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Reddit where to buy cannabis seeds

Best place to order quality seeds?

we’ve been using ILGM, always great quality seeds, ships anywhere in USA, and a lot of strains to choose from. If you are new there i think they have a buy 10 get 10 deal.

I was also going to put them. I can confirm they deliver to the US quickly and we’re discreet. I have ordered twice and have only had one seed. Not germinate.

+1 these guys are good too

I prefer US based banks that take cash. I’ve had good results with Greenpoint, Great Lakes Genetics and Oregon Elite Seeds.

Do these companies ship to every state?

Neptune seed bank has a great selection from many trusted breeders. I pick up PNW ROOTS strains from them they have some of the highest hash producing plants I’ve ever worked with.

SOL seeds has a lot of the same breeders but a lot cheaper has a bunch of strains from a bunch of top breeders, like Ethos, Exotic Genetics, T.H.Seeds, Crockett Family Farms, and others. That’s where I got mine from, I believe they are based in Oregon

Attitude seed bank is pretty good.

Horrible Germination rate. used since 2012 and got worse every year

Haven’t had an issue ordering from here.

I agree The Attitude Seedbank all the way

I’ve used Attitude but if you want to support the breeders Seedsherenow is the way to go. More of a caring bank rather than the commercial giant that is Attitude.

I’ve also heard positive things about Neptune and Headiesgardens.

This is so helpful! I’ve been trying to figure out this info by googling like a monkey. Thanks so much!!

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Attitude seed bank sent everything sealed in original packaging; all of them were of high quality. To my surprise, even some of the most popular banks sent seeds that were obviously poor quality. My experience is based off of one order.

Where can i buy cannabis seeds using paypal in the UK, it seems no where accepts paypal here?

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What is the most trustworthy, cheap cannabis seed supplier?

I was going to buy seeds when I almost got hacked (I was buying on seedsman). Seedsman has some pretty cheap prices but looks very shady. Is there a website with decent prices and is very trustworthy?

North Atlantic Seed 3-4day shipping and ~15+ breeders. A Maine based company.

Don’t cheap out. Good genetics are worth every penny and cheapest part of your grow.

Just so you know, Seedsman is legit. I had a seed that didn’t germ, from Dutch passion. I talked to such passion, since they don’t send to USA they said try taking to Seedsman. Seedsman gave me a list of good 3 packs to choose from and shipped the replacement on a seed I probably messed up myself. So just letting you know they are legit.

Best place to buy seeds

I’m trying to find seeds for this grow season, I haven’t had much luck in finding a reputable site that ships to Canada at prices that don’t seem very expensive, just curious as to what sites you all use to get seeds. Not super picky on what strains they are, more that they are just decent pricing for them, money is tight and I just want to grow this year to have a supply for myself. I’ve seen seeds going for $100 for 4 and that seems pricey but I’m not sure, I’ve seen cheaper but the shipping costs were insane. Any advice is appreciated, cheers!

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