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Cannabis Seeds – Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid Feminized Photoperiod Seeds! Discover our collection of Cannabis Seeds, Auto flowering Seeds, Feminized Seeds, and photoperiod seeds! Properly stored and packaged! Buy your cannabis seeds online from the biggest seedshop. Stealth worldwide shipping. Best price guarantee. Excellent service. Get the best strains today! ALICANTE, Spain, July 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Herbies Seeds today announced the launch of Cannabis Seeds online sales in Thailand. Find out why buying cannabis seeds in Thailand from Herbies is such a great idea and what makes shopping in our seed store such a satisfying experience. Despite the recent legalization of growing marijuana in Thailand, buying weed seeds is still a sensitive subject for many Thai people who feel vulnerable when they’re getting ready to place their first order onl

Cannabis Seeds

Shopping for cannabis seeds for sale online means that while there is a wide range of weed seeds to choose from, it is essential to choose a reliable source and get your hands on the best pot seeds possible. Everything 420 cannabis seed collections are fully vetted as high quality weed seeds, stored in a temperature controlled room and individually hand packaged as a means for quality control prior to shipping directly to your doorstep. Choose from feminized (photoperiod) and autoflowering cannabis seeds for sale with several different sativa, indica and hybrid strains available to best fit your needs.

How to buy cannabis seeds online?

Now how do you even buy cannabis seeds online? You’re probably wondering if it’s that easy to add to cart and purchase like you would do with one of our bongs or pipes. The answer is YES, it is indeed as simple as choosing which strains you’d like, add to cart and it will be shipped to your door in no time. The part to pay attention to, though, is which seeds you’re buying. There are three different types of seeds to choose from at Everything 420: feminized cannabis seeds and autoflowering cannabis seeds. Feminized weed seeds are a great choice for those that have some growing experience, and while the difficulty of cultivation for feminized cannabis seeds are moderate, the lighting schedule is something to consider as feminized seeds are extra dependent on the amount of light and darkness they receive. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are an excellent option for newbies that feel they are taking a shot in the dark with homegrowing. Cultivation difficulty is on an easy level and the best part about autoflowering seeds is that they are not very needy and there is no need to pay as much attention to them as other kinds of pot seeds. Both feminized and autoflowering weed seeds available online at EF420 offer convenience to home grow cannabis in the comfort of your own space without having to worry about any lack in quality. The only thing you should be considering is what type of cannabis seed to buy (feminized or autoflower?) and what strain (sativa, indica, or hybrid). Leave the rest to the cannabis seeds to do the work!

Bestsellers of the month

If you still have no clue which cannabis seeds to buy online, we got you covered. Here are some of our top best selling weed seeds that you should be adding to cart ASAP, with feminized and autoflowering pot seeds to choose from to best suit your preference. All cannabis seeds sold through Everything 420 comes in a three-pack or a five-pack so you can take a few cracks at nurturing your green thumb.

Bruce Banner Autoflower Seeds. A popular weed strain most commonly found in dispensaries, why not grow your own at home? Bruce Banner autoflower cannabis seeds are a hybrid of 60% sativa and 40% indica, bred from Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush parent strains. This is an excellent starter pack for beginners that need some room for forgiveness, and those that want the choice of growing indoors or outdoors.

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower Seeds. Are you a GSC fan through thick and thin? One of the most typically known strains that is consistently dank despite the grower, Girl Scout Cookies autoflower seeds are an earthy and pungent option that is predominantly 80% indica and 20% sativa.

White Fire OG Feminized Seeds. Take a stab at working with feminized photoperiod seeds like the White Fire OG feminized cannabis seeds available. For indoor or outdoor growers, this strain is a hybrid of 60% indica and 40% sativa. While it might require a bit more attention than autoflowering seeds, a little more TLC towards cannabis plants can only enhance its quality.

GMO Cookies Feminized Seeds. Another feminized and photoperiod strain, GMO Cookies feminized seeds are a predominantly 80% indica and 20% sativa for a heavier hybrid mix from Chemdog and GSC parent strains. Great for beginners that want both indoor or outdoor grow spaces, feminized photoperiod strains do best with consistent lighting schedules and will really show out for you if given the right nutrients.

Mimosa Feminized Seeds. If you are an avid brunch goer, Mimosa feminized seeds are the perfect addition to your household for epic wake and bake pre-brunch festivities. A hybrid mix of 70% sativa and 30% indica, this is definitely a daytime strain that will mix especially well with weekend festivities.

Why cannabis seeds from

There are many online shops to browse around and decide which cannabis seeds are best for you, so how do you really know which site is the best to use if it’s your first time trying out this whole home grower thing? Besides weed seed quality, the trust and reliability of a brand is just as important. At, each step of the process from handling the product to packaging and shipping to your doorstep is heavily monitored for quality control as we are always looking to make improvements and add value to the consumer experience. Customers rave about our quick shipping and the extra precautions we take to securely package products that will be delivered safely and discreetly to your door. Do you live with your parents or have an uncool roommate and want to hide your plans to create a weed garden? Regardless of how big or small a product is, EF420 will always offer discretion during delivery as we highly believe that everyone should mind their business and live their best life unbothered. A powerful combination of excellent customer service, top quality pot seeds, and fast shipping in discreet packaging – see for yourself if you haven’t already, and let us know what you think!

What to choose?

Let’s face it, if you are unaware of the ins and outs of cannabis seeds and cannabis cultivation, most of this information is going way over your head and you might have already clocked out. If you got this far, we highly encourage you to continue reading for a quick breakdown of how to better understand the world of cannabis cultivation through weed seeds.

Indica or sativa?

This is definitely a personal preference, as indica and sativa strains offer different outcomes depending on the strain. General knowledge of indica and sativa amongst consumers is that indica strains are more sedating, giving the “couch lock effect”, while sativa strains give more of an upbeat energy and are better utilized during daytime hours. Indica strains are typically grown in northern climates that are colder, which means their life growth cycle is shorter to accommodate for shorter seasons. Sativa, on the other hand, thrive in warmer, humid climates. Sativa strains typically take longer to grow as they are used to longer seasonal months with the ability to get some extra light and nutrients. Indica plants are also shorter and more stocky than sativa plants that grow long in length. If you are unsure of whether you want a faster paced strain or one that takes its time and gives a different feeling, try a hybrid strain that gives the best of both worlds. In terms of growing indica or sativa, their growth life cycles will vary and it is best to do your research on each specific strain you hope to grow. Either way, you’ll be winning at the end of a successful growth season with (hopefully) a bountiful harvest of buds to try.

Indoor or outdoor?

Of course it is most natural to cultivate cannabis outdoors in its most organic state. Growing directly out of the ground, in natural sunlight with the ability for varying weather like rain and wind can really increase the potential of cannabis plant success right from the point of germination. Sometimes, though, we might not have a space outside to grow cannabis and must resort to indoor cannabis cultivation instead. If you have the choice of growing inside or outside, which should you choose? The answer is not always straightforward but following these tips and tricks might lead you in the right direction of where to grow your cannabis seeds.

Growing outdoors is mostly for warmer regions with hotter climates, especially for sativa strains. If you live in a region of the world that has similar weather to the Mediterranean, growing outdoors is a no-brainer as you should take advantage of the natural conditions available to give your plant the best shot at life. Growing indoors is best for those that experience colder or more harsh conditions like heavy rainfall or longer winters with short summers. Beginner growers will probably do better with an outdoor setup to easily feed cannabis seeds the best lighting and nutrients (and for free!) Growing indoors can be a task in itself but if that’s the only option you have, you make it work for you and adjust as you go!

Feminized or regular seeds?

The biggest difference between feminized and regular seeds is that regular seeds have both male and female cannabis seeds while feminized seeds come from cannabis plants that have undergone the process of male seed removal. While feminized weed seeds and regular pot seeds do not necessarily look different physically, the genetics inside of each cannabis seed is what will make a difference in the cultivation process. Feminized seeds only contain female chromosomes, whereas regular cannabis seeds have both male and female chromosomes. Why is this important to know as a home grower? Because the female chromosome seeds are what will pollinate and produce other cannabis plants. Basically, if you grow plants with feminized seeds you do not have to worry about finding and removing the male plants with seeds that grow when using regular seeds. While regular seeds are the most natural in terms of genes and grow life, it does create more work for a home grower whereas feminized seeds only have winning seeds to make things much easier on the grower. It is possible to get regular seeds from your local dispensary or online, but be aware of the extra work involved. Stoners that want an attainable level of success with cannabis cultivation can buy feminized cannabis seeds online and minimize future headaches later.

Autoflower and photoperiod cannabis varieties?

The rate at which each cannabis seed grows will vary depending on whether it is an autoflower cannabis seed or photoperiod pot seed. Autoflower cannabis seeds are extremely easy to cultivate and grow at a fairly quick speed thanks to its ability to grow regardless of how much light it receives. Autoflower cannabis plants will flower automatically and not depend on the seasonal changes in its surroundings to begin flowering. Autoflower cannabis plants will generally perform the same regardless of how much sunlight it receives, which can make a big difference for those that do not have access to the most ideal growing conditions. Autoflower weed seeds do not depend on as much light as photoperiod cannabis seeds, but this does affect how much bud growth will occur so keep this in mind when assessing the conditions of a grow space. Photoperiod cannabis strains are heavily dependent on the light and dark cycles (or light schedule) that it will undergo in order to successfully grow. Photoperiod cannabis plants will only start to flower with at least 12 hours of darkness, meaning the other 12 remaining hours of the day should be in direct sunlight. Photoperiod cannabis plants should be on a 12/12 indoors or outdoors schedule, where normal plant cycles run on an 18/6 schedule (18 hours of sunlight with 6 hours of darkness). Photoperiod cannabis plants can only start to flower once they feel the season changing, meaning the amounts of light and darkness the plant receives.

First steps with seeds for beginners

As a newcomer to the cannabis cultivation scene, you probably won’t know where to begin beyond trying to figure out which cannabis seeds for sale to buy online. Here are a few top (and valid) questions that every beginner cannabis grower might be asking themselves, just know you’re not the only one!

What does cannabis seed look like?

A proper looking cannabis seed will look dark brown, sometimes even black in color. A darker colored cannabis seed for sale is considered a mature weed seed, while any seeds that have white or green colors in them are immature seeds that are not quite ready to germinate. If you try to germinate a premature cannabis seed you will not get much success so it is best to identify winning seeds prior to putting in all the work. Cannabis seeds usa can be big or small in size since the appearance of weed seeds are what will help determine its quality. Indica cannabis seeds are typically bigger in size than sativa cannabis seeds, along with the patterns it creates on its outer shell. Indica seeds are those with brown and black colors mixed, whereas sativa strains usually only have one color on its outer shell. A male cannabis seed will be accompanied with pollen sacs that are used to pollinate female weed seeds, so if you are going for feminized seeds only this is something to look out for when identifying which gender your plant seeds are. While this might not be the easiest thing to do, identifying cannabis seeds by gender and indica or sativa strains will upgrade your home growing game with the organization you need for a successful harvest.

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Can anyone plant cannabis without prior experience?

Of course you can plant your own cannabis plants without having any experience, how do you think amateurs turned into professionals? Before dispensaries became a commonly known space in legalized states and communities, all cannabis cultivators were considered at-home weed enthusiasts and everyone must start from the bottom when beginning anything for the first time. While there are cannabis seeds that offer a much easier growing experience than others, planting cannabis can be a wonderful journey of growth for both cannabis seeds and yourself. There is no better time than now to jump on the train of home growing your own cannabis to see if this life is meant for you, what do you have to lose? More often than not, growing your own cannabis for the first time won’t be the smoothest experience for the majority of first-time home growers, but continuing to try and learning from past growth mistakes make all the difference in a successful harvest. Continue to give your best effort and don’t give up, planting your own cannabis is completely rewarding even if battling with a bunch of plant problems along the way. The priceless feeling of smoking your home grown stash is enough of a reward to keep going.

What is the difference between cannabis and hemp seeds?

While both cannabis and hemp seeds derive from the same species, cannabis seeds and hemp seeds have a genetic makeup that differs slightly but also makes a huge difference in how each is classified. Essentially, cannabis contains all the compounds that produce psychoactive effects when consumed, whereas the hemp species does not contain the psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants. This slight difference is how others choose whether they’d like to use cannabis or hemp, depending on if they prefer the psychoactive effect or not. Many get confused because CBD is a popular topic choice if wanting to omit the psychoactive part of cannabis, but not everyone understands that depending on which cannabis plant CBD derives from is what will determine its genetic makeup and compounds. Hemp seeds are more so used for making gummies and tinctures with high concentrations of CBD than the psychoactive compound that takes precedence in cannabis seeds. Hemp seeds can also be used to make clothing, skincare products and even food alternative replacements like hemp milk, hemp powder for smoothies, and more. When looking to expand into the cannabis cultivation space, knowing what seeds you have purchased is essential so you know what to expect with not too many surprises.

How to store cannabis seeds?

When storing cannabis seeds, it is important to remember that weed seeds are actually living organisms and should be treated as such! Since germination is possible for new plant growth, cannabis seeds are living and need to be stored properly to maximize its growth potential. In order to set up cannabis seeds successfully, storing them correctly is an easy step to take to secure your cannabis seeds for ideal growth. Paying attention to lighting, heat and humidity conditions is how you will determine the best storage for cannabis seeds. You can easily reuse the bag that holds the cannabis seeds by re-sealing the package and inserting into a container for extra security. Dark colored containers (typically amber colored) are popular choices to control the amount of sunlight exposure. Humidity control can be done through refrigerating cannabis seeds and actually preserves the life of weed seeds extremely well as long as there is no condensation surrounding the container it is in. Sometimes it is better to store cannabis seeds for a bit to help them mature to the stage where it is ready for germination. Storing in a container in the fridge will also help with temperature control, making it an easy and simple solution to properly manage healthy cannabis seeds.

How many cannabis seeds per plant?

There is no direct answer to how many cannabis seeds are available per plant, but from a grower’s perspective it only takes one cannabis seed to successfully germinate and grow a cannabis plant. There could be a few, to dozens or hundreds of cannabis seeds depending on the size and condition of a weed plant, as little as 100 or up to as many as 2,000 pot seeds. However, not every seed will germinate since it will only successfully germinate if it is a female or feminized seed. Of course you can put multiple seeds in one plant area, but ideally it is best to give each cannabis plant the necessary room to grow as they don’t care about sharing its root space. Growing cannabis seeds separately or in an area where each cannabis seed has enough room for growth will make all the difference in the success of any plant. Every user should get creative and see what works for them, but all you really need is one cannabis seed for every plant you plan on growing and go from there to see how each weed seed does. Cannabis seeds per plant also depends on the quality of the seeds, and using high quality cannabis seeds from the start will make all the difference in the quality and potency of each seed.

How to germinate cannabis seeds?

To begin the cannabis cultivation process at home, each cannabis seed must go through the germination phase prior to the vegetative and flowering stage. There are a few different ways to germinate a seed, and each way is no better from the next and mostly comes from preference. Using normal household items you can have successfully germinated cannabis seeds in no time, and before you know it you’ll already be ready to pot your cannabis plants and continue growing. The easiest method is probably the paper towel method, which is a common way to germinate cannabis seeds at home with things you already have in your kitchen. Using two damp paper towels (but not soaking or dripping), both sides should be damp without being too wet. After placing each cannabis seed a few centimeters apart, place the second damp paper towel over the cannabis seeds to cover completely. Check on it every few days and up to a few weeks, and before you know it there will be little white root tips a few centimeters in size, ready to be potted and continue along its growth cycle! Other methods are using a glass of water or directly germinating by planting directly into the soil. Try out different methods and see which works for you and your growing conditions.

What is the best cannabis variety for a beginner?

Even though there are so many things to remember when growing your own cannabis, there are different cannabis varieties that are better for beginners and other strains that should be left for more experienced growers. Typically, autoflower cannabis seeds are more forgiving with new growers as compared to photoperiod seeds that continuously need a certain amount of light and nutrients to begin flowering. In terms of strains, that is all up to you and purely a part of your preference. Some prefer indica autoflower seeds, while others like sativa photoperiod cannabis seeds. Evaluating where you live and the climate conditions your plant will go through is something to consider the most, as the growing conditions will be a large reason for a cannabis plant’s success or failure. It can be confusing to know which cannabis varieties are best for you in such a newbie state, but trying out different strains to gauge what you prefer will be the true way to go in terms of picking what’s best for you. Common strains like Blue Dream and Gorilla Glue #4 are safe options to try since you’ve probably already smoked this strain from a dispensary and have something to compare to your homegrown buds.

What equipment do you need to grow cannabis seeds?

Some equipment you definitely need to successfully home grow cannabis seeds will vary depending on what type of climate you’re in, indoor or outdoor setup, and more. Generally, there are few things you will always need in order to grow a cannabis plant, but ultimately an indoor or outdoor setup will determine what equipment is essential or just a nice add-on. Growing outdoors, you obviously do not need too many supplies or equipment as compared to when growing indoors, so keep this in mind if you are on a tight budget or not too much space to hold the equipment necessary for indoor growth. You will generally need the following to successful build an indoor setup:

  • Cannabis seeds
  • Soil
  • Nutrients
  • Grow bags
  • Grow lights
  • Humidifier
  • Hygrometer
  • Inline fans
  • Carbon filter
  • Clean water

Taking the time to fully research each equipment item will help save money and energy in the long run, as this will help to avoid any common mistakes and doing your own research should help you find better deals. It is most important to make sure that cannabis seeds, soil, nutrients and water sources are high quality and will not compromise the condition of your plant growth. For instance, if you do not have good quality soil, it might mean that the cannabis seeds may lack nutrients found in high quality soil and will eventually need those nutrients from somewhere else. It is best to give the plant a good and quality amount of everything you know it needs so it can successfully grow.

Articles to read

How do you get the most out of your plant? By educating yourself and continuing to try! Check out our articles about cannabis seeds, growing, harvesting, and more. Knowledge is power and the more you know about cannabis seeds the more power you can put into each seed for maximum growth.

Are cannabis seeds illegal to ship?

Previously, due to federal illegality there were laws placed on shipping cannabis seeds beyond the state they were produced. Now, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced that cannabis strains are now legal and able to be shipped across state lines as all forms of cannabis seeds are considered to be federally legal hemp seeds. While this was not previously possible, the DEA making this clarification with the definition of cannabis seeds means that now popular seeds of strains produced on the west coast can be shipped and delivered across the country to the east coast, or anywhere other than its own state. This is a game changer because now at Everything 420 we can offer top tier cannabis seeds full of high quality genetics that are ready for the ultimate home growing experience. There is truly no better time than now to order your favorite weed strain to try and grow at home!

Is your shipping discreet?

All shipping supplies and materials used in our Everything 420 warehouse is meant for high-level discretion because we truly value the privacy of our customers. Not everyone can scream loud and proudly that they are a stoner, but there is also a time and place for opening packages full of bongs and cannabis seeds. Luckily, we have thought of every part of the shipping process to make sure your privacy is protected along with the items you purchased. No one likes a rattling shipment full of fragile products you just spent your hard earned money on, so we always handle each shipment with the best care like we are shipping it to our own house. We have always taken pride in how reliable we are in successfully shipping out products quickly and discreetly, and we’re only getting better at it too. We’re so good you might even forget what you ordered until you open the box to get a subtle reminder!

Why are cannabis seeds so expensive?

Cannabis seeds are becoming more and more affordable with increasing availability and popularity, but that wasn’t always the case. Especially when it comes to cannabis seeds with excellent genetics, similar to purchasing a dog from a breeder, these are specialized beings that most people will pay more for. Regular seeds will obviously be pretty cheap if selling for any price at all, considering they are completely natural but do not have as large of a success rate as autoflower or photoperiod weed seeds. Some cannabis seeds can get expensive because you are literally paying for the genetics, and with a successful harvest you should be able to get more seeds out of it and get the gift that keeps on giving. While cannabis seeds on our site are not as expensive as most can be, we highly suggest doing your own research to learn how comparable our high quality strains are to an average and uncommon cannabis seed strain.

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Can cannabis seeds go bad?

Since cannabis seeds are considered living organisms, they do not just go bad, they will die off altogether. But the rate at which cannabis seeds go bad is pretty slow and forgiving, so as long as you figure out a way to best store cannabis seeds in your region of the world they should be alright! You will find the most success at preserving cannabis seeds through refrigeration and proper container storage. With the right container storage, keeping cannabis seeds in a cool, dry and dark spot (aka the refrigerator) makes all the difference in how long cannabis seeds will last. If stored properly, weed seeds can be stored in the fridge for up to a decade! Worst case scenario, say you forgot to put away cannabis seeds and they’ve accidentally been left out – it will actually take months for cannabis seeds to go bad even in the worst conditions.

What is the best way to store cannabis seeds, and how long will they store?

The best way to store cannabis seeds is in a container, away from condensation. Typically wrapping the cannabis seeds in its original packaging and taping it tightly will help secure the dryness, then placing the bag of pot seeds in another container before placing in the refrigerator is usually what works even in the hottest conditions. The fridge is the best storage for cannabis seeds because it automatically provides ideal conditions by helping out with humidity and temperature control. If storing seeds properly, they can last in the fridge for as long as ten years! While we are sure you will buy more cannabis seeds in the next 10 years, if you want to continue to plant a plethora of the current cannabis seeds you have – you actually have the option to. Even though cannabis seeds are living organisms, if you properly take care of them they will not disappoint you and stick around for the long run.

When do you give nutrients to cannabis seeds?

Depending on the demands of the cannabis seeds, typically nutrients are given to cannabis plants at the different stages of its life. While cannabis seedlings have their own nutrients already, there is no need to feed cannabis seeds until it enters the vegetation phase about three to four weeks in. From cannabis seedling to germination and potting into soil, let it breathe and naturally do its thing until you see some leaves and its time to bring in the big boys (nutrients). There are different types of nutrients and methods for each growth phase, and have varying ratios depending on what is most important to you. Throughout its growth of life, pay attention to the early, mid, and late stages of growth to have a better idea of what your cannabis plants need. Nutrients can make or break the condition of a plant so it is always a good idea to consult your local nursery and ask someone with experience if you need more information.

When is the best time to grow cannabis seeds?

The best time to grow cannabis seeds is fully dependent on where you are in the world and if you are growing indoors or outdoors. You might have more opportunity when growing indoors, but there is still lots of room for possibility with outdoor growing as well. February and March are usually a great time to start the cannabis cultivation process, taking your time and mending any mistakes along the way. When we start to approach summer, it tends to be too late so starting in spring to give cannabis seeds enough time to germinate and prepare for summer sunlight is a must. Obviously, growing in the winter months is not ideal regardless of where you live, and in the peak of summer is not the most realistic as cannabis plants can receive too much sunlight and dry out. Do yourself a favor and ask your local nursery specialist what zone you live in and the months that are best for beginning germination stages.

Where is the best place to grow cannabis?

This might come as a surprise for many but the ideal growing conditions for cannabis involve a combination of natural elements, like sunlight and rain. While it might seem like common sense to grow cannabis seeds in the warmest climates possible, the humidity in certain regions might become an issue with many strains and can be as dangerous to a crop as harsh winter conditions. The best places for growing cannabis seeds usa based would be regions where it can get cold in climate but also warm up without becoming scorchingly hot (most times). Regions like Northern California, Oregon and Washington, Maine, and anywhere in the south are typically the perfect places to grow pot seeds usa with ease. While it is possible to grow weed seeds in other places without issues, depending on the time of year and how harsh conditions can get in specific regions it is best to do research relatable to your area.

How big a space do I need to grow cannabis plants indoors/outdoors?

Every successful seed will produce one cannabis plant, and depending on the cannabis seed strain (indica or sativa), cannabis plants can get pretty tall and wide in size. If growing cannabis seeds indoors, we highly recommend using autoflowering cannabis seeds since they are not dependent on the amount of light and will not grow to be as big of a weed plant the way feminized or regular cannabis seeds would. Five-gallon pots can sufficiently fit autoflowering cannabis seeds once they start to grow, while ten-gallon pots should be saved for two multiple germinated seeds or if you are expecting a large cannabis plant as the result of germinating a specific strain. If growing weed seeds usa outdoors it is best to always separate each plant by a few feet to allow each plant the room it needs to root itself. Growing outdoors is a bit more forgiving as you can use every inch of your outside environment since planting directly into the ground or at least in a designated space for bigger pots. Long story short, if you want to grow indoors make sure you use the right cannabis seeds for sale, and if you are growing outdoors try to take advantage of the weed seeds that grow best in an outdoor environment.

How long does it take for a cannabis seed to harvest?

On average, regular cannabis seed will take anywhere from 10 to 32 weeks to fully harvest, while autoflower cannabis seeds for sale can take as little as 7 to 11 weeks to harvest. Depending on what type of strain that will be part of the home growing process, be sure to look up whether it is an indica, sativa, or hybrid seed so you know what to expect. Usually, indica cannabis seeds are known to grow at a slightly faster rate than sativa cannabis seeds, but every growing experience differs from one home to the next so it is best to choose cannabis seeds based on smoke preference. Cannabis seeds on average can take as long as four to five months to harvest completely, which is why many home growers choose feminized autoflower cannabis seeds for sale to give themselves the best shot at a quick and steady pathway to a successful harvest.

When are cannabis seeds ready?

In terms of “ready”, there are different stages of the cannabis seed growth process that must be taken into account. Cannabis seeds ready for germination will look dark and glossy in color, free of cracks and without a white or green color since this is a sign of a cannabis seed in its premature state. When cannabis seeds undergo germination, they are ready for the next step when the weed seeds start to sprout and show signs of growth. From there, germination is complete and planting the seedling stage should occur so the vegetation phase can happen. Once vegetation occurs, the cannabis plant will be ready to grow leaves and eventually be ready for the flowering stage right before its time for harvest. Cannabis seeds can only get to this stage if they are mature enough to germinate successfully so you’ll know early on whether or not you have a good or bad seed.

Can cannabis seeds germinate in the light?

Cannabis seeds actually require no light during the germination process, it can actually have an adverse effect on the way a cannabis seed germinates if exposed to light during this stage. Weed seeds will get more than enough sunlight once it has time to sprout and show signs of moving to the next phase of the growth cycle, so it is best to follow the germination methods properly to get the best results possible. Pot seeds should germinate in darkness and be in ideal conditions where the cannabis seeds are damp but not wet, and sealed for humidity and temperature control. Light should not be involved in the germination process and if cannabis seeds do become exposed to light while germinating, it can slow down or even stop the process altogether. Taking the extra time to make sure the germination process is done correctly will go a long way in ensuring each cannabis seed you work with has the best shot at life to grow into a full adult cannabis plant.

What percentage of cannabis seeds will germinate?

Cannabis seeds have a pretty high germination success rate, between 60 to 80 percent of cannabis seeds able to sprout and move on to the vegetation phase. With autoflowering and feminized cannabis seeds, the success rate is typically higher than regular seeds since male and female weed seeds are present in regular cannabis plants so they are bound to have male seeds which we don’t want. Feminized autoflower cannabis seeds online give the best chance for germination simply because each batch undergoes a certain level of quality control and the bad seeds are usually caught before packaged up and sent to your doorstep. Weeding out the bad seeds so you don’t have to, cannabis seeds are bound to flop every now and then so try to understand that it probably isn’t you if you come across one or two seeds that don’t want to germinate or are unable to sprout.

Can cannabis seeds drown?

Yes, there is such a thing as drowning cannabis seeds. There is a huge difference between wetting a paper towel for germination and completely soaking a towel. Cannabis seeds do not need to be covered in water, but they do need to be in a damp environment that helps with humidity and temperature control. Less is more when it comes to cannabis seeds and water, especially in its early stages of life. Cannabis seeds work best when the temperature, humidity, and lighting are at optimal conditions, meaning the temperature is in a cool place, the humidity is apparent but not overwhelming, and the lack of lighting during the germination phase are all major contributors to cannabis seedling success. Drowning cannabis seeds even after planting them in soil can be detrimental to its health and overall growth, so try not to overdo anything and utilize what you’ve learned to give each cannabis seed the best environment for growth.

What are the best conditions for growing cannabis seeds?

The most ideal conditions for growing cannabis seeds during the germination phase are when humidity levels are between 70 to 80%, temperature is between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and there is complete darkness. The best way to achieve this is by using the paper towel method. Dampening two paper towels and placing the cannabis seeds in one paper towel then covering with the other helps to give pot seeds moisture without drowning them. Placing it in a container and in a dark room or closet pantry will do the trick in eliminating light and creating a safe space for cannabis seeds to properly grow. Growing cannabis seeds beyond the germination phase relies on the success of sprouting first, and later on will involve sunlight, water and other nutrients to flower and harvest. If cannabis seeds cannot grow properly and germinate, they will never move on in its growth life cycle.

Can cannabis be grown all year round?

Cannabis can typically grow all year long if done in an indoor environment with controlled lighting. Home growing cannabis outdoors rely on the strict schedule and changes of seasons, whereas indoor setups can imitate sunlight and give cannabis seeds what it needs despite whatever weather is going on outside. The best part about growing cannabis all year round is you should never be lacking in buds if you can consistently grow before you even run out. Autoflower cannabis seeds are especially easy to work with for indoor home growers because they won’t get too crazy in size and are not as needy as regular cannabis seeds can be. Growing weed outdoors also creates unpredictable situations like insects, pests, and other factors beyond our control. When growing weed indoors and all year round, every time a new growing cycle comes along you’ll have more experience to grow a better batch each time. You’ll have all year long to perfect your craft!

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Is it possible to grow cannabis as a houseplant?

Choosing to grow cannabis seeds indoors or outdoors of your home is still considered a houseplant, because you are planting at your home right? As long as cannabis is legal in the state that you will grow in, cannabis houseplants can be more than just a fun pastime or one time activity to experiment with. Growing cannabis indoors does take more equipment than an outdoor setup would require, but if you prefer to have full control of the cannabis seed growth cycle then growing indoors is definitely fitted for you. There are a lot of natural factors that must be taken into account when growing cannabis seeds outdoors, whereas having a cannabis houseplant indoors gives you an advantage to control lighting, temperature, nutrients, water, and air levels. This makes it even easier to create the most ideal growing space for cannabis houseplants to thrive! In no time, cannabis houseplants will become just another family member while simultaneously being the gift that keeps on giving.

Cannabis seeds

Welcome to our online shop with over 4,000 different strains of marijuana seeds. In Oaseeds we have been selecting the best seeds for several years and we already have genetics from the 5 continents. So you can buy cannabis seeds from the main producing countries like: USA, Holland, Spain, UK. but also from countries like Pakistan, Congo, Colombia, Thailand. and all this without leaving home!

We ship worldwide. We’re very fast and discreet. We have the best prices. And every order always comes with freebies. Place your order now!

Was looking for a high yield strand and was a pretty good choice!

My favorite plant ‘ taste/ smell – production

Very nice to grow. I do not know why people have trouble with this one. Mine .

Very Vigorous. Exploded out of shell. Now, a week or so later, she is massive.

I have grown many different strains over the last 6 years but this is by far .

My all time favorite outdoor plant. Even in the northern part of Europe this .

Really surprising! It's got that old school haze flavor but smoother. I .

One of my favorite autos. Heavy yielder, great citrus taste, and a wonderful .

My son has culitis ulcerosa. This strain work´s best for him until now.

My son has culits ulcerosa. This strain work´s best for him until now.

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Beatrice what are you on about ?? Probably because you've re-used the sa.

What is marijuana?

Marijuana is a millenary plant that has been cultivated since time immemorial. There are references to be used for its psychoactive properties of the year 2,737 B. C., in writings of the Chinese emperor Shen Nung. And it is highly prized for its fibers and seeds, and for its medicinal and psychotropic value. A botanical characteristic of marijuana is that it is a newspaper plant. In other words, there are males and females and even hermaphrodites (plants with flowers of both sexes).

Male Marijuana Plants

The adult male (or male) plant produces flowers that sprout almost all over the plant and form a spice of hanging clusters. At the right time, the plant opens the flowers and releases a very light pollen. This pollen pollen pollinizes females. During growth, males are hardly distinguishable from females, but as a rule males reach sexual maturity earlier.

Female Marijuana Plants

On the other hand, the adult female (or female) plant also produces bunches of flowers which, in this case, consist of calyxes and pistiles. All calyxes contain an egg that is pollinated by contact. When the male releases the pollen, it sticks to the pistils to descend from there into the calyx where the seed will develop after pollination. In this way the seeds are created.


The production of flowers (also known as buds) is not only increased with genetic quality and good growing conditions. There is a special technique to ensure that the female plant is not pollinated. Because, during the flowering period, unfertilized females use all their energy to produce sex organs and cannabinoids instead of seeds. These seedless plants are often called Sinsemilla. When pollination is not carried out, plants with more compact and heavier buds are obtained. In addition, they smell better and stronger, due to the increased production of terpenes and contain higher THC levels. So the psychoactive effects are higher. Medical growers systematically eliminate all male plants from the growing area as soon as they notice their presence. In this way, they achieve a more concentrated and higher quality product. Huge buds with high content of cannabinoids.

The best feminized marijuana seeds

After years of research and development, the banks managed to produce seeds from which female plants emerged in a very high percentage (around 99.8%). Feminized seeds were a revolution. Today most growers prefer to use feminized seeds. There are many advantages:

  • You forget to keep an eye out for a male or female plant.
  • The risk of pollination is eliminated.
  • You occupy less space, since in the place occupied by males, you can put females.
  • You save money, since you don’t waste your resources on male plants: soil, fertilizers, insecticides, light.
  • Don’t waste time taking care of males and gaining comfort.
  • They’re perfect for novice growers.

Feminized cannabis seeds are often chosen for indoor cultivation because of their stability, ease of cultivation and high quality of the final product. In Oaseeds, you will find more than 2,000 feminized strains.

Check out our regular seeds department

Almost all the banks now produce their seeds in feminized form, as they are the most commercial. But we think that we should not forget the regular ones, because they are the origin of everything. Regular cannabis seeds are totally natural ones. They have not been chemically altered or genetically modified in any way. They are therefore pure genetics coming from a male and a female and produce approximately 50% males and 50% females (those that produce buds). Regular seeds require a little more mastery, since you have to be able to separate males from females. So they are not the most recommended for growers who are just starting out. Overcoming this handicap, being the purest and most natural seeds, they are perfect to create new genetic lines (seeds). Although these are not the best-selling seeds, at Oaseeds we have more than 1,000 regular strains.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in Thailand 2022?

ALICANTE, Spain, July 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Herbies Seeds today announced the launch of Cannabis Seeds online sales in Thailand. Find out why buying cannabis seeds in Thailand from Herbies is such a great idea and what makes shopping in our seed store such a satisfying experience.

Despite the recent legalization of growing marijuana in Thailand, buying weed seeds is still a sensitive subject for many Thai people who feel vulnerable when they’re getting ready to place their first order online. This post is intended to put you perfectly at ease and show how easy it is to purchase the coveted cannabis genetics from Herbies.

For decades, Herbies was in the business of turning the wary and the curious into long-time loyal customers who, season after season, buy first-rate genetic material to grow healthy, vigorous, high-yielding, and, above all, potent marijuana. Learn all about our choice of seeds, pricing policy, payment and delivery, customer support, and why they make Herbies the best source of cannabis seeds in Thailand.

Thousands of Seeds from the World’s Best Breeders

Now is the most exciting time to grow cannabis because Thailand has just legalized weed cultivation. Even though there are no seed banks in Thailand, with a plethora of strains available at Herbies, you get access to genetics from every corner of the world and from every decade of the last half-century. All you need to do is find the right kind of seed shop, and Herbies is the mega-supermarket for weed seeds in Thailand.

We’ve been selling weed seeds for about 20 years now and doing business with more than 120 seed breeders. For you, this means the chance to browse through 2,000+ marijuana varieties and find the perfect cultivar to suit your growing style and personality.

Basically, we have everything that’s out there – and if you can’t find a particular strain to grow your own cannabis in Thailand, contact us and we’ll find it for you in no time. Our secret? We operate from Spain, the mecca of legal cannabis seeds, and practically in the same zip code as the world’s largest wholesalers.

Needless to say, by working with the world’s top seed banks, we guarantee the top quality of the seeds for sale. Every plant you grow from our beans is the pinnacle of years of selective breeding, careful crossing, and painstaking stabilization.

Herbies’ In-House Breeding Project

Who’s a better judge of what growers and smokers need than those who have spent two decades catering to their every desire, listening to their feedback, and consulting them 24/7. This expertise shouldn’t go to waste, so in 2020, we decided to launch our own line of seeds, and we can vouch for the quality of every feminized and autoflowering variety we offer.

The flagship strain in our collection is, without a doubt, Grandmommy Purple. With up to 33% THC in especially well-groomed samples, this freak of nature is so ridiculously potent that it was featured in the High Times magazine. You’d think this record isn’t something that can be easily topped, but wait until you meet Apple Betty. Believe it or not, this newcomer to our collection likewise got her 15 minutes of fame at High Times, and with her 28-33% THC and a rare green apple taste, she deserves every minute of it and more.

We never rest on our laurels, tirelessly crossing and recrossing the market’s trendiest lineages to create new remarkable strains all the time. When we make a new offering, we make sure that it has what our customers value best: over-the-top potency, mouth-watering flavors, and scale-busting yields. And since many of you want autoflowers, we don’t forget about them either. Godzilla Cookies Auto, Gelato Auto, and many others proudly stand among our top sellers.

A Genuinely Client-Oriented Shop

Genetic diversity and quality are an excellent foundation for success, but modern online shoppers want so much more – 24/7 customer support, different payment options, reliable and fast delivery to Thailand – and we guarantee them all.

Your satisfaction as a customer starts with the ability to chat with our support team, discuss your needs and expectations, and select seeds tailored to your personal requirements. You don’t even have to know anything about weed growing – our friendly staff will consult with you until you can make an informed choice that you’ll be happy with going forward.

Then comes the easy part – paying for your order. You can pay in Bitcoin, credit and debit cards and wire transfers. With these payment methods, you can securely pay for marijuana seeds and safely get them by mail in unmarked, plain envelopes. Every order comes with a delivery guarantee and a germination guarantee – if something goes wrong, you can always text our 24/7 customer support, and we will always take your side!

A Stellar Reputation and Many Happy Customers

For Herbies, customer support doesn’t stop after the purchase. You can count on us being there if something goes wrong, even if it’s no fault of ours. Growing cannabis is a lengthy process, and we understand that getting an order in the mail with our delivery guarantee is only the first leg of your long journey and you need all the help you can get.

Our team at Herbies has done an excellent job in this respect, and you can check for yourself how our customers value the support they receive. We’ve got more than a thousand reviews at and an average rating of 4.8. It means people trust us, and that the level of satisfaction is among the highest in the industry.

Herbies is well-known on cannabis forums and growers’ communities as well, and people there speak highly of the quality of our seeds and services. Check it out, and see for yourself why Herbies is a great place to buy cannabis seeds online in Thailand.

An Order is Worth a Thousand Words

A simple search for the most trusted seed shops and seed banks out there returns quite a few top lists, and you can ascertain that Herbies is prominent in most of them, as one of the industry’s leaders should be.

It’s safe and easy to buy cannabis seeds online at Herbies, and cannabis thrives in the Thai climate! Now, when growing weed is legalized in Thailand, why don’t you give it a try? You’ll find out immediately how smooth and seamless the shopping experience with Herbies is, and in a few weeks, you’ll have the excitement of having your order in the mailbox. And then will come the ultimate thrill of all – harvesting your first batch of super potent buds from Herbies.