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Dark angel seeds

Dark Angel

Dark Angel’s true indica effects are as spacey as its name suggests: a deep, relaxed sensation throughout the body accompanied by a heavy cerebral calm. Though celestial in its effects, the strain is more likely homage to the Grateful Dead’s song “Dark Angel.” A cross between Purple Kush and Mazar-I-Sharif, Dark Star is a CBD-rich indica ideal for treating pain and anxiety. This dark–almost bluish–strain was first bred indoors by T.H. Seeds, and comes as a challenge to many growers with its slow, 10-week flowering period. Its sour-smelling buds are dense and compact, ornamented with crystals and copper hairs.

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Dark Angel

Here you can find all info about Dark Angel from Crop King Seeds. If you are searching for information about Dark Angel from Crop King Seeds, check out our Basic Infos or Lineage / Genealogy for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information. If you have any personal experiences with growing or consuming this cannabis variety, please use the upload links to add them to the database!

Basic / Breeders Info

Dark Angel is an indica/sativa variety from Crop King Seeds and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±56 days ) and outdoors . Crop King Seeds’ Dark Angel is a THC dominant variety and is/was only available as feminized seeds.

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Crop King Seeds’ Dark Angel Description

Dark Angel balances both Indica and Sativa characteristics while making it easy for the novice grower. An excellent strain to chill at home or for moderate pain relief while allowing for mind exploration. The leaves will be dark green and minimal, while the nuggets will be compact with THC crystals and aromas of coffee and nutmeg.

The THC level of Dark Angel Feminized is amazing which can reach up to 20%. There is no question why it is good in relieving pain and for medical purposes because the CBD content is also high which can reach up to 1.10%.

Easy to grow and can flower to up to 8 weeks – these are just some of the many things that you will like about Dark Angel.

Growing: Easy
Flowering Time: 8 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 50% Indica / Sativa
Effect: Full Body Stone
THC: Medium THC (15-20%)
CBD: 1.10%
CBN: 0.30%
Yield: Up to 550gr indoor/350gr out
Genetics: Cheese X Jack Herer

Dark Angel Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The Dark Angel Feminized marijuana strain is a balanced hybrid strain. The Dark Angel is the product of mixing Shoreline and Khufu. The Dark Angel marijuana strain’s flavor is like a fruit festival. It consists of a distinctive fruity taste such as apple, lemon, citrus, and mango coupled with its intense, earthy, skunky, and diesel aromas. This strain is not for beginners who want to cultivate these seeds. This strain needs an experienced hand to develop and reach the maximum potential to produce healthy and pleasurable buds.

The Dark Angel marijuana strain has a flowering period of 9 weeks when cultivated indoors. When grown outdoors, the harvest period of this strain falls in September. The strain can produce 300 grams to 500 grams of pleasurable buds. The Dark Angel contains a 17.79% of THC level with a 1.20% making this strain beneficial for medicinal and recreational users.

Dark Angel Feminized Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: 50% Indica 50% Sativa

Genetics Parents: Khufu x Shoreline

Flowering Period: 9 Weeks

Yield: 300g to 500g

Flavors: Mango, Skunky, Apple, Lemon, Earthy

Harvest Period: September

Growing Difficulty: Intermediate

What are the Flavor and Effects of Dark Angel Feminized Marijuana Strain?

The Dark Angel marijuana strain reveals a pungent and skunky odor in his presence. It also has an impressive fuel and earthy blend with a lemon note. Some may equate the scent with a skunk, on the one hand, while others may contrast the odor with Pinesol. Most of the aroma has its flavors. A skunky flavor is indeed quite noticeable. The distinct mix of tropical fruits, including mango and lemon, makes it suitable.

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In any case, the Dark Angel is a traditional Indica with how it functions. For now, ignore the table because it is focused on just a few records. The beginning starts with a slight euphoric surge which can raise the mood. In most situations, this translates to a positive feeling for the consumer. Eventually, its physical effects occur, and, unlike any other, users feel absolute relief. It does not lead people to couch-lock even with its speed and sedative-like properties. However, consumers feel lazy. It needs to be noted that the use of too many will make users unable to travel.

What are the Medical Benefits of Dark Angel Feminized Marijuana Strain?

The Dark Angel has a few medicinal advantages. First, the extreme body high caused by the strain helps people cope with depression. Similarly, this is how discomfort is removed. Second, the Dark Angel’s potent sedative powers significantly help to relieve pain. Patients of discomfort will certainly take relief in their use. Most patients are prone to feel drowsy, characteristic of Indica impact, particularly one as powerful as Dark Angel Indeed, it is not shocking how most of its consumers are still dreaming until their effects entirely vanish.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Dark Angel Feminized Marijuana Strain

There are no serious adverse or harmful effects due to the use of the Dark Angel. As such, we can only conclude that the usual negative effects of marijuana are not different. As such, some people can develop cotton-mouth and dry eyes based on how many are used. It is also possible for a few people to build minor dizziness or headache. Any strains can make people feel a little nervous or paranoid. They do not recognize if the Dark Angel can cause it. It is, therefore, necessary to take it easy and just begin with a small number of doses.

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How to Grow Dark Angel Feminized Marijuana Strain

The Dark Angel isn’t the best strain to develop from what we can tell from the Devil’s Harvest Seeds. In particular, they suggest that only experienced growers should be preferable. This does not mean that beginners can never want to cultivate it. That’s how you read, after all. Outdoors, there is a sparkling smell, which can be troubling, mainly when neighbors are around. In any case, it likes a sunny and warm environment. Grown indoors, it is a good idea to use hydroponics, particularly if it is combined with the Green Sea technique.

2 reviews for Dark Angel Feminized Marijuana Seeds

S. Tatom – August 12, 2021

Oh, man! It has a strong, citrusy, earthy fragrance, and its fruity flavor, particularly its mango sweetness, satisfies my tongue. I grew these indoors using the SOG method; they grow small but generate massive yields in about 9 weeks. And this delightful bud helps me because every puff I consume after work soothes my leg discomfort and tiredness from standing for a long period of time. My brothers are coming this weekend, and I can’t wait to share this with them. They’ll freaking love it just as much as I do. Thank you, MJ Garden, for making high-quality seeds easily accessible.

RichardPOwen – June 14, 2021

I really love purchasing here in Mary Jane’s! Such a great experience – I am a person who doesn’t even know how to properly cultivate some weed. But this strain, the Dark Angel fem, proves to me that cultivating weed can also be done by beginner’s like me and even that large yields can also be achieved by me .I cultivated them outdoors, in a sunny and dry environment, gave me a large yield of nearly 500 grams per plant. TBH, I was really nervous at all, thinking that maybe the seeds I bought from MJG will not grow properly, but it is the opposite dude! The seeds helped me tho, and they grew well, I really love the premium quality of the seeds. An angel in disguise, even though its strain’s name is a bit different. LOL. And when it comes to its flavor and smell a bit skunky and pungent BUT. this has a mixed taste of tropical fruit, lemon and mango. I really love it!! Probably I’ll be purchasing seeds here again!