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Reddit best outdoor cannabis seeds

Can anybody suggest some good outdoor seeds for a UK ent?? First time grower!

Are you not worried about the outdoor grow being found? Or do you live somewhere secluded enough that it’s not a problem?

I live on a quiet road, and the patch I would like to grow in is not visible to anybody, unless they jump over the garden wall, which I doubt will happen as I have elderly neighbours on either side. Im thinking of surrounding it with some kind of small wicker fencing about 3-4 feet high just incase, but I wouldnt want this to interfere with the sunlight.

Best outdoor strain for New England?

Time wreck by TGA genetics is potent and extremely resistant to powdery mildew.

Himalayan gold is what you’re looking for

You want INDICAS

You need a quick finisher for short New England summers. Northern Lights and White Widow will work as long as you live in an area that doesn’t get freezing temps at night until mid to late October.

If you live very far north like Maine or New Hampshire, you’ll probably be better off going with an auto plant and starting her indoors at the beginning of June. Then you can move her outdoors when summer is in full swing and there’s no more worry about frost. With that schedule, an auto should be ready to harvest by late August, which is well before any frost or freezing temps.

For auto strains, I highly recommend Auto Northern Lights, as it’s one of the most established and higher yielding auto strains.

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If you’re looking for more of a Sativa buzz, I’d go with Auto Jock Horror, or the auto for a Haze strain.