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Zours seeds

Zours by Fire Society

Now lets continue down to the next Runtz stop on Runtz Hype Train. Zours.

I believe Zours to be a cross of Gelato and Sour Diesel.

With my love of sour diesel and all round gas I was excited to see this hit the market quite a few months back.

The Sour D in this strain helps takes it into a Sativa direction helping to make it a great daytime strain.

With Zours like most Runtz strains you find the gelato to be more dominant.

With that the aroma when opening the jar has a heavy berry and lavender profile complemented with notes of gassy diesel.

You find a better balance when smoking the Zours Flowers.

The inhale and exhale is a nice balance of sweet berry gassy pine notes with lingering notes of citrusy gas.

I found the high to be a creative, energetic and happy.

Was it worth the money? Would I buy it again? Fire Society never disappoints consistently delivering top shelf caliber flowers definitely doing the Runtz strains justice. I would buy any strain by The Fire Society Confident they would be worth the money.

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Zour Lemon Regular Cannabis Seeds by Karma Genetics

Zour Lemon cannabis seeds from Karma Genetics is a new hybrid cannabis strain from Karma that forms part of their new LemonTini collection.

Karma’s LemonTini was released earlier this year and was the clear winner of the batch of strains it was launched with. Strong lemon flavours are always popular and LemonTini positively fizzes with sharp, citrus terpenes and delicious gassy goodness.
It hasn’t taken Karma Genetics long to realise the potential of their new star strain, and there is now an entire collection of hybrid cannabis strains based around the genetics of LemonTini (Lemon Tree x Karma Sour D BX).

Zour Lemon is derived from a cross of Zowahh x LemonTini and produces a candy-dominant hybrid thanks to a breeding pedigree that includes the world-famous Zkittlez.
Legally-operating growers can expect well-structured plants that usually need a little extra time in the veg phase than other strains as she tends not to stretch much.
Experienced gardeners can expect large, dense buds with a delicious terpene profile like a fusion of sweets and fruit candy. Outstanding.

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LemonTini is, of course, a very potent strain in its own right. Zour Lemon is also a heavy-hitter producing light body effects and a soaring cerebral high.