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Native seed cannabis company

Native Seed®

Wife and husband founded, we wanted to create cannabis products we felt comfortable consuming. Our mission has always been to provide truly nutritious, delicious, consistent, and safe cannabis products for consumers while educating people on the benefits of healing foods and medicinal plants.

Focused on wellness, healthy cannabis-infused edibles, solventless concentrates, & boutique flowers, Native Seed creates artisan cannabis products made with the highest quality ingredients for the mind, body, + soul.

Your body relies on what you provide it. When you give your body wholesome, earth-given foods it generates the energy you need to be well and healthy. Cannabis offers many medicinal properties that enable us to live purely, just as nature intended. Mother Earth provides us with essentials including these healing plants, and plants rely on nature’s natural cycle to live healthy, just as we do. When humans disrupt that cycle by contaminating crops with harmful chemicals, that transfers to the human body after consumption and in turn, does the opposite of the intention behind that nourishment.

We choose to keep the plant in its natural state and provide it with earth-given foods to thrive, just as we do. There are never any harmful chemicals in the cannabis products we offer because we believe that is unsafe for consumption by anyone or anything. We believe in the power of nutrient dense plants and the interaction between cannabis and healthy foods for optimum healing benefits.

We are passionate about health and wellness and that is our intention behind starting this company. We are committed to serving you the most quality cannabis California offers, guaranteed.

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Tropical Thunder!

Native Seed Cannabis Co. was started in Oakland by a married couple, Katy and Robbie, who now reside in the redwoods of Mendocino County. Their goal is to create cannabis products they’d feel good about consuming, including pesticide-free flower, nutritious and delicious edibles and solventless rosins. Their Strawberry Banana concentrate is a cross between Indiana Bubblegum and Banana OG, blended by Dark Heart Nursery (who have been providing healthy clones since 2007).

Their solventless, sustainable rosin shot me from the redwoods of Northern California and face-first into a fruit smoothie. After smoking, the room filled with sweet and sour notes of strawberries while my nose picked up hints of banana. When I closed my eyes I felt as though I was sipping daiquiris on some tropical island in the back of my head; for a solid hour, I floated in a tide pool of bliss. This offering from Native Seed creates your own little slice of paradise!