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Green crack x amnesia haze cannabis seeds

Green crack x amnesia haze cannabis seeds

With over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry, we have the grow-how from the experts! We deliver high-quality, fast-germinating seeds with impeccable and stabilized genetics swiftly and discreetly worldwide at a competitive price. We are offering you a bunch of alternative payment methods depending on the state where you are placing your order.

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Green Crack x Amnesia Haze is like the – if coffee were able to uplift your mood and clear your mind to inhuman levels of productivity, that is. Consuming this cannabis as a wake and bake strain and you’ll be geared up and rearing to go, fueled by motivation and focus.

12 simple Facts About Highly Effective Green Crack Amnesia Haze Feminized Seeds That Will promptly Put You In an Excellent state Ff Mind

While some consider the aftertaste somewhat bitter, it’s the kind of tang that stays with you and has you craving more on a primal and subconscious level that many tokers feel utterly powerless to resist. Effects With two award-winning parent strains equally famed for their uplifting and energizing influence, it’s no wonder that you’re in for much of the same with Green Crack x Amnesia Haze and her swift hitting 20% THC content.

When considering the crucial ingredient one’s state of mind is to any recovery process, this trait becomes truly invaluable. Similarly, stress, anxiety, depression or any other kind of negativity or self-deprecation becomes hard to come by once the swift-acting cerebral stimulation takes hold, instigating an . You’ll find potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory agents at play here too, making this herb an effective painkiller with potential benefits for even the most chronic of physical pains.

Year in year out, new sativa strains are being developed, while the already existing ones are being improved. Experienced cannabis smokers already know which strains to go for if they want a classical or newly developed strain. Newbie smokers might however be confused on which to go for. As we all know, the cannabis market is littered with different products.

19 Tell-story Signs Most People need Cheap Green Crack Amnesia Haze Seeds

It leaves a long-lasting high during which users are still mentally aware and focused on happenings around them. With these features and a THC level of 17%, Green Crack is a must-have sativa strain of 2021 One can hardly smoke the Durban Poison strain without falling in love with it.

It can be smoked whenever a person is feeling depressed and has no appetite. Medically, it is used to treat patients with chronic pains and nausea. It has an appealing flavor and aroma that gives off spicy and creamy vanilla notes. Durban poison is not poison at all, but rather a life-saver.

It is sought after in the cannabis market all over the world. With Amnesia Haze, you’re sure to have a better mood with heightened creativity. It has also been observed to relieve stress and other mental disorders in its users. With a THC that ranges from 17–22%, the Amnesia haze is very potent.

just How To Get additional Results away From Special Green Crack Amnesia Haze Marijuana Seeds

This strain is living up to the legacy of its parents (OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel). Assorted cannabis bud strains. Roxana Gonzalez/ One of the Greatest Of All Time, the purple haze is more than worthy to be on this list. If you can recall, Jimi Hendrix has a song dedicated to this legendary strain.

Recommended for use during the day. It helps when used as a treatment for patients with chronic fatigue and high levels of stress and depression. It is also indicated for severe cases of Crohn’s disease since it reduces nausea and stimulates appetite. Perhaps it’s the strain’s aromas and terpenes that induce a feeling of wellbeing and enhance vigor and energy.

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24 growers blazing A Trail In growing Cool Green Crack Amnesia Haze Strain

If you’re trying to grow cannabis, then you’re in the right place. Wayof, Leaf has tons of articles on the best ways to grow marijuana, including tips and tricks on lighting and grow guides for specific strains. New growers should be aware of the importance of using feminized seeds; experienced growers will probably already know the difference.

Read on to discover why you should use feminized cannabis seeds, and our seven top picks for this year. Why Use Feminized Cannabis Seeds? There are multiple types of cannabis seeds, and no, we’re not talking about indica and sativa. Instead, the seed types refer to how the crops will grow.

Feminized seeds: As you may be able to tell, feminized seeds will only ever produce female cannabis plants. Auto-flowering seeds: These seeds quickly sprout and mature with little need to change things like lighting and temperature to prompt a flowering stage. But why bother? Why not just allow the seeds to produce males and females? As it turns out, male cannabis plants are useless unless you’re a breeder.

the 12 Worst Types Green Crack Amnesia Haze Feminized Seeds influencers You adhere To On Facebook

Luckily, feminized seeds are there to save the day. Feminized seeds ensure that 100% of the crop is female, preventing pollination and waste. Seven Best Feminized Seeds, Below, we cover seven of Wayof, Leaf’s top picks for feminized strain seeds. Read on to discover the best strains to nab and where to get them.

Among cannabis enthusiasts, Northern Lights is a famed strain that almost everyone knows. It possesses 90% indica genetics with the effects to match, producing a stoned body high that will leave a smile plastered to your face. As for growing Northern Lights, you’re best off in a warm, Mediterranean climate.

These trichomes produce a potent plant, with an average THC content of around 22. 5%. As a result, this strain is not for those new to cannabis. It’s also a 60/40 hybrid with indica leanings. The high from White Widow is euphoric, but with a decent burst of energy and sociality, it’s a great strain to enjoy when chilling with friends.

why We Love Exciting Green Crack Amnesia Haze Seeds (And You Should, Too!).

Bubba Kush makes the user feel happy but sedated; rested, but delighted. With its 19% THC content and coffee, chocolate flavors, this is not a strain to miss. For cultivators, Bubba Kush is reasonably easy to grow. It is naturally quite resistant to molds and pests and can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

Vibrant purple coloring and delectable pine aromas are all things to look forward to from Purple Queen. Plus, this strain is feminized and fairly easy to grow. It thrives in temperate climates, but you will likely need to reduce the temperature toward the flowering stage to encourage purple buds. By the way, Purple Queen is relatively resistant to mold, so you can sit back and enjoy what this strain has to offer.

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There are plenty of feminized strains on the market now; these are just seven of our favorites. Do you have a favorite feminized cannabis strain to grow? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Published on: 8 Jul, 2020.

how To germinate Great Green Crack Amnesia Haze Marijuana Seeds Indoor

Indica strains, on the other hand, derive from the Middle East in countries like Turkey, Afghanistan, and Morocco. The differences between the effects of indica and sativa strains are so ingrained into cannabis culture that they often influence the strains people choose to purchase and the times of day specific strains are smoked.

A true sativa, Green Crack will leave you with focused energy and an exciting mental high. The quality of the high makes it the perfect choice for a powerful wake and bake. The bud provides a sweet, spicy, and fruity flavor, and is often used to treat depression and stress.

The sweet and citrus flavor, with its hint of licorice, will quickly send the user into a happy head high—with a very dry mouth. The high is hard-hitting with powerful and relaxing effects that make it an ideal strain for treating chronic pain and loss of appetite. Many call this one of the best strains from southern Africa.

why growers passion Rare Green Crack Amnesia Haze Seeds (and Also You Should, also!).

Durban Poison, Photo via Ore, Grown, FarmsDurban Poison is a pure sativa strain that comes from the port city of Durban in South Africa. This plant smells sweet and fills you with uplifting activity. The THC level can be as high as 24 percent. The leaves of Durban Poison are dense and round, covered in a thick coat of trichomes all over.

Prepare for mental clarity and physical relaxation to come your way and stay for a while. Roll her up, breathe her in, and get ready to let Green Crack Punch send you into all-day autopilot. Ignite Your Neurones With This Fusion of Green Crack and Purple Punch Green Crack, despite its controversial name, is a renowned strain born and bred on the West Coast of the USA.

19 reasons That Your Inferior Green Crack Amnesia Haze Cannabis Seeds Don’t grow (as Well As just How to Accomplish It).

Now that you’ve got your daytime strain sorted, check out some high CBD strains to unwind with after a long day of productivity..

This 1993 HTCC winner is still regarded as one of the best marijuana strains in the world. The seedlings grow into strong, typically sativa plants that rapidly gain height. Indoors, the plants can be switched to bloom with little to no veg cycle to compensate for the stretchy growth that happens during flowering.

A robust grower that takes on an indica-leaning appearance, Casey Jones is not shy to take over the room and may need ample spacing between plants. With a solid structure and stable genetics, this sativa strain is one of the most effortless strains to grow indoors and outdoors. ⚖️ Dense, resinous flowers develop on Casey Jones, with the central cola growing as big as a forearm.

7 smart techniques That’ll Make a Significant variation With Reliable Green Crack Amnesia Haze Strain

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The better known phenom is the sativa dominant strain, and the only sign of indica genetics being present are the tight nugs. As expected, Green Crack grows somewhat tall because of its sativa genetics. Those who cultivate this strain will find it to be a quick grower, unlike most sativas, and can be harvested in October, or after 42-49 days of flowering indoors.

You shouldn’t be afraid of heights with this strain, as it can show you what a real high looks like. Amnesia Haze Amnesia Haze will give you the giggles and make you feel relaxed and uplifted. This bud makes you feel floaty and excited, and will make you feel creatively inspired.

15 patterns You might Have missed Out On About Popular Green Crack Amnesia Haze Seeds

When it comes to the marijuana plant, you have two options: Indica or Sativa. The third option is created by crossing the two to get a hybrid strain. Each of these categories has the cannabis strains based on the THC levels. In our previous article, we reviewed the strongest weed strains of marijuana that you can check out.

Both Indica and Sativa cannabis are for recreational and medical purposes. In this article we will answer questions of what is the most potent Sativa and what are the strongest Sativa strains 2021. Keep reading to find answers and choose the strongest Sativa strain in the world for your use.

More often than not, we have faced the question of “what is the strongest Sativa strains.” There is no doubt that Sativa varieties are highly potent marijuana with high levels of THC. But there are other reasons why you would choose this strain over Indica. Sativa is known for a high head effect that drives your mind into a peaceful state.

10 Ways To Completely undermine Your Proven Green Crack Amnesia Haze Strain

Some people use it just before setting off to the activities of the day because of the improvement in creativity and focus. If you choose one of the strongest Sativa strains, you will benefit from the low doses of CBD and a high dose of THC. THC is the psychoactive compound that is commonly used to sort out cannabis of different qualities.

24 bizarre activities That’ll create You Better At Sprouting Cheap Green Crack Amnesia Haze Marijuana Seeds

These are the highest THC Sativa strains in 2021: Durban Poison may not be the strongest Sativa strain on earth but is the best to get your day going. With an average THC level of 22. 4, you can expect to have a boost in energy and creativity, preparing you to handle any task before you.

Sour Diesel THC level is about 26%. If you are looking for the strongest Sativa strains for creativity or for energy, then choose Ghost Train Haze. This is one of the rarest weed strains from Dankness Seeds, with a record high THC level of 26%. It might not be the strongest Sativa strains in 2021 but worth being on this list because of its positive effects that improve productivity.

Amnesia Haze is a Sativa Dominant strain that is characterized by a well-balanced high that will fit right into your daily activities. Whether you choose to take it early in the morning or late evening after work, you will have the best experience. With a moderately high THC value of about 22%, Amnesia haze is the best choice for both novice and experienced users.

Blue walker is a 90% Sativa and only 10 Indica, a hybrid from the cross of Blue Dream and Skywalker. It is one of the strongest Sativa strains with a high THC level of 26% and an average of 4% in CBD. This is usually characterized by a sweet fruity aroma.

12 premiums That Plants From On-demand Green Crack Amnesia Haze Marijuana Seeds Tend To possess

The name of this Sativa dominant strain suggests everything about it. It has a sweet strawberry aroma and a subtle aftertaste that is accompanied by thick smoke. This is what will make even the experienced stoners cough. The Sativa prevalence in this breed gives it relaxing and calming effects, both of which are ideal for treating patients suffering from anxiety and stress.

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It smells and tastes like a freshly peeled lemon slice. It is one of the high Sativa strains with strong mental and physical effects. Lemon Haze is a hard-hitting strain, though it may take time before showing its effects. Its cerebral high is associated with euphoria and uplifting effects that will make you forget about your worries.

Some Pineapple Express strain users have also reported a mild and a nice body-numbing buzz. The Strain inherited its THC potency from its parents: Hawaiian and Trainwreck. Pineapple express THC level is about 25%, but you can find other phenotypes in the market that clock at above 30%. Our list of highest Sativa strains cannot be complete without Jet Fuel.

Jet fuel is here to uplift your mood when feeling low. It is an energizing strain that is quite euphoric and sometimes associated with giggling. Consider Jet fuel as your number one strongest strain of Sativa if you want to go out, attend a social event, or just stroll in the city.

13 points Growers Hates regarding Unconventional Green Crack Amnesia Haze Feminized Seeds

You can find some strains with unusually high rates, but in the article, we indicate their typical THC content and describe those varieties for which high THC content is the norm, and they are now on the market. Also, let us know in the comment your favorite strain if it is not included on our list of strongest Sativas.

And even if you find one, you cannot be sure of the quality. From our list of highest Sativa strains for experienced stoners, you can get what matches your needs. At The Lodge, we ensure that you get the highly potent Sativa strains you need. Our high THC Sativa Strains are well-bred and cured to preserve the contents.

Photo sources:The Lodge Dispensary photo collection .

This plant will grow vigorously and have good stability. The aroma is of exotic fruit and the taste is of citrus, pineapple, mango and cedar. This is a very popular choice for many sativa lovers as the buds are small and tight on a tall structure of the plant. THC weighs in at 18% as it provides a very smooth high and buzz.

what hollywood may show Us About Extraordinary Green Crack Amnesia Haze Weed Seeds

This is ideal for all growing rooms..

If you’re ready to let your hair down and pump your fists with the beat, there’s no better strain than Green Crack. Green Crack is a quintessential sativa strain that you’ll never forget. When you need to dust yourself off of any couch-potato tendencies — Green Crack will have you shuffling in no time.

Sometime in the early 80s, this strain found its way into the cannabis scene of Georgia. This strain was called Green Cush at the time. The lineage is believed to be Skunk #1, a legendary cannabis strain in its own right. The second half is thought to be a landrace indica.

Although there is an abundance of uncertainty surrounding the Green Cush strain, everyone that tried it was amazed by the shocking level of potency. What is known is that a breeder under the alias of Cecil, C was the original breeder of Green Cush seeds. Cecil, C kept the Green Cush clone close to his chest and did not quickly give away cuttings.

11 horrendous oversights You Are Actually Making along With Latest Green Crack Amnesia Haze Weed Seeds

From this point on, Green Crack is the go-to strain for anyone that wants to get their pulse pumping. Whether you’re about to send it on the downhill track or hitting the dancefloor — Green Crack is the ultimate sativa-dominant hybrid in town. You can now find regular and feminized Green Crack seeds for sale from famous breeders, such as Humboldt Seeds.

Whether you grow Green Crack seeds indoors or outdoors, you’ll be winning so much that you’ll be tired of winning — as long as you follow the tips in this review. You must understand that the Green Crack strain moves fast. Similar to its effects, the Green Crack strain doesn’t waste any time.

As you try to glimpse through the trichome coverage, you’ll find pale green calyxes and radiant pistils bursting through the frost. Dominant Cannabinoids Found in Green Crack Seeds: The dominant cannabinoid in Green Crack seeds is none other than THC. Typically, Green Crack weed tests between 15-25% THC. However, the average is 21%.

Once you take a whiff of Green Crack, you’ll never desire anything else. The dominant terpenes in Green Crack seeds are myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene. These three terpenes fuse to create layers of complex flavors and aromas in the Green Crack strain. The myrcene in Green Crack seeds is responsible for the ripe mango trait.

12 ideal Twiter accounts Of perpetuity concerning Life-changing Green Crack Amnesia Haze Cannabis Seeds

The effects of the Green Crack strain are immediate and long-lasting. Green Crack buds will turn any dull moment into an action-packed adventure. Whether you use it to wake-and-bake or you’re about to head to the club — Green Crack will get you on your feet. If you need uplifting energy that lasts, you need to buy Green Crack seeds — pronto.

Each review contains vital information, such as cultivation tips, strain profiles, and where to buy the best cannabis seeds..

Due to its heavy sativa content, the effects of this strain are primarily mental. You can expect to feel a warm, cerebral rush on the onset of the high, with a noticeable shift in the way you perceive sensory input. Its THC content is in the average to top end, coming out to be around 24 percent.

Whether you decide to go out for a hike with your friends or just take a relaxing day off at home, Green Crack is sure to enhance any experience. If you need an added boost of energy or motivation, this strain may be the way to go! Although this strain is heavier in its sativa content, its flower structure follows that of a traditional indica.

20 indicators You Should buy Rare Green Crack Amnesia Haze Feminized Seeds

In some cases, if the temperatures are lowered during the growing process, you will be able to notice threads of purple throughout the buds. The flower tends to have a bright citrus scent, with faint notes of earthiness and wood. When broken down, you can expect this strain to fill the room with a pungent aroma.

It can be grown indoors and outdoors and prefers a warm Mediterranean climate. If you choose to grow indoors, make sure you have enough vertical space: these plants grow very tall like most sativa dominant strains. You’re going to need to ensure that humidity levels are regulated, given that this strain is a bit susceptible to molds.

Once you’re ready to harvest, you can expect an average of 18 ounces per square meter indoors, or 20 ounces per plant outdoors.

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The effects can also be described as euphoric, uplifting, and unbelievably happy. In a social setting, you may become talkative, but at the same time, you won’t feel compelled to converse if you don’t want to. With such a sensational high, you get the feeling of empowerment where you’re capable of anything.

a Look Into The Future: What Will Great Green Crack Amnesia Haze Cannabis Seeds appear Like In 23 Years?

It remains a steady and popular strain in the Dutch coffee shop scene for good reason. With the cerebral and heady stone, it sends positive vibrations through you. It takes intermediate growing experience, but the time and effort you put in are more than worth it. This is the type of strain you never get tired of smoking because the high is off the charts.

Green Crack x Amnesia Haze Seeds – Feminized

By combining world-renowned Amnesia Haze with the Green Crack, we got a remarkable result in the form of Green Crack x Amnesia Haze Seeds. High-quality Green Crack x Amnesia Haze weed induces high productivity and promotes sustained high that doesn’t bother you in the end. The fantastic plants grown from Green Crack x Amnesia Haze marijuana seeds are tall and may have a longer than average flowering time, but the high yields are worth waiting. Buds of the plants grown from Green Crack x Amnesia Haze Seeds will also amaze you, and consuming those delicious buds will open up new perspectives for you. After consuming the tasty buds, images and sounds may appear distorted and amplified, and creative ideas will flow freely. A wave of inspiration will set fireworks in motion and provides the right attitude and energy throughout the day.


Indoor 2 oz/ft² (600 g/m²)

Outdoor 21 oz (600 gr) per plant


Indoor 63 – 77 days


Table of content

Indoor Yield 2 oz/ft 2 (600 g/m 2 )
Outdoor Yield 21 oz (600 gr) per plant
Flowering Time 63 – 77 days
Height High
THC level 17 – 20 %
CBD level Low
Climate Mild
Grow Difficulty Moderate
Flavors Citrus / Lemon / Earthy
Effect Creative / Euphoric / Happy
Type 20% Indica / 80% Sativa
Parents Green Crack x Amnesia Haze
Cultivate Indoors & Outdoors

The Genotype of Green Crack X Amnesia Haze Seeds

Green Crack x Amnesia Haze cannabis seeds prove that big things can happen when two cannabis giants team-up. The combination of a large family Amnesia Haze with a relatively advanced but infamous Green Crack guarantees a premium quality marijuana that delivers high excitement when consumed. Their parent Green Crack is predominantly a Sativa strain with profound psychoactive effects. Their other parent Amnesia Haze is a fantastic Sativa dominant hybrid that will inspire you to remain motivated.

The Phenotype of Green Crack X Amnesia Haze Seeds

Due to the strong genetics of Amnesia Haze, the plants grown from Green Crack x Amnesia Haze Seeds have a robust natural resistance to common plant problems such as fungal infections & root rot. However, it is essential to choose a suitable growth medium and provide the right growing conditions for Green crack x amnesia haze marijuana seeds to grow them into healthy plants.

Growers should be familiar with growing marijuana as Green Crack x Amnesia Haze Seeds are moderately challenging to grow. The plants need regular pruning to ensure the removal of foreign bodies from the plants. Proper light & ventilation of the plants is necessary to get maximum yields. Once the plant has developed into long, thin stems, it may need additional support to keep the branches from breaking. Later, during the flowering stage, the buds gain significant mass.

Flowering Time

Green Crack x Amnesia Haze Seeds are not the easiest seeds to grow. They will take your space, time, and effort. We ensure that you get Green Crack x Amnesia Haze marijuana seeds with the best genetics & a flowering time of 63 – 77 days (9 – 11 weeks). While growing plants from these unique seeds, you can utilize stress training to improve the plants’ performance.

During the vegetative phase of development, the best way to avoid pests & mold-related problems is to trim or prune the lower parts of the plants and remove dead leaves or branches. Regular pruning methods can be supported by installing fans to ensure better air circulation through the plants. The process doesn’t have to be too complicated – the Sativa structure gives a lot of room for ventilation due to its buds-leaf ratio.

With a THC content of 17-20%, the strain is not attractive for those who are looking for high CBD values. But Green Crack x Amnesia Haze Seeds are popular among recreational users to grow them & store their high-quality cannabis for a whole year. The therapeutic benefits of strong motivation and stress relief are precious and useful.

A CBD content of just 0.4% means that buds of the plants grown from Green Crack x Amnesia Haze Seeds are not medically attractive to those interested only in CBD-rich Marijuana varieties.

Effects of Green Crack x Amnesia Haze

Recreational Effects

With two award-winning parents, also known for their touching and stimulating effects, it’s no wonder that you can expect a lot from Green Crack x Amnesia Haze Seeds. You will be able to increase focus on your job & achieve your goals after consuming the delicious buds.

Green Crack x Amnesia Haze Seeds are preferred for growing cannabis plants by creative cannabis smokers and those who generally love marijuana to help them think and recover. While the bumps are certainly mostly Sativa sensations, they do not have their physical calming properties initially. It is your perfect companion with coffee that helps you all day long.

Medical Effects

Unique buds of the plants grown from Green Crack x Amnesia Haze Seeds will have potent anti-inflammatory properties. The effects will be a powerful pain reliever with potential benefits for even the most chronic physical pains. You need to use this high-quality Marijuana with caution, mainly if you are not used to consuming Marijuana with high THC.

When you grow plants from Green Crack x Amnesia Haze cannabis seeds, you will get excellent marijuana known for its mood-enhancing properties. It can relieve a wide range of mental and physical conditions. High euphoria combined with anxiolytic properties can help heal depression in the long term.

The plant’s pain-relieving properties, expressed in their unique THC content of the buds, can relieve chronic pain. These delicious buds have been used for temporary relief from migraines, arthritis, muscle cramps, and fatigue. Under normal conditions, side effects are usually limited to cotton candy, dry eyes, and dizziness.

Taste & Aroma of Green Crack x Amnesia Haze

Based upon their genetics, plants grown from Green Crack x Amnesia Haze seeds pay tribute to their heritage with a pungent earthy and citrus aroma. When you consume these yummy buds, you will realize that you have become a fan of this high-quality cannabis strain.

The Yield of Green Crack X Amnesia Haze Seeds

Green Crack x Amnesia Haze cannabis seeds are moderately difficult to grow & preferably grow in mild climate conditions. When you grow them indoors, you will get a yield of 2 oz/ft 2 (600 g/m 2 ) & on growing outdoors, you will get a high yield of 21 oz (600 gr) per plant.