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Lucy seeds

Juicy Lucy strain

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Juicy Lucy | Auto Seeds

Juicy Lucy by Auto Seeds is a feminised autoflowering cannabis seed that has its origins in the cross of a Cheese and a selected Ruderalis. It is a rather small sturdy marijuana plant with mid-sized leaves that yields generous crops with plenty of dense and resinous buds.

Juicy Lucy grows well in reduced indoor spaces as well as in discreet outdoor areas. It can even offer several crops per year if cultivated in temperate climates. It is advisable to add a 30% of coco coir to the substrate so as to optimize its production.

The flavour and aroma of Juicy Lucy are pronounced and flowery, with hints of Cheese and Skunk. It provides a potent, mostly physically relaxing effect.

Lucy seeds

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Juicy Lucy is the next generation of super yielding autoflowering strains.

For lovers of high yielding autos, we thought we’d do something a bit different and mix in the underground cult classic The Cheese with our huge yielding and super popular Auto Pounder.

As you’d expect we’ve brought all the best traits from our legendary yield king strain to the mix: massive yields, fast finishing time and ease of growth, crossing it with one of the most famous and highly potent strains available: The Cheese.

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Auto Pounder with Cheese thrives in an indoor setup and has a fast finishing time of only 70-75 days from seed. The slightly larger plant stature and high bud to leaf ratio are traits carried through from the original strain, helping keep yields in the region of 400g/m2.

The influence of The Cheese means resin production and potency have increased, with the thick, dense buds becoming covered in resin just prior to harvest. Indoors, growers should take caution as this strain gets stinky later in flowering. Outdoors it can get huge for an auto so make sure space isn’t an issue.

The increased potency and Skunk genetics of Cheese combine to make a truly memorable smoke. The classic sweet flavor of Auto Pounder is tempered with the original Cheese skunky undertones.

Auto Pounder with Cheese’s mix of maximum yield and cheesy taste will blow even the most ardent connoisseur away.