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Site how to check the quality of cannabis seeds

Best place to order quality seeds?

we’ve been using ILGM, always great quality seeds, ships anywhere in USA, and a lot of strains to choose from. If you are new there i think they have a buy 10 get 10 deal.

I was also going to put them. I can confirm they deliver to the US quickly and we’re discreet. I have ordered twice and have only had one seed. Not germinate.

+1 these guys are good too

I prefer US based banks that take cash. I’ve had good results with Greenpoint, Great Lakes Genetics and Oregon Elite Seeds.

Do these companies ship to every state?

Neptune seed bank has a great selection from many trusted breeders. I pick up PNW ROOTS strains from them they have some of the highest hash producing plants I’ve ever worked with.

SOL seeds has a lot of the same breeders but a lot cheaper has a bunch of strains from a bunch of top breeders, like Ethos, Exotic Genetics, T.H.Seeds, Crockett Family Farms, and others. That’s where I got mine from, I believe they are based in Oregon

Attitude seed bank is pretty good.

Horrible Germination rate. used since 2012 and got worse every year

Haven’t had an issue ordering from here.

I agree The Attitude Seedbank all the way

I’ve used Attitude but if you want to support the breeders Seedsherenow is the way to go. More of a caring bank rather than the commercial giant that is Attitude.

I’ve also heard positive things about Neptune and Headiesgardens.

This is so helpful! I’ve been trying to figure out this info by googling like a monkey. Thanks so much!!

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Attitude seed bank sent everything sealed in original packaging; all of them were of high quality. To my surprise, even some of the most popular banks sent seeds that were obviously poor quality. My experience is based off of one order.

Where can i buy cannabis seeds using paypal in the UK, it seems no where accepts paypal here?

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Where can I score good genetic cannabis seeds?

While there are sort of good recommendations here, people seem to be failing to mention that youre going to want to pheno hunt. One pack of one strain, regardless of the breeder, will likely not yield award winning results.

Almost every breeder in the US worth their can be ordered from or has a seedbank they have gear with. Some great breeders are

Bloom Seed Co. Oni Seeds Exotic Genetix In House Genetics Thug Pug Genetics Humboldt Seed Co. Rockymountainhigh719 Masonic Seeds Umami Seeds Bodhi Seeds

Be willing to pay. Commercial breeders that pheno hunt for you can charge upwards of 10k for the first cut of a single pheno and some of the cultivars are very rare and sell out within minutes of the drop. For instance Bloom Seed Co dropped Strawberry Cooler (Kush Mints Rabid Hippie cut x Strawberry Guava) and Guava’z Cooler (Kush Mints Rabid Hippie cut x Guava’z) and both sold out in seconds.

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