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Jack diesel seeds

Jack diesel seeds

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It is a strong and vigorous plant. Short internodal distances and a fat central bud transforms into a Sativa looking plant during flowering, extending its lateral branches and adding, at the end, a sea of ‘satellites’, hard crystalised buds. It has a very strong smell during flowering. Aroma combines touches of sandalwood, cedar and eucalyptus, with floral and citrusy notes typical for Diesel varieties.

Jack Diesel Cannabis Seeds

Jack Herer’s power adds to the power and aroma of New York City Diesel. The combination of parents with the best pedigree gave birth to this powerful hybrid, which can be included in any catalogue of every grower, from beginner to expert.
The plant is very productive and viable with strong indica-type vegetative growth with minimal distance between sets of branches and a thick central bud. During flowering, it turns into a sativa and extends lateral branches, at the end of which it creates many “satellites”, hard crystallized buds around a large central stem. The strong odour that emits is the reason for the use of odour filters. The plant is very gluttonous, the growing season indoors is better not to prolong.

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