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Og kush cannabis seeds

Magic OG Kush

Crossing a celebrated hard-hitting cannabis strain like OG Kush with the traditional raw indica power of Hindu Kush, and then adding our Green Magic genetics as a special touch… It may sound like alchemy, or some mad scientist’s plan, but it’s still our recipe for creating Magic OG Kush, an intense, flavour-packed hybrid leaning on the cannabis indica side of the spectrum. Plant some of these magic beans in your garden or grow room and watch those bulging, sticky Magic OG Kush buds spread their classic scent and full-body stone effect as if by… magic!

Magic OG Kush Cannabis Seeds

You don’t earn a name like Magic OG Kush simply by looking pretty, no matter how much these big, bright green colas please the eye. No, what you really need is some royalty in your pedigree. Magic OG Kush definitely has that queenly touch. From the fabled highlands of India comes her near-mythical Hindu Kush ancestry, which brings a pretty hefty high for such a deliciously pure strain. From the other end of the planet, OG Kush owes its name to her Ocean-Grown origins by the Pacific shores of California. In a final stroke of genetic genius, our breeders added the DNA of our very own, White Choco-related Green Magic strain. That’s a whole lot of indica magic stuffed into one seed, and trust us: you’ll notice that as soon as you harvest is in.


Indica genetics like those abundantly present in Magic OG Kush seeds tend to work their magic mainly on the body. That is exactly what we aimed for in developing this powerful strain: a great tasting indica hybrid that brings waves of relaxing sensations from toes to fingertips. You can rest assured that a 19% THC content will not go unnoticed. Still, body and mind are never completely separated, so as you feel your muscles wind down, the Magic OG Kush touch sends your brain strong signals that all is well. That will cause your body buzz to spread upwards, causing a pleasantly drowsy, lazy sense of satisfaction. At higher doses, this expands to the state of couchlock: a heavy-limbed physical sensation that will act as the only brake on your urge to clean out your fridge for the next few hours.

Medical Potential

The deep body effects of so much indica history make Magic OG Kush well-suited for combating pain, even for patients suffering from chronic pain. Interestingly, this strain is also recommended for handling headaches including migraines, which may well be due to her 40% sativa hybrid profile. Stress relief is her other major forte: just try to stay uptight once this soothing madame gets a hold of you. If you opt for an extended evening session or a bit of a Magic OG Kush nightcap, you may find yourself drifting off halfway through.

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Flavour & Aroma

Great kush strains are usually easy to detect by their earthy, musky flower scent. Melanges of terpenes like myrcene and humulene convey a herbal aroma reminding of a stroll in on woodland turf, with a twist of pinene for added pine tree richness. The natural woodland fragrance of Magic OG Kush is spiked with a generous splash of citrus by the limonene terpenes she produces in her bulging trichomes. As far as we’re concerned, any connoisseur looking for a taste of that classic kush goodness should grow Magic OG Kush cannabis seeds at least once.

Growing Magic OG Kush Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis indica-heavy strains tend to grow fast and furious to make the most of all the sunlight their original home region granted. Today, strains like Magic OG Kush are cultivated all over the planet, and yet, her rapid growth rate is still widely appreciated. Once she starts to flower, her tantalizing scent fills the air for about 8 weeks before she is ripe for harvest. By that time, you will be rewarded with heavy flower buds covered in layers of sticky resinous trichomes. Harvest-time yields can rise to half a kilo or even 600 grams per square metre under ideal indoor conditions, but this plant can do almost as well, and in some cases even better, in favourable outdoor settings.

Bright green flowers sprinkled with orange hairs reward the grower at the end of the cycle. Before that time comes, though, you will enjoy the compact stature of Magic OG Kush, which makes her a wonderful match for anyone with limited space in the yard or a tiny spare bedroom. Such a compact build does come with some risks, though: be very careful about mildew and bud rot developing in the later stages of flowering. Buds verge on the morbidly obese in optimal conditions, so you may want to consider SCRoG or SOG techniques for better spread, and pruning for improved airflow. Indoors, a heightened susceptibility for diseases transmitted via the soil makes Magic OG Kush a fine strain for hydroponics setups.

Og kush cannabis seeds

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OG Kush, formally clone only is now available to purchase from DNA Genetics! This amazing strain is one the most demanded strains in the USA and gets the highest price across the boards! DNA Genetics OG Kush has great bag appeal and an odour that screams OG Kush! OG Kush stretches in veg but seems to fill herself out in flower. She has smaller nug’s but super dense so that you still get a good yielder. Super cropping her while she’s growing will help maintain her height while increasing the yield! The smell is like fuel and the taste is incredible! If you are into a strong medicine then look no further with the OG Kush. If the legend is what you are after look no further you have found the one, the master strain!

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Legal Disclaimer: This website should not be visited by anyone under the age of 18. Warning! Germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in most countries including the USA. These seeds are sold by as collectable adult souvenirs to help preserve the cannabis genetics for future generations. Please do not ask questions on how to grow these seeds as under current legislation it is illegal to grow them or encourage their growth through giving advice. Any information on the packaging of the seeds, marketing material or websites, is given for the educational purpose or purpose of differentiation. It is not intended to condone, promote or incite the use of illegal or controlled substances. As a customer, you are prohibited from distributing seeds we supply to countries where possession of and/or trafficking in cannabis seeds or other seeds is illegal. is a dutch company and sells predominately to dutch customers. By selling cannabis seeds to persons unable to grow cannabis, We are helping to circulate and preserve the pool of cannabis genetics. The illegality of cannabis has caused a major reduction in its gene pool, leading to a higher risk of extinction of major cannabis seed strains. This cannot be allowed to happen and it is our responsibility and our human right to protect Nature & Genetics.

O.G. Kush Feminised Seeds

There are many good reasons why OG Kush has become so popular. Now available as a feminized variety from Royal Queen Seeds, so you can try out this amazing strain yourself.

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OG Kush has a history that is swathed in mystery and confusion. The most likely version of its background is as a cross of ChemDawg with Pakistani Kush and Lemon Thai. It has achieved great prominence after being championed by an assortment of movie stars and music performers, especially amongst rap artists. The medical marijuana community has also really gone for this strain in a big way.

The smell of this strain is really quite attention-grabbing; it is very powerful and combines an ultra-dank quality with citrus and a diesel fuel/detergent aroma. It is quite unmistakable and once experienced it is never to be forgotten. It is a 75% indica strain that can be cultivated indoors as well as outdoors in mild climates. Although the higher latitudes of northern Europe are a stretch for this strain it will do well at slightly lower latitudes and a mild continental climate will be fine.

Indoor growers will see plants that grow to a height of between 90 – 160 cm. tall producing great harvests of about 425 – 475 gr/m 2 in a flowering time of between 7 and 9 weeks. Outdoors plants can grow to be 220 cm tall if planted in large pots or, better still, directly into the ground where the roots have lots of space to spread out. In northern latitudes harvest time will be during the month of October with production of up to 500 – 550 gr/plant. Buds grow large and dense with a light green colour and are covered in a heavy coating of resin.

The flavour is deliciously more-ish with a persistent after-taste that goes on and on. THC production is high at 19% with medium CBD. Its effect is potent both in the cerebral as well as the physical sense and gives feelings of happiness and euphoria. After a while a wonderful feeling of relaxation takes over and it’s easy to see just why OG Kush has gained such a following amongst therapeutic users for stress, pain, depression and insomnia.