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Sunrock VS Moonrock – What are they, which is better and how are they made? Read on to find out everything you need to know about these types of buds! Calypso Sunrocks With Calypso Sunrocks comes a new premium strain to the other legendary and unique strains of our seed bank. It was developed from a selected, extremely potent female Hawaiiana, In this article, we take a look at MoonRocks and SunRocks, two types of coated cannabis flower designed to produce a long-lasting trip.

The difference between Sunrocks and Moonrocks

Sunrock VS Moonrock: something that has been making the rounds on social media recently is a trend involving manipulating buds using certain procedures that can multiply their THC levels immensely. These characteristic buds are called Moon Rocks, and they began being sold at many cannabis dispensaries across the US. Recently, there’s been an increase in a new trend involving a new kind of bud called Sun Rocks that are more potent and have a series of different qualities. The difference between Moon Rocks and Sun Rocks are plentiful due to the fact that they’re made through two completely different processes, as well as having different THC levels and looking quite different also.

Sunrock VS Moonrock – What are Moonrocks?

Moon Rocks can reach up to 51.2% THC, making just one puff absolutely devastating and capable of putting even the most experienced smokers in their place. It’s not necessary to use any strain in particular to make these, although it’s recommended to use strain’s that are particularly high in THC.

How are Moonrocks Made?

These Moon Rocks are quite easy to make, although they require certain elements that only the most professional of growers or people in certain cannabis organizations have access to. You’ll need cannabis oil which you’ll have to use to cover the bud, creating a layer of what seems like honey around the bud. Then, you’ll need to apply a layer of kief which will leave the bud looking quite sandy.

The bad side to Moon Rocks is that you can’t actually see the bud, so it’s pretty easy to make fake ones and the consumer who buys them won’t even realize until they open up the bud. It’s as easy as grabbing some bad bud, cover it in any kind of oil and roll it in bad hash, making it look exactly like a Moon Rock but unfortunately not even smokeable. Many Moon Rock vendors don’t allow you to open the bud before buying it, so in areas where it’s legal to buy we recommend only buying Moon Rocks at reputable dispensaries.

Sunrock VS Moonrock – What are Sunrocks?

Sun Rocks are a more recent appearance, meaning that they’re an improved version of the latter, reaching THC levels of over 80%. They’ve also improved considerably in appearance; at long distances they look like normal buds. However, if you look closely you can see that the outside layer is made up of various extractions.

How are sunrocks made?

These buds have a slightly different formula; for starters, everything used in the bud comes from the same strain, which is usually OG Kush. The first step is choosing a decent bud and getting some BHO extract; make sure to get maximum purity and the least amount of contaminants possible. Then, pick another but and spread the BHO over it thinly, so that it can’t be seen unless you’re really inspecting the bud.

Apart from having an extremely high potency, the taste is also a lot more intense, offering a more pleasing experience than just smoking straight BHO; you can smoke a joint comfortably instead of just one devastating drag, making for an amazing mental effect as well as a delicious taste experience.

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Sunrock VS Moonrock | Conclusion

Hopefully this brief explanation on Sunrocks VS Moonrocks will help you on your journey through the world of cannabis; keep your head up and make sure that nobody tries to pull one over on you with fake moonrocks or sunrocks – see you next time!

Calypso Sunrocks

With Calypso Sunrocks comes a new premium strain to the other legendary and unique strains of our seed bank. It was developed from a selected, extremely potent female Hawaiiana, and a male Airside OG, which has a particularly pronounced terpene and cannabinoid profile. Both parent plants were selected for aroma and potency in a long process to finally get the traits we wanted.

This strain is perfect for anyone who wants to relax for hours and still feel a potent Sativa high. You will feel a slow creep of effects wash over you, filling your brain with a sticky bliss that will instantly displace any negative or racing thoughts and replace them with a hazy bliss. A calming body high accompanies this intoxicating lift, leaving your body feeling relaxed for hours. The effect is balanced, very relaxing and complemented by inspiring mood-enhancing sativa effects. It makes you happy, euphoric and a pleasant noise in your body. She induces a fluffy soft high that inspires you and starts off floating lightly before unfolding its full potential.

Calypso Sunrocks buds are rock-hard, resin-soaked, and often have a bluish, dark tinge. The taste is the perfect blend of fresh pineapple and Granny Smith apples with a slightly woody and spicy exhale. She makes a tasty smooth smoke and combines a wide spectrum of different effects, always giving a good feeling and a happy mood.

Growing Calypso Sunrocks

This strain reaches a medium height and is also very suitable for indoor growing. Calypso Sunrocks is easy to care for and extremely resistant to mold and other harmful fungal diseases. Large yields (650g/m²) are achieved after a short flowering time of 9-10 weeks.
Outdoors she develops into a stately, medium-sized plant that grows quickly and produces large clusters of flowers on her sturdy branches. She especially likes a dry climate and needs sufficient light to develop her full potential.

Therapeutic effects

With these effects and its super high average THC content of +31%, Calypso Sunrocks is often chosen to treat chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, headaches or migraines, the symptoms of cancer and inflammation.

How to Smoke MoonRocks, SunRocks, and Caviar Cannabis

MoonRocks and SunRocks offer two of the most potent cannabis experiences. These premium products belong to the category of caviar cannabis—preparations made using world-class cannabis bud and top-shelf concentrates. If you live in the US, you’ll find these products in high-end dispensaries. Otherwise, you can learn how to make your own here!

Cannabinoids, terpenes, phytochemicals, organic cultivation


  1. What is caviar cannabis?
  2. Moonrocks
  3. Sunrocks
  4. How much do moonrocks and sunrocks cost?
  5. What are the effects of moonrocks and sunrocks?
  6. How to smoke moonrocks and sunrocks
  7. How to make moonrocks at home
  8. Caviar cannabis: enjoy, but proceed with caution

As one of the most expensive foods in the world, caviar fetches an impressive price from retail customers. With many different varieties available, these fish eggs are expertly produced and harvested. Those who enjoy it often save caviar for special occasions, treating guests to the unparalleled taste and texture it provides.

The world of weed also boasts its own form of caviar—highly potent preparations that blend the best-quality cannabis flowers in the world with top-tier concentrates. If you want to try the tastiest and strongest weed products on Earth, you need to go shopping for caviar cannabis.

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What Is Caviar Cannabis?

Caviar cannabis serves as an umbrella term that encompasses several types of expensive and expertly crafted cannabis products. MoonRocks and SunRocks are two of the most popular within this category. These preparations offer tastes like you’ve never experienced, and a high that will catapult the minds of even experienced smokers into the upper atmosphere.

Technically, caviar cannabis refers to products made using flower and extracts, without a final dusting of kief. But, at this point, the term has largely come to refer to all types of premium products of this nature.


MoonRocks are something special. They are made by taking a regular cannabis flower, covering it with some kind of oil (usually BHO like wax) and coating it in a thick dusting of kief. Pack one of these in your pipe and you’ve got yourself a return ticket to the moon, literally.

How Potent Are MoonRocks?

MoonRocks offer a high you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. The combination of ultra-powerful cannabis buds—containing anywhere between 25–30% THC—with potent concentrates smashes CB1 receptors with enormous levels of the psychotropic cannabinoid.

To put it in perspective, hitting a MoonRock delivers a similar high to hitting a bong full of powerful buds, immediately after taking a super-strong dab.


SunRocks take things to another level. A SunRock is basically like MoonRock’s older, chain- smoking brother.

While their composition is nearly identical (a bud coated in concentrate and sprinkled with kief), SunRocks are typically made using higher-grade products. They are currently being produced by two main manufacturers in California, Big Tray Deee and Apollo Sun Rocks.

How Potent Are SunRocks?

If MoonRocks aren’t enough for you, SunRocks offer something even more profound. This creation provides perhaps the most powerful cannabis experience available, short of hitting pure THC crystals. With THC levels clocking in at 60–80%, SunRocks bestow an immediate high that lingers for hours. They might leave you wondering where exactly you’ve been…

How Much Do MoonRocks and SunRocks Cost?

As caviar cannabis products, MoonRocks and SunRocks occupy the premium end of the spectrum. You’ll only find these products in high-end dispensaries, most of which are located in the United States. Outside of this country, you might have some luck finding them in Dutch coffeeshops or Spanish cannabis clubs. Premium products come with a premium price. Expect to part ways with $90–100 of your hard-earned cash for an eighth (3.5g).

What Are the Effects of MoonRocks and SunRocks?

Moon and SunRocks produce very unique effects. Some users compare them to dabs due to their potency, but the highs are really quite different.

How Long Do They Take to Kick In?

Both of these caviar cannabis products hit hard, fast, and ferociously. You’ll feel the effects slam your body and mind the second you inhale a bong, pipe, joint, or vape hit. If you’re looking to get as high as possible, as fast as possible, then look no further.

Is There Any Risk to Using MoonRocks or SunRocks?

Yes and no. Caviar cannabis has the potential to completely overwhelm both beginner and advanced users. If you’re used to smoking low to mid-quality weed and don’t have much experience with extracts, you might have a hard time.

With that said, cannabis remains one of the safest recreational substances in the world. Overdoing it may result in distressing psychological symptoms like paranoia and anxiety, but physical symptoms are mostly limited to nausea and sleepiness, otherwise known as “greening out”.

How to Smoke MoonRocks and SunRocks

Smoking Moon or SunRocks is a little different to smoking regular flower. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on these goodies, here are some tips to enjoy them properly.

  1. Don’t grind them: A regular herb grinder will butcher these buds and likely struggle with their sticky texture. Instead, use your fingers or scissors to gently break them apart.
  2. Use a pipe, bong, or bubbler: At 60-80% THC, you don’t need a lot of these Rocks to get you flying. Hence, it’s best to use a pipe/bong with a small cone to avoid letting this stuff go to waste.
  3. Mix it with some regular weed: take it and sprinkle into some regular weed.
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Tips for Consuming MoonRocks and SunRocks

You shouldn’t take smoking caviar cannabis too lightly. Be prepared for a wild ride. Use the tips below to optimise your experience.

Optimise Set and Setting

The concepts of set and setting often pop up in psychedelic circles. “Set” applies to the mindset one enters an experience with, and “setting” describes one’s physical and social surroundings. Preparing the mind through meditation and optimising your surroundings with nature and music can dramatically increase the odds of a positive experience.

Have Good Friends Nearby

We all have a group of friends that we love to smoke weed with. Many of these friend groups date back to our teenage years. We share inside jokes, music, and many interesting stories. Surround yourself with good company and smoke together to ride the wave in unison.

Stay Hydrated

Being dehydrated when sober sucks, but dehydration while high sucks even more. More water in your blood with help to dilute THC levels, making you feel more alert and reducing the chance of an uncomfortable experience.

Keep Some Snacks to Hand

Eat before you smoke caviar cannabis, and indulge in some snacks when the munchies come knocking. Filling your belly before you blaze will reduce the jitters and give you energy for the next few hours.

Clear Your Schedule

If you’re going to smoke caviar weed, we recommend dedicating at least half of a day to the endeavour. Don’t plan on taking a hit and heading off to work, or any other commitment for that matter. Sit back, relax, and take it all in. Head out to the beach, forest, or garden free of worry.

How to Make MoonRocks at Home

Because MoonRocks are quite hard to come by outside of the United States, it helps to have the knowledge to make your own. Check out these simple steps to craft your own supply.

  • 1. Grab a dried, cured, and manicured flower of your all-time favourite strain.
  • 2. Use a pipette to slather the flower with hash oil, RSO, or any other type of extract or concentrate you have to hand.
  • 3. Place your kief stash into a small tray. Roll your sticky flower in the trichomes and watch them completely cover the outside of the bud.
  • 4. Let the MoonRock dry and set.
  • 5. Take a deep breath, hit that MoonRock, and enjoy the ride!

OG Kush: The Strain of Choice for MoonRocks

When shopping for MoonRocks in the US, you’ll find that many recipes opt for the OG Kush strain. This classic indica-dominant cultivar lends her intense body high to the end product, along with earthy and citrusy terpenes. Consider using the RQS version of this legendary strain to add some serious potency and taste to your MoonRocks.

Caviar Cannabis: Enjoy, but Proceed With Caution

The idea of getting way too high and freaking out might seem funny to some, but it really does suck when it happens to you. Plus, having a bad experience with such an expensive product seems like a total waste. Remove your ego and take things slow to make the most of this powerful and fun experience.