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Hercules seeds

Carrot Hercules 200 Non-GMO, Hybrid Seeds

Performs especially well in shallow heavy or rocky soils where growing longer carrots can be challenging. Good eating quality from summer or fall harvest. Harvest in about 65 days. Germination rate about 80% and better . David’s Garden Seeds is a Veteran owned business that has been offering quality seeds since 2009.

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Visit our farm store for Non-GMO garden seeds, farm fresh eggs, home canned food, our exclusive DGS caps and pecan treats, and our germination kits. Tour our farm and see our gardens and animals. There is a beautiful gazebo to relax in while you watch the fish and see the waterfall. Hear the wind chimes and see hummingbirds flit in and out during warm months. Get a cold drink and a snack and enjoy nature out on our farm.

Did you know we have 30 hens? They lay a lot of eggs except in the extreme heat or colder than usual temperatures. Be sure to take home a dozen scrumptious, colorful eggs with you when you visit our farm store! Just $3.45 a dozen for beautiful eggs in shades of browns, blues, greens, pinks, and creams.

We turn our farm produce into delicious homemade canned goods available for purchase in our farm store. We built a beautiful commercial kitchen next door to our farm store where we make fruit preserves, jelly, pickles, canned veggies, salsa, and more. Delicious homemade canned goods in store only! These are seasonal items!


Hercules Hemp Seed is AOSCA Certified & Approved For Use in Florida and Texas. Trust Your Local Florida Business Contact in Lake Worth Florida. Very dynamic plant that can reach heights of 10 feet, citrus terpenes, early finisher mid-late September. Extreme resin production with 99% Germination & Feminization Rates.

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This strain has been developed to produce a high CBD very low THC varietal, it has been developed over a 5 year period utilizing a wild hemp variety that has then been crossed and back crossed multiple times per year for 5 years with a stable high CBD variety SCBDX 4.

A lengthy phenotype selection process has been utilized to create a higher yielding with greater flowering structure and high terpene profile.

This particular strain has been tested at multiple sites between 37 degrees N and 48 degrees N and has flourished everywhere it has been trialed, it is productive and able to tolerate both extreme heat and extreme cold.

There have been no known instances of pest, herbicide or disease issues and it has shown great resistance to ‘southern blight’.

The plant is easily identifiable in the field compared to current hemp strains due to the height and huge flower structure of the strain, it is very tall but has a great many flower sites, which produce very large colas with an intense peach/citrus smell.

Hercules Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Like its very powerful name implies, Hercules can provide a great amount of positive energy, perfect for working out or just lifting you temporarily out of a funk.


With a name like Hercules, you might be expecting this cannabis strain to completely overwhelm you. But, this cross between Gupta Kush and Hawaiian Urkle clocks in with around 21 percent THC concentration and is often utilized by people before performing physical activity, like working out.

Hercules’s high starts out strong, much like the god himself. Happiness as well as positive energy will hit hard and fast, allowing you to power through a workout at the gym or every item on a long to-do list.

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Not only does Hercules provide immediate and plentiful benefits for the body, it can also positively impact the mind. People who suffer from issues like anxiety or stress or even depression have noted that the positivity that they feel from the Hercules strain can reduce their symptoms and allow them to engage in some much-needed normalcy. Some people even find that Hercules can help them to focus.