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Mystery jazz seeds

What’s the most ominous, mysterious, disturbing or sinister jazz you know?

Wayne Shorter’s Speak No Evil has some lovely augmented chords which lends a sense of mystery. With song titles like Danse Macabre, there’s also an ominous overall tone as well.

I second Bitches Brew. Thing blows my mind with the images it conjures every time I hear it

The Davis album I’d nominate first is Get Up With It.
Execution Ground, though mysterious isn’t a word I’d think to use of it.
Angels and Demons at Play

edit: side B of Crossings is super eerie.

The Olatunji Concert: The Last Live Recording is unlike anything else I’ve heard in jazz. The final piece is so angry and remorseful it’s difficult to adequately describe.
Amassed, particularly track 2, 3 and 8. More atmospheric than the first pick, but they match the free jazz description and function exceptionally well as morphing mood pieces.
Bitches Brew is also great for reasons stated above.

For more music that matches your description, there’s a dedicated genre for it called “Dark Jazz”. Perhaps you could give it a spin 😛

I remember Excursion, a piece of Bennie Maupin from his Jewel in the lotus quite ominous and very strange for a jazz piece. It’s not on youtube unfortunately.

Grachan Moncur III definitely has written certain pieces that are very dark and with a atmosphere of suspense and tension

and an early classic

I forgot Black Moon of Bernard Peiffer, (a piece composed by a jazz pianist altough I’m not sure it could be considered strictly jazz)

Arizona Officials Have Identified Some Mystery Seeds Sent From China

In summer 2020, unsolicited seeds, labeled as a variety of things such as beads and jewelry, arrived in mailboxes around the United States, prompting investigation by U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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This summer, many Americans — including Arizona residents — were perplexed when they received mysterious seed packets in the mail from China.

The United States Department of Agriculture launched an investigation and established guidelines for recipients. The shipments have decreased but not stopped completely.

Despite a slowdown of shipments, the USDA is still receiving reports of unsolicited seeds.

While a majority of Arizona’s reports have come from the Phoenix and Tucson areas, all 15 counties have reported the mysterious parcels.

State Plant Health Director Michael Wallace says the trends he’s seeing in Arizona fall into two categories.

“Either people have ordered seeds online, but were unaware that they’ve been sent from a foreign country, and realized when they received them that they wouldn’t comply with U.S. import requirements,” Wallace said. “Or people just received seeds, even if they didn’t order any, and that I think has been the bulk of those.

Wallace believes the latter packages are part of a “brushing scam,” which is a deceitful technique used to boost ratings and optimize search engine rankings for online merchants.

Wallace also said the specific type of seeds that Arizonans are receiving are ornamental fruit, vegetables, herbs and wheat.

Risks attached to planting these seeds include the potential of seed-borne viruses and other diseases.