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Humidity dome

I’m a First time grower with a lot of questions, I’m currently on my second day of light, my seedlings have sprouted and breached the surface of the rock wool cubes (2/5 of them) they are currently in a humidity dome and im just wondering when is the best time to remove the dome, humidity goes from 68-78 % according to the T8 fan thermostat, all answers will be greatly appreciated .

I remove the humidity dome when the seedlings are nearing touching the sides or top. Usually around day 4-7

Should I take off the humidity dome now ?

I’m on day 3 or 4 after breaking soil and I’ve kept a dome over her all this time, without it the RH is 35-40% on average, it did get to 70% when I first soaked the soil and only 7-8 hrs later it’s at 45% which sits there for 12 or so more hrs before lowering off to around 35. Does that sound like it’ll be fine for growing in a 5gal space bucket?

I don’t even use domes. Straight to soil and off to the races. Unless I’m cloning that’s a different story.

I can appreciate that. I’ve had real trouble getting seeds to sprout, I’m 100% on germinating them, but my first seed failed when I planted to final pot directly after germinating, 5 days went by and I checked around with a toothpick for it and saw the root didn’t grow at all and dried up, so I went a 2nd round and I checked on it only after 2 days this time and saw the root had made no progress but it was still white.

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So at the advice of somebody on here I popped it into a jiffy pellet, along with another seed I germed in advance just incase and they both sprouted within 36 hrs. I put the one I wanted to keep into the final pot when I saw roots growing out the bottom. And I’ve been using domes the whole way because I need every bit of help I can get.

Humidity domes? Do you use them

What is everyone’s opinions on humidity domes with a 5 gallon soil pots.

This last attempt I couldn’t get my humidity to stay right and it dropped to low with out humidity domes and I am thinking of using them the next time I pop seeds.

Pros and cons let me know

I’ve used these in the past and they work great. There are a few different sizes depending on what size pot you’re in

I haven’t used them for my most recent grow though. Instead, I have a low cfm extraction fan and a humidifier keeping the humidity around 60% in veg. That way it’s easier for me to monitor the temp and humidity.

I use cut 2 liter bottles. Works perfect!

this! and theyre a good way to protect seedlings from too much light if you keep with older plants

I am kinda looking for something a little more specific to gardening and not so (no offence) ghetto? Something I could have a bit more control for vent wise.

This last time my humidity dropped down to 35% and I tried everything to get it back up with out having to completely soak my soil and run a humidifier 24/7. Not home all the time to keep topping the humidifier up.

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