covering the surface. Flowering time is approximately 10 weeks with some being somewhat longer in other cases. Furthermore, Indoor growing can yield about 450 grams per plant. If you are considering growing outdoors, warmer climates are ideal such as the Mediterranean and many southern parts of the US. In addition, When growing in these conditions some have seen yields of about 600 grams per plant. Add this old school highly potent Sativa to your Marijuana Seeds collection as these will not be around for long.