Germinating Weed Seeds In Distilled Water

The first step in growing your own cannabis, explore expert tips and tricks on how to successfully germinate, transforming your little seeds into healthy sprouts. Germinating pot seeds in water is very simple and effective method especially for seeds with a harder shell or older seeds. Here are all the steps for germinating weed seeds in water Wondering what kind of water would be best for germinating cannibis seeds. Bottled ? Distilled ? Spring ? Rain ? Purified ? Tap(aireated to remove chlorine…

How To: Germinate Cannabis Seeds

There’s just something amazing that happens as you watch life unfold from the smallest seed to a full-grown plant. It’s a connection to nature that is often lacking in today’s buy everything pre-washed world. Some patients are legally allowed to grow a limited number of cannabis plants at home (with , either outdoors or inside. The number of plants and the amount that can be stored depends directly on the quantity of dried cannabis a patient is authorized to use daily, so make sure to review the ACMPR guidelines before starting.

If you’re growing your own cannabis starting from seeds (as opposed to cut clones), the first step is to transform them from the seeds to sprouts. For seeds to germinate, they require three things: moisture, warmth and darkness.


Fill a glass with clean, room temperature water (between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius is ideal). The type of water you use should sync up with the type of water you drink. If your tap water is safe for drinking, you can use it for germination. But if you have to use filtered or bottled water to drink, your seeds will also need it to grow.


Drop your seeds into the glass of water and leave them to soak in a dark place that holds a temperature between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. After 10 minutes, check on the seeds. If a few are floating at the top, gently tap them to see if they sink. (If they don’t, just let them float!) Place the seeds back in the dark for another 8-12 hours.

Note: If you are germinating colour-coated seeds, each colour should be placed in a separate glass. The colour will slowly dissolve in the water, making the seeds and their colour-coded strain identifiers indistinguishable.


Place the seeds on a plate, bedded in between layers of damp paper or cotton towels, before placing them back in the dark to continue germinating. Check on them every 6-12 hours, dripping water onto the top layer of paper towels to ensure they remain damp. Do this for 48-72 hours.


After two to three days on the paper towels, the seeds will swell causing the casing shell to crack. It may take up another day or two, so if you don’t see split casing shells, be patient. However, it’s also important not to let the newly emerged root stay exposed to the damp paper towels too long, as it can create early root damage. Look for the white, initial root visible at the spot the seed is cracked. It will look like a little tail sticking out of the seed. That’s how you know your seed is ready to be planted!

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How to germinate cannabis seeds in water

There are many methods of germinating cannabis seeds. Some are less risky and less complicated than others, so choosing the right approach is very important. In this article, we will look at a simple and effective method – germination in a glass of water.

What do weed seeds need to germinate?

Water, heat and air (oxygen) are all that cannabis seeds need to come out of dormancy and sprout. Fertilizer, special hormones, and secret supplements are not necessary as Mother Nature provides the seeds with a stored food supply to usher them through the germination. Strong, viable seeds germinate in two to seven days. As the seed germinates, the seed’s protective shell splits open and a tiny white rootlet (taproot) pops out.

Germinating Weed Seeds in Water – Step by Step Guide

Germinating pot seeds in water is very simple and effective method that is highly recommended by FastBuds Seeds Company. This method is especially effective for seeds with a harder shell or older seeds. Here are all the steps for germinating pot seeds in water:

  1. Get a glass of water.
    You can use tap water or distilled water, whichever one you prefer. Just make sure to leave the glass of water at room temperature first. Do not use hot or cold water. Hot water can easily damage your seeds. Ideal temperature is around 21-26 C.
  2. Place the seeds in the glass.
    At first, seeds will often float on the surface. They should sink to the bottom of the container after a couple of hours. Soaking ensures that water penetrates the protective shell to activate growth hormones.
  3. Place the glass in a dark warm place and let the seeds soak.
    After a couple of days, you should see the radicle. Remember that some seeds may need longer until you see the radicle coming out. If they have not sprouted after 72 hours, add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to kill accumulated bacteria in the water and return to the darkness for 2 more days.
  4. Plant your germinated seeds.
    When the taproot is around 2-3mm long, carefully get seeds out of the glass and plant them in soil. Make a 0.5-1cm deep hole in the soil, place your seed root pointing down and cover it with more soil. Lightly spray the area.
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As you can see, germinating weed seeds in water is a super simple process. Now that you know the basics of germinating cannabis seeds in water it’s time to buy a few seeds and try out the process yourself. If you’re looking for high-quality seeds, head on over to Herbies where you can find viable, vigorous, and fast-growing seeds from a variety of seedbanks from around the world.

What kind of water should I use for cannabis seeds germination?

While you can always use tap water to germinate your seeds, using distilled or purified water can help you avoid any harmful substances that may be found in tap water, such as heavy minerals.

For how long do you leave cannabis seeds in water to germinate?

Usually it takes around 72 hours for the seeds to germinate. If the seeds haven’t sprouted in that time, you can add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide and leave them for another 2 days.

Can I germinate autoflower cannabis seeds in water?

Absolutely, you can. No matter what type of seeds you’ve purchased the germination process will be the same.

What if pot seeds float in water during germination?

Seeds that sink by soaking in water are generally considered as viable seeds, and those that don’t sink even after 24 hours of soaking are probably dead and hollow on the inside.

What water pH is best for the germination of weed seeds?

The perfect pH for cannabis seed germination is between 5.5-6.0.

Should I use hydrogen peroxide in water to germinate pot seeds?

According to recent studies, hydrogen peroxide solution is thought to increase germination rates and is therefore considered an effective medium for germination. Sprouting your seeds in a glass of water with a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide mixed in can help sprout the seeds more efficiently as the solution breaks down the seed coat and allows more oxygen to get inside.

Should I use fertilizers or special hormones to germinate marijuana seeds in water?

Using special hormones or fertilizers to germinate weed seeds in water is not necessary.

What water do you use to germinate .

Wondering what kind of water would be best for germinating cannibis seeds. Bottled ? Distilled ? Spring ? Rain ? Purified ? Tap(aireated to remove chlorine, ect..) .
I made sure to buy paper towells that had no chemicals or inks.
Any advice will be appreciated, thanks.


i use water from my faucet for every aspect of my plants. but i am on a flow well. no chlorine or bleach in my water. just minerals, and lots of sulpher (smells like eggs). good, natural, groundwater

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I don’t soak or use paper towels and I have a nearly 100% germ rate within 3 or 4 days.

16 oz plastic cup, poke holes in bottom for drainage
Pro Mix (B’Cuzz, anything PH adjusted without nutes)
Distilled water
Glad Cling Wrap

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1. Mix your medium with distilled water until it’s ready for planting – squeeze some lightly in your hand, it should retain its shape and the contours of your hand but not drip any water.

2. Fill the cup, covering the top and shaking up and down to get the medium compacted evenly. Fill to 1″ below top, pat down GENTLY.

3. Using the pen tip make a small hole in the center of the cup about 3/16″ deep.

4. Take the seed to good light and determine which end is scalloped (will open) and which end has the little dimple where it was attached to the plant (the hing). Place the seed gently in the top of the hole with the scallop side down, remove the refill from the pen and use the open end to fit over the seed and push down so it’s dimpled end is 1 millimeter below the surface. Use the tip of the pen to gently rough up the medium top and lightly cover the seed with 1 mm of medium.

5. Sprinkle 3 – 5 tablespoons of distilled water on top of the medium, soaking the entire surface.

6. Tear off a strip of cling wrap wide enough to cover the cup, tear the strip in two and use one half strip per cup. The good cling wrap will hug the lip of the cup and give you a great seal.

7. Put the cup in your flower room, if possible high enough to get direct light. This will give you a steaming effect, the inside of the cling wrap will become opaque with water vapor. The 12/12 cycle seems to help the seed split, I’ve found much better luck with this than 24 hours constant heat – perhaps because the heating and cooling in 12/12 closer mimics a natural enviroment.

8. Check the cup atleast 3 times a day – lights on/off/in middle – if the seed pops the surface and you don’t remove the cling wrap the stem stays bent for a few days. Filling the cup with medium to 1″ below the surface gives you some playing room, and space to add more medium if the stem needs support.

9. If the plant pops the surface and you have a white stem without the leaves you planted the seed upside down and you are looking at the root tip. If you catch it early enough you may be able to replant before the root dies.

10. Remember to label your cups.

Long winded and unasked for, but if anyone is having trouble with germinating this is a near idiot proof method.