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Purple cannabis strains seeds

Purple cannabis strains

Some cannabis strains are especially known for acquiring beautiful colours, normally at the end of the bloom stage.

Unlike others, which develop yellow-brown colours when chlorophyll degrades, some genetics acquire purple, bluish, reddish and even black hues.

Despite colour is a genetic trait, it can also be subject to environmental factors like cold temperatures at the end of the flowering period. Low temperatures promote the production of anthocyanins, the family of vegetable pigments responsible for the colour of blueberries, blackberries, cherries, black grapes, eggplants, etc.

Proper flushing of nutrients at the end of bloom also allows the plant to show its most beautiful colours while improving the quality of the harvest.

Purple marijuana strains

Except in specific cases, these beautiful colors are only shown at the end of bloom, so plants remain green during growth and early stages of the flowering period.

Each seed produces a unique individual – phenotype – so it should be noted that it is possible to find purple plants and green plants among seeds from the same strain.

Sometimes, only leafs turn purple, while other times perhaps we only find purple pistils or buds. Of course, we can also find completely purple phenotypes, both leafs and buds.

In this category you’ll find all the purple strains of our catalog, so you can enjoy beautiful and coloured crops in your garden.

Purple Strains Cannabis Seeds

The Purple Punch auto cannabis seed by Barney Farms is extremely popular because of the famous farm lineage and genetics crossing this use. Breeding Larry OG x.

Grape Ape – Seed City Seeds

Grape Ape is a very well known and funky Indica, originally bred by Barneys Farms. More recently, we have taken over this strain with our own Seed City label to.

Purple Haze Auto – Original Sensible Seeds

Purple Haze is a legendary strain and one of the most well known marijuana varieties thanks to the Jimi Hendrix song of the same name. If you´re looking for min.

Purple Punch – Barneys Farm Seeds

PURPLE PUNCH™ . Barney’s Farm continues to bring you awe-inspiring genetics from around the globe with another USA west coast powerhouse of a strain PURPLE PU.

Strawberry Cough – Dutch Passion Seeds

A very productive plant of high value as a medicinal herb. Bred for its euphoric, anti-anxiety high, this mostly sativa (approx. 75% Sativa 25% Indica) produces.

Frisian Dew – Dutch Passion Seeds

The most beautiful outdoor variety we have ever encountered. A Super Skunk female x Purple Star male, seen after 3 years of selecting clones. Although we produc.

Purple Haze – G13 Labs Seeds

Purple Haze is a cannabis hybrid with a soaring Haze high mixed with thick resin production of the finest Indicas. Not to tall. Purple Haze is beautiful, with l.

Shaman – Dutch Passion Seeds

A proven variety dating back to the1980’s, Shaman is a reliable, robust and highly potent F1 hybrid of an exceptional male Purple#1 and a top female Skunk.

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Purple Haze x Malawi – Ace Seed bank

Purple Haze x Malawi is an old school F1 pure sativa hybrid, with strong Purple Haze dominance and improved vigour, yield and potency from our Malawi line.

Purple Punch – Seed Stockers

Purple Punch feminized seeds deliver extremely potent buds from top class USA genetics. This genetics come from Grandaddy Purple which is famed for consistently.

Auto Purple – Original Sensible Seeds

The popularity of Purple Cannabis seeds just grows and grows. And for fans of purple marijuana the Auto Purple from Original Sensible, is definitely one to try.

SALE – Chocolate Tonic – Purple Caper Seeds – Cannabis Seed Sale Items

Chocolate Tonic, (Cannatonic x Chocolate Kush) 65% Sativa 35% Indica, High CBD up to 17% with THC up to 7% This is a high CBD Father with high THC. This was .

Auto Purple Kush – Seed City Bulk Cannabis Seeds

Auto Purple Kush now available from Seed City in bulk quantities.

Purple Urkle – Flavour Chasers

The Purple Urkle marijuana seeds are now available for you to collect. There are few things that you can say about a strain that hasn’t already been said about .

Purple Kosher – DNA Genetics Seeds

Purple Kosher produces substantial yields packed with dense nuggets decorated in eye-catching vibrant hues. Her bag appeal is incredible thanks to the density a.

Purple Haze – White Label Seeds

This vigorous cannabis hybrid expresses the best features of its parent strains — a soaring Haze high combined with the thick resin production of the best Indic.

Grand Daddy Purple – Concrete Jungle Seeds

The world renowned GDP is now available on Concrete Jungles Feminized range. This Indica cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud was first introduced in 2003 by.

Purple #1 – Dutch Passion Seeds

Purple#1 is the world famous classic original purple variety that dates back to the early 1980’s and has been treasured for it’s uniquely beautiful purple colo.

Purple Punch – Big Head Seeds

Take two parts Grandaddy Purple and one-part Larry OG. Mix lovingly and intelligently and serve covered in frosted ice. The Indica dominant Purple Punch is a bu.

Purple Sunset – Growers Choice

The awesome blend of purple punch and sunset sherbet makes your mouth water. Never has anyone combined two strains like this into perfection. Cream and cookies.

SALE – NY Purple Diesel – Next Generation Seeds – Cannabis Seed Sale Items

Next Generation NY Purple Diesel Feminized is Next Generation’s special Diesel selection that grows purple and fast.

Alaskan Purple – Seedsman Seeds

Alaskan Purple cannabis seeds are back in action here at Seed City! A sweet-tasting indica, Alaskan Purple is one of the best cannabis strains around. With elit.

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Dieselicious – Freedom of Seeds

Coming Soon! Dieselicious is a very beautiful Deep Purple Diesel strain with a lip smacking fruity diesel aroma and flavour.

Wedding Crasher – Royal Queen Seeds

Seed City is your highly rated go-to for all your cannabis seed needs. Striving to offer customers the highest quality cannabis seeds available, Seed City is pr.

Grizzly Purple Kush – BlimBurn Seeds

It’s strong and heavy taste, with sweet and flowery aroma and a very high THC level usually lasts about an hour or two, depending on the drying and curing proce.

Purple Bud – White Label Seeds

This is a high-potency, heavy-yielding feminized Afghani with a hint of Sativa and a strong purple tendency. Purple Bud is easy for beginners, and will flourish.

Purple Punch Cookies – Original Sensible Seeds

Purple Punch Cookies is a heavy yielder and is ready to harvest at between 65 to 70 days flowering. Purple Punch Cookies is a THC powerhouse which should be han.

Colossal Purps – Mega Buds

Who says that Big can’t be beautiful? Not us! We like our girls strong, hefty and to be real eye candy. Colossal Purps gives you exactly what your heart desires.

Royal Purple Kush – Emerald Triangle Seeds

Vigorous vegetative growth allows for a hearty infrastructure, resulting in multiple large, fragrant, THC-encrusted “castle” colas. You can veg it longer than m.

Grandaddy Confidential – Pheno Finder Seeds

This is a lovely cross of LA Confidential and Grandaddy Purple (kens) lovely xmas tree structure with solid dense nugs of indica goodness the pheno was selected.

Purple Crack – Cali Connection Seeds

Purple Crack is our Green Crack that we crossed to our Blackwater. We took the Cecil B. clone and crossed it originally to our Blackwater male and worked that d.

Violet Cookies – True Canna Genetics

Cookie profile plants with heavy purple notes such as grape, berries and blackcurrant combined with the gassy chem and cookie make this one very complex and fra.

Purple Punch Auto – Seed Stockers

Purple Punch Auto combines powerful Grandaddy Purple genetics with the underground legend Larry OG. The result is a great looking autoflower, often with rich pu.

Purple Skunk Automatic – Sensi Research Seeds

Purple Skunk Automatic is 75% indica and 25% sativa. It was developed as one of Sensi Seeds’ Research strains, and its parent-plants are Shiva Skunk, Skunk #1 a.

Mendocino Purple Kush – Medical Seeds

This variety comes from the intersection of two mythical varieties brought from Canada such as the Mendocino Purple (also known as Purps).

Rare Darkness – Rare Dankness Seeds

The Rare Darkness is a short, structured plant, which produces sweet, grapey, super resinous flowers. The flowers are a beautiful dark purple, covered in “sugar.

Purple Express Auto – Freedom Seeds

Purple Express is the newest addition to the Freedom Seeds range and combines the latest auto flowering developments with vigorous, high yielding genetics. Not.

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Purps – 710 Genetics

Purps is a pure indica strain that emerged as the result of a Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani cross. Its aroma is subtle and earthy with sweet overtones typical o.

Watermelon Punch Autoflower – Growers Choice

Watermelon punch is one of the fruitiest strains that we found in the last couple of years. The combination of watermelon zkittlez and purple punch is the bomb.

Red Purps – Female Seeds

Taste wise it is the perfect substitute for the Purple Power cannabis seeds (Haze x Skunk). Red Purps performs almost the same as the Purple Power in growth, al.

Devil Kush – Exotic Seed

Devil Kush was born of an experimental cross between a male Purkle x OG kush and a specimen of Sir jack.

Sweet Purple – Paradise Seeds

Sweet Purple is a hybrid of 3 varieties: a purple variety, an early-finishing / large-yielding Dutch variety and an exceptionally potent strain. As the name imp.

Dark Shadow Haze – Rare Dankness Seeds

Grape infused haze taste is what you get with this girl. Strong grapy upstart, followed by an underlining hazy flavour, with scents to match. This beauty provid.

Purple Valley OG – Ken’s Grand Daddy Purple Genetics

Grand Daddy Genetics is happy to release this special OG which is a cross between the Larry OG and Grandpa Larry (Larry OG x GDP).

Purple Honduras Haze – Ace Seed bank

Purple Honduras Haze is the result of a direct cross between our Purple Haze #23 mother and our best first generation Honduras sativa males (purple high yieldin.

Violeta – Ace Seed bank

Violeta (Purple Malawi x Purple Pakistan Chitral Kush) feminized. Violeta is a new sativa/indica hybrid that matures with intense purple and reddish colors. It.

Violet Kush Auto – Garden of Green

VIOLET KUSH AUTO is a perfect auto-flowering variety for those seeking a short flowering cycle, yet desire a generous yield from a compact plant.

DarkStar Kush – TH Seeds

The latest variety to join our fleet is the devastatingly strong Darkstar™. This mega Indica not only grows ridiculously dense buds, but the potency is strong.

Purple Lightning – British Columbia Seeds

Purple Lightning is an F-1 hybrid that we first created back in 1995 by crossing our Northern Lights #5 male with a female Purple Indica.

SALE – Purp Bay 11 – Kens Grand Daddy Purple Genetics – Cannabis Seed Sale Items

Purp Bay 11 feminised seeds from Grand Daddy Purple Genetics are now available in Seed City, description and pics coming soon.

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