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Somango seeds

Somango – Feminized Seed

Somango is a strain that has a high THC percentage which causes a long-lasting effect. This fast stimulating effect is more cerebral than physical. This strain is ideal to focus on certain tasks, eliminate stress and relax.

The most characteristic feature of Somango is its taste, which is extremely sweet and fruity. It has an unmistakable touch to mango with strawberry notes.

Our Somango comes from a crossing of Somango x Somango. We have selected the most productive and fruity specimens, always seeking to ensure the exotic flavor offered by this strain.

It is a tall, branched and robust plant. It produces very resinous spongy aromatic buds. As the flowering period progresses its leaves acquire purple and reddish tones that become accentuated at low temperatures.

It is a fast-flowering strain that will be ready to harvest in 8 or 9 weeks. It produces high quality dense resin covered flowers that can be used by extraction lovers to obtain a unique flavored hashish.

Somango is a versatile strain that will easily adapt to any type of grower or crop system, but it normally work better in indoor cultivation.

Somango Seeds

As Somango matures, the leaves turn dark purple, and the buds become covered in crystals perfect for hash making. Nugs are light green with amber hairs. Somango sets itself apart with large spade-shaped colas, tapering from the base of the stem.

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Somango Strain History

Somango strain blends the hybrid Jack Herer with Big Skunk Korean to form one of the fruitiest of all strains. Previously known as Soma #5, this hybrid rebranded itself due to her in your face tropical mango aroma. Somango cannabis originated with Soma Seeds in Amsterdam and is a 75/25 indica dominant hybrid with an average THC content of over 20%. Seeds from this strain are easy to grow, smell incredible, and mature fast. It has a delicious sweet Mango flavor and tropical fruit aroma.

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As Somango matures, the leaves darken to purple, and the buds become covered in crystals perfect for hash making. Nugs are light green with amber hairs. Frequently, phenotypes of Somango also contain streaks of deep blue and crimson in their flowers. Somango sets itself apart with large spade-shaped colas, tapering from the base of the stem. The buds have a loose and fluffy sativa like structure.


Somango explodes with a seductive tropical aroma combining ripe mangos and pineapple with peppery notes. The smoke tastes herbal on the exhale with a fruity fermented vanilla bean taste.


Cannabis terpenes each provide a specific detail to the taste and physiological effects of the bud. Limonene gives a fresh and bright fruit scent. Meanwhile, myrcene is more herbal and can be especially calming for the stomach. Terpinolene smells of lilac and crabapple blossoms while it produces a sedative effect. Caryophyllene, found in black pepper contributes a spicy flavor while offering anti-inflammatory and analgesic relief.

Somango Strain Cannabinoids

Somango is sure to please indica and sativa lovers alike. The THC content has measured between 18% to 23%, which is on the higher side for most commercially available strains. Most buds will have less than 1% of CBD, with many samples having zero. However, not 100% all of the time. Some Somango phenotypes can provide a higher CBD content.


Somango delivers a buzz that is very uplifting and mentally stimulating. You can smoke without fear of turning into a couch zombie. Euphoric and alert, this strain is a solid choice for changing your mental outlook and also a welcomed companion to many of your favorite creative pursuits. The high from this strain accumulates slowly. Initial effects appear with a heavy feeling in the limbs, with a subtle pressure around the eyes and forehead. With a loose body and a relaxed mind, the smoker may be more empathetic to others.

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Growing Somango Seeds

Somango is optimal as a multiple branch plant since its genetics encourage long side branches and an above-average at 5 to 8-foot tall height. Plants acquire massive volume very early in their development. Although many connoisseurs prefer to grow with soil indoors using fully organic nutrients, other mediums can also produce pleasing results.

Outdoor cultivation in the northern hemisphere usually finishes by late October. Place Somango in a spot where she gets abundant sunshine and watch her make giant gains day by day. Somango outdoor plants generally yield 12oz/each. As the plants mature, a thick layer of trichome crystals will cover the dense buds. Foliage turns from emerald green to a spectacular mulberry purple color.

Auto Somango strain

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Auto Somango | Linda Seeds

Auto Somango cannabis seeds grow out as a small to medium hemp plant that takes eight to a maximum of 10 weeks from sowing to flowering.

Auto Somango Strain – for fruity and less deep-seated high

Unlike most other Somango cannabis strains, our Auto Somango has been crossed with a Somango Haze to reduce the Indica/Ruderalis “heaviness” a bit. The result of this cross is a self-flowering Somago with a slight Haze twist. The grass provides a pleasant high and adds a little pinch of Haze spice to the sweet fruity aroma of the original Auto Somango. Nevertheless, the fruity mango smell and taste is still in the foreground.

Auto Somango blooms relatively quickly and reaches a height of 60-90cm, depending on the lighting level or the time of year when it is planted outside. Auto Somango delivers good yields. Indoors you can expect 550g/m² with 600W. As Auto Somango is not very branched we recommend to plant 16 plants per m². Cultivated outside from June until the middle of summer, Auto Somango delivers up to 100g per cannabis plant. The flowers are compact and have a strong resin production, everything a good weed needs.

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