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Purple cherry punch seeds

Cherry Punch

California Cherry Punch is a popular type of weed. This is partly due to its reputation as a hybrid that offers mild effects that are suitable for daytime consumption. Cherry Punch Cannabis is a unique type of weed full of flavor.

With AK-47 x Purple Punch as parents, the Cherry Punch is known for being a lively and unique high. When using Cherry Punch, enjoy the soft undertone of the high while your body and mind relax with the cool, soft berry flavor. Cherry Punch is a master in relieving tension throughout the body.

This species can also help with mental alertness, because the Cannabis hybrid has both the Indica and Sativa characteristics of cannabis. The immediate effects are; active and mentally alert. This feeling tends towards a more focused state that allows normal activities and can even help you to tackle that task list or the next creative project.

Purple cherry punch seeds

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