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Northern pineapple seeds

Pineapple Express Seeds

An illuminating review of the Pineapple Express cannabis strain. Learn essential cultivation tips, where to buy Pineapple Express seeds, and the creative experience that Pineapple Express provides.

We all experience moments where the mind ceases to flow with creative thoughts. Some call it writer’s block, but perhaps it’s something more profound than a phrase.

In most cases, individuals feel a slowdown in creative energy when the season changes or an accumulation of stressors from daily life. Whatever the cause, the result is a mind that lacks direction.

If you want to jump-start your mind and leave the stagnation behind, there’s nothing better than sativa-dominant hybrids. Sativa-dominant hybrids contain the energetic and cerebral effects necessary to elevate the mind without pushing the psychedelic envelope.

One of the best sativa-dominant hybrids is Pineapple Express. The buds of Pineapple Express are incredibly popular among medical marijuana patients, creatives, and those that wish to turn their mind into a playground. If you want to leave the ego behind and indulge in your true creative nature, Pineapple Express is for you.

Read along to learn everything about Pineapple Express, such as cultivation tips, medical properties, and where you can buy Pineapple Express Seeds.

Pineapple Express Seeds – Strain ID:

Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Cannabinoids: 18-26% THC
Terpenes: Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene
Effects: Euphoria, Creative, Energetic
Landrace Strain: Trainwreck x Hawaiin

Grow Difficulty: Moderate
Harvest: 7-8 Weeks / 9 Weeks
Yield: 500g/㎡ / 550g/plant
Height: Up to 4 feet/ >5 feet
(*Indoor / Outdoor)

The Best Pineapple Express Feminized Seeds in 2022:

• 23% THC
• Harvest: 8-10 Weeks
• Yield: 500g/㎡

• Shipping Worldwide
• Germination Guarantee
• Credit Cards & Bitcoin Accepted

• 5 Seeds – $65
• 10 Seeds – $120
• 25 Seeds – $240

• 19% THC
• Harvest: 8-9 Weeks
• Yield: 450-550g/㎡

• Discreet Shipping Worldwide
• Guaranteed Delivery
• Bitcoin Accepted

• Out of Stock

About Pineapple Express Seeds


The Pineapple Express strain has been around longer than the movie with the same name. Although other reviews say otherwise, the movie Pineapple Express did not precede the strain.

Pineapple Express has been a viral strain in the Netherlands and is believed to be created by either Barney’s Farm or G13 Labs. There have been disputes as to who bred it first, but the lineage is clear.

Pineapple Express seeds are the result of a cross between Trainwreck and Hawaii.

Regardless of who the original breeder was, Pineapple Express was an immediate hit because of its fruit-bowl flavor. Overall, cannabis enthusiasts worldwide couldn’t get enough fruit-filled terpenes, sky-high yield, robust potency, and wondrous effects.

Pineapple Express seeds are available in feminized, regular, and even autoflowering form. When cultivators need one of the best sativa-dominant hybrids in town — they reach for Pineapple Express seeds.

Growing Pineapple Express Seeds

There are a few aspects that you need to know before you break out your Pineapple Express seeds.

First, the branches on Pineapple Express are not robust, and you must use supports to prevent them from toppling over. Next, you must super crop of FIM if you’re not ready to use a machete to find your way out of a Pineapple Express jungle.

As long as you consider these aspects, your garden will be ready to produce some large Pineapple Express buds that glisten with resin.

Grow Difficulty:

The Pineapple Express strain is a moderately difficult strain to grow.

As we mentioned earlier in this review, Pineapple Express isn’t the most robust plant on the block. The growth structure of Pineapple Express is similar to landrace sativas. The growth traits of Pineapple Express are slender branches and a plethora of branches.

Many novice growers may feel overwhelmed by such a vigorous and lanky plant. However, if you use preventative measures, you can cultivate Pineapple Express with ease.

Optimal Growing Conditions and Climate:

The best conditions to grow Pineapple Express is in a Mediterranean climate.

Pineapple Express enjoys an abundance of light, warm weather, and a moderate level of humidity. The optimal temperature range for Pineapple Express is between 74-85°F.

The best moisture level for Pineapple Express plants is between 40-50%. Remember, the majority of Pineapple Express’s lineage is landrace sativa, which means long sunshine hours and warmth.

Pineapple Express grows exceptionally well indoors and outdoors. If you grow Pineapple Express seeds outdoors, you must plant it in a sunny area that does not regularly receive shade. If you grow Pineapple Express seeds indoors, a 600-watt HID is the minimum requirement.

As a word of caution to outdoor growers — make sure your Pineapple Express crop avoids significant wind. The branches are weak and may break from strong gusts of wind.

Flowering Time:

The breeder of Pineapple Express deserves serious kudos.

Pineapple Express flowers within 8-weeks, which is incredibly fast for a sativa-dominant hybrid that features landrace traits. It’s rare to find a sativa that flowers under 10-weeks, but Pineapple Express does it all.

Depending on the pheno, Pineapple Express seeds can finish within 7-8-weeks indoors. If you grow Pineapple Express seeds outdoors, you may harvest by early September.


The Pineapple Express strain yields upwards of 500-grams per meter squared. Outdoors, Pineapple Express produces over 550-grams per plant. Overall, Pineapple Express generates a bountiful harvest of top-shelf buds.


Pineapple Express grows tall.

If you grow Pineapple Express seeds indoors, you must implement height-reducing techniques. The FIM, topping, LST, ScrOG, and super cropping techniques are all tried-and-true methods that will reduce the height of Pineapple Express.

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If you plant Pineapple Express seeds outdoors, you can benefit by super cropping the branches. By doing so, your Pineapple Express plants will tower above you and yield buckets of bud.

Resistance to Pests and Mold:

The Pineapple Express strain is highly resistant to common pests and diseases.

However, you must always implement preventative measures to ensure a healthy crop. The most straightforward protocol to follow is IPM guidelines.

  • Keep the garden clean
  • Inspect the crop daily
  • Apply organic Neem oil during the vegetative stage
  • Adequately space the plants
  • Increase ventilation and air circulation in the garden
  • Always wear clean clothes into the garden
  • Never accept clones or plant material from another grower

Strain Description and Properties

The Appearance of Pineapple Express Weed:

Pineapple Express is the sativa queen and a feast for the eyes.

As you glance at the trichome-laden flowers, the pistils burst forth along every centimeter. The calyxes build on top of one another to create foxtail towers that enhance the visual experience. Overall, the buds of Pineapple Express are semi-dense, long, and tapered.

As you glance at the trichome-laden flowers, the pistils burst forth along every centimeter. The calyxes build on top of one another to create foxtail towers that enhance the visual experience.

Dominant Cannabinoids Found in Pineapple ExpressSeeds:

The dominant cannabinoid in Pineapple Express seeds is THC. The CBD ratio in Pineapple Express weed is nonexistent, and THC takes center stage.

Overall, Pineapple Express flowers produce between 18-26% THC. Pineapple Express seeds express a wide range of phenotypes, and you may get lucky with a high THC pheno that will rock your world.

Dominant Terpenes Found in Pineapple Express Seeds:

As you can imagine, Pineapple Express is heavy on the fruit-forward terpenes.

As you open a jar of Pineapple Express weed, the dank aroma of fermented pineapple, lemon, pine, and cedar wafts throughout the room. One whiff of Pineapple Express weed, and you’ll imagine you’re in the tropics.

The flavor of Pineapple Express weed provides layers of muscovado sugar, sour pineapple, sweet citrus, and mango undertones. Hit after hit, Pineapple Express is a mouthful of pure dankness.

The three dominant terpenes in Pineapple Express seeds are:

  • Caryophyllene
  • Myrcene
  • Limonene

Effects of Pineapple Express Weed:

Hands down the dopest dope I’ve ever smoked.

As you take your first puff of Pineapple Express, this quote may suddenly become very apparent. The onset of Pineapple Express is immediate and provides instant euphoria. However, the euphoria is grounded and doesn’t spin out of control.

As the effects build, all of your worries will fade away. Creativity and curiosity march to the forefront of your mind. Pineapple Express weed enhances everything, from writing poetry to reading a book. Furthermore, a subtle boost in energy gives you the motivation to accomplish any task.

As the uplifting effects wear off, a strong sense of relaxation creeps into your body. At this point, nothing sounds better than a bowl full of popcorn and a movie like Pineapple Express.

Medical Properties of Pineapple Express Seeds:

Medical marijuana patients rejoice — Pineapple Express is here.

Pineapple Express is one of the best medical marijuana strains available. However, it’s not a common strain to find in a dispensary near you. If you need the therapeutic quality that Pineapple Express provides, you must find Pineapple Express seeds for sale.

Here’s a list of medical issues that Pineapple Express weed can assist with:

  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Stress

Negative Effects of Pineapple Express Weed:

The primary adverse effect of consuming Pineapple Express weed is a sense of anxiety. Consuming too much Pineapple Express weed may cause an instance of paranoia and fear.

Furthermore, you may experience blood-shot eyes and cottonmouth.

Pros/Cons of Growing Pineapple Express Seeds

  • Pineapple Aroma and Flavor
  • High THC Content
  • Medicinal Quality
  • Bag Appeal
  • Fast Flowering Time
  • Excellent Effects
  • May Cause Paranoia
  • Difficult to Find Genuine Pineapple Express Seeds

The Best Pineapple Express Feminized Seeds in 2022:

• 23% THC
• Harvest: 8-10 Weeks
• Yield: 500g/㎡

• Shipping Worldwide
• Germination Guarantee
• Credit Cards & Bitcoin Accepted

• 5 Seeds – $65
• 10 Seeds – $120
• 25 Seeds – $240

• 19% THC
• Harvest: 8-9 Weeks
• Yield: 450-550g/㎡

• Discreet Shipping Worldwide
• Guaranteed Delivery
• Bitcoin Accepted

• Out of Stock

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Pineapple Express Seeds – Feminized

With the increasing legalization of recreational and medical marijuana throughout the states, Pineapple Express could become a market leader. Barney’s Farm developed this Sativa-dominant strain, and since then, the strain has remained a favorite among weed enthusiasts. The combination of insane THC levels, irresistible aroma and taste, and high yields both outdoors and indoors has pushed the demand for Pineapple Express seeds to extreme levels. Read on to understand why having Pineapple Express feminized seeds should be on your bucket list.


Indoor 1.3 – 2 (oz/ft²)

Outdoor 12 – 14 oz per plant


Indoor 49 – 63 days


Table of content

Indoor Yield 1.3 – 2 oz/ft² (350 – 400 g/m²)
Outdoor Yield 12 – 14 oz (350 – 400 gr) per plant
Flowering Time 49 – 63 days
Height Medium
THC level 16 – 25 %
CBD level Low
Climate Mild
Grow Difficulty Moderate
Flavors Pineapple / Tropical / Apples / Fruity / Citrusy
Effect Relaxed / Uplifted / Euphoria / Happiness
Type 40% Indica / 60% Sativa
Parents Trainwreck x Hawaiian
Cultivate Indoors & Outdoors

The Genotype of Pineapple Express Seeds

Pineapple Express strain seeds are a hybrid whose properties lean slightly to the Sativa side (60% Sativa, 40% Indica). The Barney’s Farm developed it after crossing Trainwreck and Hawaiian cannabis strains.

The Phenotype of Pineapple Express Seeds

Exposing the genotypes in Pineapple Express weed seeds to the environment activates the phenotypes. Phenotypes are observable features in a plant, and Pineapple Express is not an exception. Here is a list of features that make Pineapple Express strain seeds call the shots in the cannabis industry:

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First, the flower buds in Pineapple Express weed have densely packed buds. The buds are also tapered and long, like the ordinary Sativa-dominant strain. A combination of the dense and long-tapered flower buds clears any doubt about this strain being a hybrid.

Second, the buds, which are crystalline and sugary, also tend to have a sagey and green shade that might also have a hazy yellow color. The nuggets are also covered in amber-orange pistils that curl to the outside.

The water leaves in Pineapple Express are exceptionally long, a feature that makes them outstanding. The leaves also have a range of colors, from deep green to burgundy reds and even burnt oranges. This color variation makes growers rush to grab the Pineapple Express weed seeds to satisfy their optical desires.

Flowering Time

After the germination of Pineapple Express marijuana seeds and the vegetative phase, the plants take between 49 to 63 days to complete the flowering stage in indoor conditions. When the Pineapple Express feminized seeds are cultivated outdoors, they germinate and complete the flowering period in mid-October.

Pineapple Express seeds have also grabbed the attention of growers due to their high potency in terms of THC. With an average of 16 to 25% THC, this is one of the most potent strains in the market today. The high potency explains why novice marijuana users find this strain too strong for their liking.

Pineapple Express seeds harbor an extremely low CBD profile which explains the reason behind the high potency. If you are looking for a cannabis strain with a considerable CBD amount, Pineapple Express should feminize seeds, not on your bucket list.

Effects of Pineapple Express

Forget about the movies that hype weed, making users appear bonkers and get the real experience of Pineapple Express. The first effect that kicks in after a session is a compilation of euphoria.

You are likely to get an abnormal energetic effect that could push you to complete chores without getting tired. The Sativa properties also activate your moods, leaving you feeling better.

After the Sativa effects wear out, a certain calming effect kicks in, leaving you relaxed, thanks to the Indica properties. At this point, you might experience an exceptional numbing feeling, making the pain go away.

The numbing and calming effects might also induce a hazy feeling, making your concentration hard. If you have low THC tolerance, the hazy feeling might culminate into couch-lock. Cannabis junkies find these rollercoaster effects irresistible and explain why the high demand for Pineapple Express seeds.

Other effects synonymous with Pineapple Express weed are mellow hunger pangs due to the Indica properties and cottonmouth. You can suppress the symptoms of these effects by taking adequate meals and water, respectively.

Recreational Effects

If you are a recreational weed user, you should have a well-laid plan to buy Pineapple Express seeds for sale. The Sativa properties keep you excited, with hints of paranoia, an effect that many cannabis enthusiasts find irresistible. On the other hand, the Indica properties induce calming effects that allow the user to stay focused during a movie session or meditating.

Medical Effects

Medical experts believe that Pineapple Express seeds harbor several health benefits. The sedative effects from the Indica properties make this cannabis ideal for suppressing chronic pain and inflammation. People who have self-medicated using this strain have recorded an improvement in the condition of their menstrual cramps, muscle spasms, and migraines.

The Sativa-Indica combo also comes in handy when it comes to the management of mental and mood disorders. The balance between the Indica and Sativa makes this strain effective in managing bipolar disorder, PTSD, ADHD, and depression. The potential in these properties makes the demand for Pineapple Express seeds to shoot up.

Taste and Aroma of Pineapple Express

The aroma and flavor of this strain make the demand for Pineapple Express seeds for sale at a staggering all-time high. Fresh flower buds produce a fruity and floral aroma, making them irresistible to all cannabis lovers.

When you first hit the blunt, you will notice a flavor made of apples with fruity and citrusy notes. After exhalation, you might also get notes of pineapple on the tongue. The whirlwind of pleasure due to the aroma and flavor makes that all cannabis growers must try the Pineapple Express cannabis seeds out.

The Yield of Pineapple Express Seeds

The yield from Pineapple Express marijuana seeds depends on the grower’s experience. When you keep the growing conditions optimal in an indoor setup, the Pineapple Express cannabis seeds can yield between 1.1 – 1.3 oz/ft² (350 – 400 g/m²). On the other hand, growing the Pineapple Express marijuana seeds outdoors can yield between 12 – 14 oz (350 – 400 gr) per plant.

Final Thoughts on Pineapple Express Seeds

From the article above, it is clear that Pineapple Express seeds are here to stay. Legalizing recreational and medical marijuana has made many cannabis pharmacies stock Pineapple Express marijuana seeds for interest buyers. Sadly, most of the sellers stock low-grade and overpriced products. You can avoid these constraints by reaching out to us for advice and grab a few high-grade Pineapple Express cannabis seeds and grow on your own this amazing strain.