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Epoxy og seeds

Epoxy OG from RedEyed Genetics

First off, a huge thank you to Josey Whales for permission to use the glue in our projects. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible in the first place. Everyone knows the two time Cannabis Cup winning Gorilla Glue #4. If not, you will soon. This cut has dominated almost every circle she has been introduced to with heavy colas reeking of a greasy diesel shop mechanics rag that hasn’t been washed for weeks. Gorilla Glue became popular in local forums not only for her unreal stench, but first and foremost her TOP notch bag appeal. Straight up heavy greasy fuel, laden with a thick layer of trichs that will rival anything out there. It was a match made in heaven hitting her to the Double Barrel OG. For those of you wondering what Double Barrel OG consists of: White Fire OG x Raskals OG. Absolutely top shelf flowers reeking of straight gas, diesel, and more gas with a thick coating of classic OG funk from papa. This one is a true winner for anyone who loves diesel or OG’s and will be that strain you will need to check your carbon filters with.

Genetics: Gorilla Glue #4 x Double Barrel OG
Indica/Sativa Hybrid
Average Flower time: 8-9 weeks
Average Yield: Medium, Medium-Heavy

Antecedents of Epoxy OG from RedEyed Genetics

Descendants of Epoxy OG from RedEyed Genetics

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Epoxy Og

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RedEyed Genetics is who to thank for this strain. It has a heavy diesel aroma coming out of the jar. The buds are covered in lots of tricombs with a light green coloring overall. Diesel lovers will dig this strain in their collection.


Rating: No Rating / 5

Flavors: diesel, pungent, and skunk.

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Gorilla Glue num4

Double Barrel OG

Grow Information

Growing Difficulty: Easy

Preferred Medium: Soil

Flowering Time In Days: 56-63

Outdoor Finish: Select a outdoor finish.

Height: Medium

Average Yield: Medium

Environment: Greenhouse

Growing Notes: Can grow in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Average THC & CBD Test Results

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