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Lost cause seeds

Lost Cause Regular Seeds – 12

At last, a Lost Cause has been found! This Dutch Amnesia Haze hybrid takes the apogee of Dutch cannabis breeding and crosses it with a Do-Si-Dos male plant which has the effect of reducing flowering times to very interesting levels.

Lost Cause maintains the qualities for which Amnesia Haze has become world-famous and adds increased yield, faster flowering, huge resin production making an altogether stronger, sturdier plant. It grows into a medium to tall plant with quite high yields that is ready to harvest after just 65 days of flowering, much faster than Amnesia Haze by itself. The Do-Si-Dos genes lend colour and structure as well as powerful US-style flavours to the Haze mix making Lost Cause an attractive proposition to cannabis enthusiasts on both sides of the Atlantic.

Lost Cause Cannabis Seeds

The Amnesia Haze is the archetype and pinnacle of dutch breeding. All the wonderful characteristics of a proper dutch bubblegummy haze but on a strong framed plant, great yields, massive resin, and a short, 9 weeks or less flowering time. Archive most “dutch” plant in the line, she’s sure to please the discerning haze connoisseur. The Dosidos tames some of the astringent qualities and growth pattern of the Amnesia Haze with strong Colorful Indica genes that lead to more colorful, stocky structured, and potent American aromas that will please smokers on both sides of the pond.

Lost cause seeds

Lost Cause Regular Cannabis Seeds were created by crossing the infamous, award-winning, Amnesia Haze, with Archive Seeds own Dosidos, bringing together Dutch and American Genetics, resulting in a perfect blend of aromas and flavours which can be appreciated by all.

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Lost Cause can be cultivated indoors and outdoors, with plants becoming tall and structured, indoor flowering will last approximately 70 days, while producing an average sized yield.

Lost Cause plants display dark green leaves, while producing lime green, tightly packed buds, which become saturated in frosty, white, resinous crystals, joined with a mass of amber trichomes, emitting spicy and citrus aromas, with hints of sweet bubble gum, which can be enjoyed in the pleasant mix of flavours.

Lost Cause is a Sativa/ Indica hybrid, which delivers a balance of effects, initiated with a cerebral, euphoric head high, which is followed by a relaxation for the body, without it becoming overpowering, making this an ideal strain to be used at any time of the night or day.