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Maui berry seeds

Miracle Berry (Synsepalum dulcificum)

This listing is for ONE (1) Miracle Fruit (Synsepalum dulcificum) SEED grown in Maui, Hawaii. Add this slow growing + highly container suitable fun little tree to your plant collection. Have the enjoyment of growing your Miracle Berry plant from a seed. We have been growing several of these plants in containers in a slightly shaded area of our garden for years now. They are still quite compact yet happy. Around 3 years old they will produce bright red berries for you. The fruit contains ‘miraculin’ which bonds with your taste buds to disguise any sour food that you eat afterwards (for about an hour) making it taste sweet!

THERE IS ONE (1) CLEANED/NO PULP SEED PER PACKET. We suggest GERMINATING your fresh/live seed indoors INSIDE the SEALED BAGGIE it will arrive in. Your seed will be shipped in damp paper toweling in a sealed plastic baggie. Listing price includes shipping + Hawaii State Agricultural Inspection.

PLEASE READ UP ON THE SOIL REQUIREMENTS FOR THIS VERY SLOW GROWING container suitable PLANT. We have our plants growing in containers with a 50/50 Peat Moss with Perlite mix. We also give them LOTS of left over/used Coffee grounds and they seem to love it (so do our Gardenias + Blackberry Jam Fruit Bushes).
These are very slow growing plants. The bushes shown in the photos are grown from seed and are about 8 years old and barely knee high.

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Grow a little bit of Maui in your Garden today.

Royal Mauiberry Cannabis Seeds by Emerald Mountain Legacy

Royal Mauiberry regular cannabis seeds from Emerald Mountain Legacy is one of several new strains dropped by this exciting California-based seed company, all of which are based on the elite Royal Kush strain bred by the late, great Mack Anderson AKA Mandelbrot / Ras Truth.

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Royal Mauiberry is a balanced hybrid derived from a cross of (Blackberry Kush x Diesel Maui Dog) x Royal Kush. Royal Mauiberry derives her strain name from her immediate lineage – this is a melting pot of exquisite genetics and this elite strain showcases that fact from bean to bud. Fruity, chemmy flavours are in plentiful supply, backed by the signature diesel fuel terps from the Royal Kush, letting you know you’re dealing with an authentic, Northern Cali strain blessed with Mandelbrot’s golden touch.

Royal Mauiberry flowers in 9-10 weeks and test cultivations conducted by Emerald Mountain Legacy in their legal Californian facility have shown very high-yielding plants with heavy resin production and a truly unique terpene profile.

This exclusive strain is sure to be popular with collectors and those who admire and respect the pioneering work of Mandelbrot – without whom, the cannabis industry is a much poorer place.

Royal Mauiberry is available now from PureSativa in packs of 12 regular seeds.

Poha Berry (Physalis peruviana)

This listing is for 50+ Poha Berry SEEDS. Poha is the Hawaiian name for Physalis peruviana, Cape Gooseberry. Tiny seeds easily germinate. Your Poha Berry will grow into a low bush, the tiny bright orange fruits are similar looking to a small Tomatillo. The berries are the size of small marbles and have a unique taste, somewhat sweet and tart at the same time.

The seeds are shipped DRIED.
Try growing this and the many other Hawaiian fruit and flower seeds offered.