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Freakshow seeds, Sativa cannabis with discreet leaves, special for guerrilla cultivation. Freakshow (R) » Cannabis Seeds at North Atlantic Seed Co. » HUMBOLDT SEED CO > FREAKSHOW (SECRET PARENTAGE, BX4 STABLE STRAIN) Freakshow has been affectionately named Cannabis Lusus Monstra (deformed cannabis Freakshow is a mutant cannabis variety bred by Shapeshifter and Humboldt Seed Co. With her long fern-like leaves, you won't believe Freakshow is even weed!

Freakshow Fem

Humboldt Seed Company presents here the feminised version of its Freakshow, a strain characterised by very original leaf shapes that make it go unnoticed and ideal for guerrilla cannabis cultivation. This variety is now available in our feminised cannabis seeds catalogue at Alchimia.

Freakshow, cannabis with discreet leaves

Freakshow is a 90/10 Sativa Indica hybrid developed by the breeder Shapeshifter after long years of work selecting and crossing plants with different morphological traits. The result is a plant that has proven its stable character over four generations, it is easy to cultivate both indoors and outdoors, offering an excellent harvest despite not resembling a cannabis plant.

Freakshow presents a flowering period of about 65 days in indoor cannabis cultivation, with the harvest ready in early October outdoors in the Northern Hemisphere.

Freakshow, a Sativa strain with high effect

Freakshow’s harvest gives off spicy and woody aromas accompanied by pine and incense notes. A fresh and sour taste together with an uplifting, clear and euphoric effect.

It presents a THC level of up to 18%, with a quite intense and long-lasting but not hard-hitting effect. It is a strain suitable for day to day use or to spend good moments with friends.

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Freakshow (R)

Freakshow has been affectionately named Cannabis Lusus Monstra (deformed cannabis monster) by the growers at Humboldt Seed Co. Freakshow sports a unique morphology and was originally developed by Cali breeder Shapeshifter in his quest to preserve cannabis oddities and rarities. It is 90% sativa and is a Bx4 which has resulted in its stabilisation. Big plants with great terpene production, it is quite tricky to differentiate male and female plants, at least to the inexperienced eye.

Indoor growers will find a longer flowering time of 65 days while those cultivators exploiting the great outdoors in the northern hemisphere should see harvests ready between October 5th and 15th.

THC levels of 18% are to be expected as is an uplifting sativa-style effect.

Freakshow (Humboldt Seed Company) feminized

Tired of the same old same old? Seeking something exotic to spice up your cannabis garden? Well, it doesn’t get more out-there than Freakshow, a literal freakshow of a strain specially bred and preserved for its odd grow traits. With its long, fern-like leaves and other crazy mutations, Freakshow is the perfect strain for growers with a penchant for eccentric, unique plants.

Freakshow (Humboldt Seed Company) feminized

Humboldt Seed Company – Freakshow: You Won’t Believe It’s Weed!

Freakshow was specially bred by Humboldt breeder Shapeshifter. While it debuted in 2019, Humboldt Seed Co. recently relaunched this revised version of Freakshow with a completely new (and even crazier) array of grow traits. She boasts fern-like leaves, beautiful, resin-rich orange buds, and sativa-dominant genetics. Thanks to the meticulous breeding work of Shapeshifter and the rest of the team at Humboldt Seeds, this unique cannabis mutation is now available to growers everywhere.

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As you grow Freakshow (affectionately referred to as Cannabis Lusus Monstra), you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve been cheated and sold seeds of some kind of weird ornamental tree. Besides her stem, there’s really nothing about this strain that says cannabis (at least not while it vegetates); her leaves look like those of a fern or Chinese jasmine, and her structure (which is very top-heavy, with little to no foliage along the lower parts of the plant) almost looks like that of a bonsai tree. Grow her alongside other cannabis strains and you’ll likely notice Freakshow’s underlying sativa dominance in her slim branches and tendency to stretch. It’s only once she starts flowering that you’ll be reminded you’re actually growing weed. Her bloom cycle lasts roughly 65 days, and Humboldt Seed Co. claims she produces modest harvests.

Beneath her mutated leaves, Freakshow will reveal beautiful, bright green buds adorned with stunning orange pistils and a thick coating of resin. Her aroma is very tropical, with notes of mango and ripe peaches, and slight sour undertones. Light her up, and Freakshow will hit you with up to 18% THC and a rich mix of terpenes that activate the mind while relaxing the body. Expect to feel tingly, talkative, and social before enjoying a mellow, lingering stone.

Freakshow (Humboldt Seed Company) feminized data sheet

Brand Humboldt Seed Company
Genetics 10% Indica / 90% Sativa
Flowering Time 9-10 weeks
THC 18%
Yield (Indoor) High
Yield (Outdoor) High
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Feminized

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