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Magik seeds

Magic Seeds

Magic Seeds are the upgraded version of a Magic Sphere. They are regarded as being stronger, with their magic strength equaling that of at least ten Magic Spheres, but they can only be obtained by growing a rare and delicate tree that requires a lot of attention.

Like the original, they are mainly used to power the Pollon and grant an Apprentice Witch the ability to use magic.

After being granted the Royal Patraine title, the girls gained Royal Seeds.



The Magic Seed is a small, music note-shaped object that comes in the same colors as the Magic Spheres.

They grow in bunches on small trees, and when not being used, they are inserted into the Tap.


Magic Seeds come from very special plants that require precise timing, water, and sunlight amounts in order to grow properly. It is very easy to accidentally ruin one, but if given enough care and attention they can produce several clusters of Magic Seeds.

Magic Seeds

Similar to blueprints, Magic Seeds produce structures by planting. The cost of construction is paid when crafting the Seed, which is recovered when uprooting the building, however the planting costs for the Magic House, Time Manipulator, and Monolith are not refunded. Each Seed has a weight of 10.

Note: the starting magic house on Eastern Island cannot be uprooted and does not allow night as a choice.

Magic Seeds [ ]

Seed Source Notes
Magic House Craft in Vine Copse: 8 Spirit Gems, 8 Alter Gems 1 Focus Gem to plant. Save and recover Stamina. Choose Day or Night.
Evo Magic House Craft in Talon Copse: 1 Magic House Seed, 2 Evolution Gems 1 Focus Gem to plant. Save and recover Stamina and Health. Choose Day or Night.
Forge Craft in Vine Copse: 1 Fire Gem, 8 Fire Tusks, 2 Horns Enchant items. Can build underground.
Synthesizer Craft in Vine Copse: 1 Plant Gem, 4 Fins, 1 Pearl Craft Food, Alter gems, Spirit Goggles. Can build underground.
Time Manipulator Craft in Vine Copse: 1 Ice Gem, 8 Icy Fur, 2 Ice Hearts, 1 Book of Time 1 Ice Gem to plant. Uncraft items, reset skills, set time. Can build underground.
Vine Copse Fish Trader; Craft in Vine Copse: 1 Plant Gem, 8 Plant Eyes Can only be planted on fertile grass tiles.
Coral Pen Fish Trader after “Coral Pen” quest Can be crafted in the Vine Copse for 2 magnegems and 4 blood gems. Can build underwater.
Coral Farm Fish Trader after “Coral Pen” quest Can be crafted in the Vine Copse for 4 magnegems, 4 blood gems, and 4 spirit gems. Can build underwater.
Evolution Chamber Fish Trader. Craft in Evolution Chamber: 1 Evolution Gem Craft Evolution Shards, -Gems and -Seeds.
Spirit Storehouse Seed Bought from Spirit, capture a Spirit Ox Store all items. Share space within save.

Acts like one storehouse with multiple entrances, so you can put items in at one location and access them in another.

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